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  1. Sorry but I can't agree with you on that one. NHS direct is not money saving. It has to have a very low threshold for referral to A&E or GPs as anything off protocol can't be dealt with. Ask any A&E doctor about the burden NHS direct has caused them with additional patients at busy times often inappropriately referred because that was what the computer said to do. In answer to your question... most people would (or should) seek help if they have chest pain. The ones that don't want to cause any fuss or bother wouldn't be the ones who phoned NHS direct
  2. I've been a lurker on here since 2005 and don't post that often. I now probably need to get a new login name! Been a bear since 2003 and still I still think there would be further falls when the QE, Interest rates and mortgage subsidy measures finish. Gordon's measures only delay the inevitable Despite this I bought 3 bed semi earlier this year. Had a 30% deposit saved through 5+ years of cheap rent. No pressure to buy but the right place came up. (had been renovated about 5 years ago) Sellers were forced due to divorce. Offered 180k. Agreed 190k (similar properties on estate were on for circa 220k probably peak 2007 price but some are still selling at that). No Gazundering. Agreed 190k, only minor things on survey. oh yes and I live up north so the prices up here are a little different! Reasons for buying now 1) had the deposit 2) right place came up 3) for the first time the interest on the (interest only) mortgage was going to be less than the rent I was paying (currently by £100 pcm) 4) worst case scenario I could afford the mortgage even if rates go up to 15% (at a push) 5) deposit doing nothing in several savings accounts 6) inflation vs deflation vs pound tanking ----- I don't know what will happen. A tangible "asset" seemed to be a more protective strategy. I'm paid in pounds and my debt is pounds In short I still expect there to be further falls but for now my situation is less expensive per month and I'm overpaying the mortgage while the IRs are so low. Your thoughts?
  3. What makes you think that Blanchflower has any credibility? He has been voting for lower rates pretty much since he joined the mpc. Had we listened to him we would probably have prolonged the bubble like the IR cut in 2005 did. Are you really sure that low/ nil IRs are the answer?
  4. Here goes ... Darlings answer to too much unsustainable borrowing is more unsustainable borrowing? Eh? So the answer to too much debt is more debt. And the answer to not saving enough is to spend money that we don't have. I'm clearly missing the point here. Could somebody please explain??
  5. Cavester. I think you need to direct that away from Mega and towards the correct poster.
  6. Jimbo So your saving... Ask yourself what you're saving for? If it's for a deposit then I would echo what has been said above. With house prices in free fall waiting 12-18 months will be increasing the value of that money. If it's earmarked for a house it doesn't matter what the cost of chocolate or DVD's are If it's for future retirement and you don't need it straight away and have paid off any mortgage you may have why not think about spreading your risk by converting it into other stores (shares, Metals, Commodities) Now is not the time to buy unless you can sit out the next 18 months.
  7. Hi Essex Girl being of a similar age to you (I'm guessing the 81 in your name has some relevance) it sounds like me and my friends have had to go through a similar experience when faced with the choice of to buy or not to buy. I am fortunately still renting having decided not to buy. A lot of my friends however are likely to be in a similar situation to yourself and may soon find themselves getting hammered with Negative equity, High interest and loss of income. I wouldn't wish your situation on them but I suppose by law of averages some of them will end up like you have. IHMO the real damage was done with the inflation in prices in the first place. Only a minority benefit from massive house prices. As much as I am looking forward to houses become truely affordable it shouldn't be forgotten that there is a very real human cost to all of this. You'll find a lot of sniping comments on here but it sounds like you have a thick skin It sounds like things with your chap aren't going too well. Maybe the fact that you've posted on here is a sign that you've already decided what to do with things. Working things out will be hard but separating isn't easy either. I hope you find a way forward
  8. Some people on here have been waiting A LOT longer than that! (2004 in my case) Heinrich. Good luck with things. I hope they work out OK. I think the purchase timing is wrong in a general sense but as you rightly say there are a lot of non macroeconomic factors for you that I am not aware of. It's good to have an alternative opinion on the forums even if I don't agree with all of what you say.
  9. Gordon Brown was on Radio 5 this morning (Sunday) with Gabby Logan. For the most part I thought the interview was pretty lame (on the part of the BBC) nice open questions allowing Brown to pretty much say what he wanted to such as... "Global Problem" "It all started in America" "We're in a better position to weather the storm than a lot of other countries" "We're not going to do what the Conservatives did in the 90s recession" He eventually got asked what was more likely; a 2009 General election or Scotland qualifying for world cup 2010. He went for the Scotland qualifying option because he wants to give the economy his "full atention" or something like that. He didn't entirely rule one out to be fair but it was the closest I have heard him say on the matter. Anybody else hear it?
  10. Agreed. I should have been more specific!! :-)
  11. Looks like MGBA can type a lot faster than me! :-)
  12. Average Uk salary is circa 25K see http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=285
  13. The problem is that the rail and bus companies can't make a profit without tax payer subsidy. Makes you wonder what is the point of having them as private companies. Profits privatised losses nationalised. Now where have I heard that before?
  14. I disagree I am currently a FTB in waiting having been saving a deposit for years and waiting for the crash. What is much more important to me is not the cost of TVs, bread of Dvd's but the valuation and selling price of houses. So if TVs are rising in price but houseprices are falling then my purchasing power is actually increasing not decreasing. My best case scenario is to buy at the bottom (therefore having a relatively large amount of equity) in which case deflation/ inflation are almost irrelevant from the point of view of my current deposit fund.
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