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  1. It's more or less ubiquitous now on job applications. Age/ sex/ race/ nationality/ religion/ disability etc. questionnaire. Although there is an option to decline to answer these questions.
  2. Yes, some people talk of Manchester (the city) when they mean (Greater) Manchester - as you say totally different with boroughs quite a distance from the City centre. I've not seen the programme but there are areas some people have mentioned eg Eccles which is not in the City of Manchester but in the City of Salford - a large and expansive place itself, on the other side of the river Irwell to the City of Manchester. Greater Manchester, metropolitan county in northwestern England. It encompasses one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country and comprises 10 metropolitan boroughs: B
  3. I read your post and it set me thinking about any locations which might suit you - say in the North of England - where you could get a quiet, remote place without paying a fortune. Sadly I realised that there are not many options. The ever growing cities are getting more densely packed and the countryside now attracts a premium price. So, the coasts? West side you have Cumbria (Lake District - v.expensive) then the holiday resorts, then you hit the metropolises of Manchester and Liverpool, then Wales. East side you have Tyne & Wear, North Yorks (v.expensive), more holiday re
  4. The usual construction of these garage conversions is timber battens fixed to existing structure/ dpm/ rigid insulation/ plasterboard for walls & ceiling and ditto with chipboard for floors (that might account for the change in level/ heights). Any new internal walls will most likely be timber stud partitions built off the garage concrete floor - you can find out by tapping them. So it should be easy enough to strip out, you could probably do it yourself. You would then need a plumber for isolating where any pipework has to come out and an electrician to rewire where necessary. Where
  5. Yes, but on holiday it's easy isn't it - you are dealing with people who are trying to sell you things - food, hotel, transport etc. They will bend over backwards to help you part with your money. It's their job. I just think that if you have ambitions of settling and working in a foreign country that you should be aiming for real fluency. PS -'do omissions' - I don't understand what that means!
  6. It depends what you mean by 'learning a language'. If you just want to learn how to order a beer and some chips and ask for directions to the train station that's usually basic level 1 stuff you will see in a phrase book which you can look up as required. But to work and live in a place where there are possibly not many English speakers. To be able to converse with locals, often with strong accents not heard on language lesson CDs, to defend yourself in an argument, to get your message across clearly, you need a deep understanding of the language. As adults we don't have the advantag
  7. Is this just a dreamer's thread or are we taking into account practical things.eg : The possibility of you finding a reasonably paid job in Lisbon is low. Then you have the language difficulty. As you are an adult you will have to study this for years - you don't just 'pick it up'. Then what happens to your status after Brexit, access to schools and healthcare etc - that's unknown at the moment.
  8. For an obese person - walking yes, if they can manage it. But I actually think that the primary concern is to get people to lose weight first before they embark on any exercise regime which many do not stick to. And to lose weight you have to count calories in and calories out. On top of that, bearing in mind that apart from daily consumption, you have to shift all the fat reserves accumulated over the years, slash the calories further. So we are not talking about the NHS value of 2500/ day for a man, nowhere near that. You can still eat well on much less - all the info is out there,
  9. Yes B59, I would say the 2.5 mile trip to work rolling along the tarmac is probably no more than a warm up and not much training effect. Agree with you about cycle lanes, one minute you are in a safe channel, then it ends and you are spewed out into the hell of a rush hour main road. Or you are in a cycle lane that is used for residents parking in which case you are dodging back in and out of the main traffic flow - more perilous than staying on the main road in the first place. Favourite for me is when I am in a local cycle lane and pass the car sales lot - unfortunately he displays abo
  10. Yes, I prefer my banks to have a bit of history say a century or so, and to own branches that are the finest buildings in the most expensive part of town.
  11. I had been looking at UC, however I have made the mistake of doing without and putting money by over the years. So my savings would be over the limit. The new JSA was news to me and I have just read up on it. Savings not taken into consideration, but they want to know your private pension details and when you can access it. Again I have been prudent and put a bit into some company schemes (as the Gov keep asking us to do) which don't add up to much - I might get a few grand a year by the time I reach 66, not so much today, which will no doubt go straight to my landlord, as I am unfortunat
  12. Had to laugh at Bruce's complaint re: skateboarders, used to have to dodge these outside my office. The thing is they weren't kids - one of them looked in his 30s which seemed to irritate me more! After reading Bruce's comments, I had a sarcastic thought in mind 'wouldn't surprise me if it was probably an Olympic event nowadays!' Well it would have been if not for co-vid. https://tokyo2020.org/en/sports/skateboarding/
  13. From the Ordnance Survey map it looks to have a decent amount of land with it. It could most likely attract developers who want to build a few pairs of semis on it. Subject to obtaining planning, being able to put an access road in etc. Edit; just noticed all the trees - chopping down trees does not go down well with some planners!
  14. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-woodstock-pandemic-1968/true-claim-woodstock-took-place-in-the-middle-of-a-pandemic-idUSKBN22J2MJ Don't know, as always there are conflicting versions of history on the internet! Are Reuters a reliable news source these days?
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