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    If you look past the front page of his guide, there is also all the detail about getting a residency and work permit. Quite a difficult process! An unspoilt place in many ways unlike so much of Europe...but don't they want GROWTH?? 🙁 What are their politicians thinking of?!
  2. frankief


    I passed through Andorra and spent a couple of days there one summer long ago on the way back from Spain. Beautiful peaceful place. I expect though that it is packed with ski-ing holidymakers in winter. I'm thinking that it's economy may be tourism, financial services and low tax goods shopping - a bit like Gibraltar. In fact, got the car searched rigourously at the border on the way out - seems cigarettes are big business - as in Gib. As for settling there? I would suggest any immigrant to look at the realities, the first is to learn the native language to a good standard. That takes years. Except that in this case, due to the geographical position there are three languages - French, Spanish and Catalan (which is difficult even if you know Castellano).
  3. frankief

    Is inequality growing?

    Agree with you. How can anybody equate the job of shelf-stacker with a surgeon? Shelf stacker does his hours and then goes home. No training required. Light lifting. Little or no responsibility. What's the worst mistake he can make? Drop a can on the floor and put a dent in it. OK just put it in the bargain bin.* A surgeon has massive responsibility and therefore needs a hell of a lot of knowledge and training. I wouldn't sleep at night if I had to make some decisions that they do. * Correction. H & S Training required putting out the yellow triangles and mopping up any spillage. The company does not want customers sliding on the tiled floor and requiring a visit to the Dr as above.
  4. frankief

    Is inequality growing?

    Yes but where is the border between talking straight to someone and being rude? Knowing where you stand with someone is useful, because the politeness they show to you can be fake. I notice it a lot in the workspace these days. People are so sensitive, they actually expect to be congratulated for doing their job. I'm not talking about doing am exemplary piece of work above and beyond what was expected. Just for doing the normal day to day routine stuff that they are paid to do. 'Thanks very very much for the report you put on my desk only two hours late, and riddled with basic spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Obviously I can't point that out because it might hurt your feelings. I really appreciate that. Truthfully!'
  5. frankief

    And it's about time too...

    Which means we are going to need thousands of brickies, carpenters, groundworkers etc. Where will we get them from? All you East Europeans on your way home, turn back please!! Builders will be on the favoured job lists, outranking NHS staff and with free passport thrown in. Might put the population figure up a bit, but then we'll have to build even more houses and roads and schools and hospitals and police stations and roads etc etc....
  6. frankief

    Is inequality growing?

    I'll say bad parenting in many cases. Another member posted about children without socks. I mean, try poundshop or the market you could probably get two pairs for a quid. Won't be best quality, probably itchy synthetic material but.... And now we have breakfast clubs in school for our kids. How much is a bag of porridge? And a piece of toast? If you can't find that money you really are in trouble. Some may say it all adds up. I'm just not convinced having come from a poor background and always been fed and clothed to basic standard I am sceptical about some parents abilities.
  7. frankief

    Is inequality growing?

    I think Food Banks are by invitation only. Don't you need to get a voucher? As one of the working lower/middle classes I am lucky that I learnt to peel a spud! 😋
  8. I'll concur with Bruce on that. During all my years of tenancies with various landlords/ agencies I have only received the following at the start/ finish or during the tenancy. Gas - 12 month gas safety check. Yes every time. The form is standard with copy pages to tenant/ landlord/ engineer. Electric - 12 month portable appliance inspection & test * - Yes every time. * Fridge/ Washing Machine/ Kettle etc - If supplied by landlord. As far as I know this does not cover the wiring installation of the house itself?
  9. frankief

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    I guess by the 70s most of the UK were getting to OK/ pleasant (if you had a job). Gas heating/ Fridge/ Washing Machine/ Home telephone/ Colour TV with three channels/ Car or regular bus service to get you about. But... That wasn't enough... They have to keep selling you things! Aspirational is the word I think, some people see it as a competition.
  10. frankief

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    Ha ha, yes I know the type. He probably is too insensitive to appreciate it. What ...ism does he have? I can understand the OP. I have such difficulty with inane office banter and some peoples sense of humour, which is unoriginal and limited. They stick to the script.
  11. Like most people, I don't have a local greengrocer and buy from a supermarket. I must admit that I am a bit of a fruit squeezer! It helps gauge the maturity of the product. It's just that I am sick of buying fruit that is not what it appears to the eye. For instance, in a hurry, I will buy a bunch of green, supposedly unripe, bananas thinking they will be fine for use at the end of the week. Only to get home and find that inside some are soggy and starting to rot already. To confuse me supermarkets now do 'ripen at home' packs of bananas. Something to do with the refrigeration transport/forced ripening process - i.e. messing with nature? I suppose that's the price we pay for enjoying citrus fruits in winter.
  12. 15 years ago, I used to work with someone that spent a lot of their spare time in shopping centres - Retail Therapy they called it - what a buzz! Now I work with someone one who spends their evenings ordering stuff online, trying it on, then returning it if they don't like it. Don't know if this has got a name but it sounds exciting! You do get out a bit - to the post office. My questions to the forum are : So Retail Therapy wasn't a social thing? Is Retail Therapy dead?
  13. frankief

    Top Banter and Great Haircuts!!

    I'm all for that. Don't want to spend time listening to banter, just give me the number 1 short back and sides. And stop the preening about and clipp-clipping. I don't want to return within two months. I usually have to encourage some hairdressers to get stuck in, take more off. They can be a bit averse if trained in trendier establishments or more used to unisex salons, and possibly wary of any emotional reactions from an over- cut! I'm a bloke and it will grow back anyway, i'm not worried if it looks severe for a week or so. Can wear a hat if need be! 🤠
  14. frankief

    Shelter's Housing Report

    According to Wiki, Romania is a slightly smaller land area than UK and with a population of just under 20 million. I don't know the geography or whether most of that area is habitable or not. But it's a good place to start if you don't want people going without shelter - sufficient land to accomodate the population and sufficient land for industry/ farming also.
  15. My main one is the use of the word 'poo' - I would expect it from an infant, but it now seems to occur all the time on adult TV, even on serious medical documentaries and health programmes. I would prefer my doctor with 10 years training and presumably high intelligence to use appropriate terms and language. I will ask for an explanation if necessary. Edit: Yes, I've just checked an online dictionary and it is there, although I haven't got a subscription to OED.

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