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  1. Hi there, many thanks for your replies its much appreciated. I've always been grateful to the information here. I'm not though hopeful with regards the landlord paying the deposit back to me and expect it to be very difficult.
  2. Is anyone else facing similar problems? I know my deposit has gone along with at least the last months rent or maybe more. The deposit was/is protected with mydeposits but it seems the payment to protect the deposit was stopped recently by the letting agent as I received a letter to warn me as much. I now realise that the landlord is ultimately responsible for the return of the deposit regardless of what has happened but that is another story in itself. I’m not hopeful. It seems I'm another innocent person affected like so many others by the repercussions of Gordon Browns spiv economy.
  3. Hi there I sympathise with you. I too was alarmed at your post I hope alls well.
  4. Having rented for just over ten years now in three different places during and since my studies I now feel more trapped than ever. I’ve lived in shared accommodation and two different flats. I’m now at the point where I really wish for some feeling of security something I’ve never truly felt whilst renting. The freedoms you have to do as you wish with the décor and much more are things now I would really like to be able to do. I’m now 32 and although have some savings it means little in the present climate. I think I actually hate this labour government for what they have allowed this country
  5. So nobody wishes to see the NULabour cronies in the stocks getting a rotten veg bath and dosed with sewer water and then all of their assets seized? Just imagine Prescott’s big fat smug toady grin being filled with a rancid………. Oh and all Chavs to be sent to a Boot Camp! Give em the birch!
  6. 1. How about those earning under 10,000 a year and there are plenty in retail/fast food jobs pay no tax. Its an utter disgrace that those earning 30K pay the same % as those earning 10K. This would also make it more viable for people on benefits to get back to work. 2. A public flogging for Gordon Brown for selling the UK economy down the pan. Does he deserve more? 3. All other labour cronies in the stocks for a rotten veg bath. 4. A serious one here parents that smoke to be treated the same as anyone else who harms their children. I’m sick of seeing these people blowing smoke in their k
  7. I've read some crock of sh** about the average UK wage being 25K WTF. Its probably more between 12-15K. This country is a complete joke. Oh and house prices are affordable! It will be Gordon Brown pants when his so called miracle economy implodes.
  8. Each of them have their own agendas and live in their own bubbles. Ultimately the cost of housing isn’t an issue for anyone of them.
  9. Its the same everytime as important an issue as it is there is no balance atall.
  10. On a side note did anyone see the Express headline bemoaning council tax rises funny how only a few days ago they were calling further house price inflation as good news. Laughable! Its not going to happen..... 5 minutes to go! This freak show is totally dominated by the so called weapons of mass destruction. Please don't end it on this blubbering idiot in the green shirt.... WHY THE **** DO THEY NEVER MENTION ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE STATE OF THE HOUSING MARKET????????????????????? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I’m watching with baited breath but I’ve missed most of it so I’m unsure if its already been asked? I will be surprised if it does happen it just seems to be the usual wet conversation and same repulsive panel type.
  12. If I were fortunate to own a home I would live there and wouldn’t use it as some trading chip. I would also add that if there isn’t a HPC and after my years of reading here I’m not 100% convinced there will be you maybe taking a huge risk. I’ve been renting for over ten years and I’m at the point where I actually hate it with a passion. I have never felt secure I have no control of the décor, furnishings ect. I would swap with you in an instant. What happens if prices continue to escalate? Will you be able to afford to buy back in? There are people who STR on here years ago and their proper
  13. Give em the birth...INFACT give everyone in the whole world the birch!
  14. Plenty of the usual negative replies its shocking just how ignorant, selfish and stupid some people are. One woman’s post on there has just made by blood boil. :angry:
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