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  1. I hate no-one - nor do I preach hate. I am an adult and as such, can enjoy robust debate. Sadly, places I can enjoy such debate are disappearing quicker than monkeys in Hartlepool. The world just gets shittier every year... XYY The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage - Danish proverb
  2. MrPin is joining the ranks of the unemployed. MrPin told his employer to shove it. After a completely unfruitful meeting with the HR witch, and Satan (chief engineer), I am  am being criticised by my boss for poor paperwork, and bad communication. ****** me mate, I'm a left handed autistic mathematician. Says it on the packet! Sort of business they were in, I thought they couldn't get enough of those.:huh:

  3. Sorry to hear that. Me mum went a year back.:mellow:

  4. XYY The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage - Danish Proverb
  5. One of the IT guys at work is the most pedantic "jobs worth" I have ever met - and gets paid a fortune for pressing ctrl-alt-delete, and never stops telling you how clever he is and how dumb everyone else is. His latest wheeze is to replace all the white network patch-cables running to-and-from the switching cabinets to colour-coded ones - yellow ones for computer data, and blue for the phones. This is costing a small fortune for the new leads, and his overtime of course...! I have to fix faults on my machines on the shop-floor - and whenever I suspect a network issue, I take great delight using the wrong colour leads to diagnose the problem before I call him down and watch that vein in his temple pulsate..! Childish of me I know... XYY
  6. You IT bods always make me laugh. Just send me my new email password - and crawl back under your rock... XYY The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage - Danish proverb
  7. She's about as bright as a Toc H Lamp..!

  8. Aw that's excellent news Knock-out - my books were due back in September 1992...! XYY
  9. Well that bet has been well and truly "Welshed" on...! XYY
  10. So the Jocks and the folk in London appear to want the same thing. How mad is that..? Being from County Durham - an area well pillaged by the toffs in London over the years - I have always felt a kinship with the Scots. But after being given your chance last year - which you bottled - you now bleat at those of us south of the border who have chosen the freedom that you lot have craved for centuries, and yet reject it when you are offered it on a plate..! Just when exactly did you Buckfast-drinking bastards turn so soft...? XYY
  11. I'm pretty sure there are a few on here who do post under their own name, or something close to it. When I analyse it, the only reason that I use a non-de-plume is simply because that seems to be the etiquette of web forums. After considering this most carefully, I realise that I am more than happy to use my real identity from now on. Regards, King Dong
  12. I am not Will Self. But then neither is he... XYY
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