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  1. Well said Oracle My sentiments entirely....I learned early on this fact.by observing others...learn form others mistakes and not your own I trade in property ful time, and if there is a price crash or not, I will still do very well as i know what I am doing. good luck to you, and if you prosper at the expense of a non savvy btl ll........then so be it my Law of the jungle attitude to life might not be everyones cup of tea.but in these so called unfair times (on the face of it).it is the simplest way of not getting hammered financially the balance here is that prob people with caring jobs
  2. you deluded by the assumption that working hard gets you ahead! Working smart does that actually. Your comment about intelligent people (it gives the impression that you consider you ARE one) is laughable. Many conventionally 'academically intelligent' people have no nous or street skills to get ahead financially. Most of the high achievers academically that i know are in the middle class poverty trap and are living a pretence to the world fuelled by credit and ulcers...its so pathetic to observe. These folk were taken in by the hype....go to school..pass exam.get great job.....get married.
  3. lol @ p31 ucky and myself.....2 sep people..you paranoid *****! Ucky....spot on mate.....its better than tv with these moronic cocks!
  4. laughing @ pioneer......300 + posts from a wage slave who cant have too much spare time! if you knew how i spent my spare time you sheep.....youd be seriously pissed off get off your fat ass and have a go....tosser!
  5. Lol.irony or what...coming from property dreamer (wake up if you want to live your dreams!) Great brain scan btw.....very open and honest to share that info with us..................what a great piss take it is antagonising you lot
  6. getting closer guys...but not quite right youre right about me having too much time on my hands life is sweet when you have constant cash flow in....and massively compounding wealth..why should i busy myself doing stuff i dont want to when i can wind up you bunch of spineless losers on here? This is my mission.........to goad you all....there is always someone who cannot resist replying! Cheers guy....happy hpc!
  7. calm down p31 just having some fun with your little brain matey you on a mission to prove something?........rising to the bait like you do....ridiculous Youre my puppet!
  8. cant come up with anything more productive or original guys? You have disappointed me! Batman you a pal of pioneer? Getting dressed up in capes and masks etc....odd people on here. better get ready for work now matey.its sunday night remember..practice rimming the boss by shoving your tongue in a creme egg.theyre out now!
  9. pioneer Course i live of other people..best way to live...you and yours are prob the type i live off........lifes brainless sheep Im out for all i can get from the losers who monopolise this great island of ours This site is now printed on my offer leaflets.....it helps to sh*t the spineless brainless tossers up no end......you are my prime marketing initiative..thanks! i love just lashing another tenant to my power house.they can keep grafting and paying me.while i take advantage of their weaknesses..its how the world goes around pal! You live off yourself...dodgy strategy.always under t
  10. Hi guys what a wind up! Love it justice hope those bacon lettuces and tomatoes dont moan too much..f**kwit! Touched a nerve guys? :angry: you need a MASSIVE drop fro your mission to become anywhere near worth it..even 20% is no good to you...must feel hopeless! i have lived thro booms and busts in property.but stuck at it...wont tell you my net sutuation....youd a...be pissed off :angry: b..accuse me of fabrication back to work tomorrow for you losers........dont rev your cars too hard at 6.30 am....who knows you may live nr me (hmm..yeah right) and wake me from my slumber g
  11. All this angst from FTBs and others about the world being a cruel place etc..and they cant afford a house....AWWW! Well, if you situation doesnt let you get what you want..guess what?...change your situation lots of posters start on here by saying stuff like..'im only in my 20s......'..implication being that they, by definition, cant buy property.......total and utter bollax Dont use these excuses to protect you from reality In the circles i move in i know so many 18 yr old + who have got a grip on life and does something useful with their lot...and are paying cash for houses..and other of
  12. so?..your point is? Does that prove something? All it proves it htat you are a walter mitty character...you got a cleaner? where? in prison? in a home? LOL Observer reader..hmm.says it all really.....all piss and wind.know it all wage slaves with high expenses and no hope.chattering classes..thinking you are social pioneers (appropriate eh?LOL) Get some real work done.make your own in way in the world....general comment btw.not just confined to pioneer 31 (your IQ ?)
  13. Sledgehead......you are one sad sad *******...typical of the pompous narrow minded losers who whinge on here its so funny to think that you did all that research you p***k....I was doing my research at the same time........ on a BMV offer on a guys prop that i offered 35% below market value ( he paid 110 last aug......paying him 71k .he is delighted to sell to me AND become my tenant ( he was gonna be repossesed..otherwise.what a true samaritan i must be!)....thats what you can achieve by NOT being an nerdyanorak and taking responsibility for your own life.instead of hoping some twist of fate
  14. shock horror michael...you naivetyis endearing..yes.it isnt actually illegal to do this however, I can assure you zz is wrong....guess again guys.....at least it will give you something worthwhile to do as you wallow in your futile mission! LOLOL
  15. hi zz funny how your responded to the post (nearly 6000!! ffs) youve lost your edge pal havnt you..is that cross getting heavy now? LOL
  16. you guys have lost your edge....no fire in your bellies now is there this programme was very balanced and pointed out basically that there was simply less movement now this means that there is simply going to pent up demand , and when (and even the biggest bear will admit) the IR falls soon, and spring kicks in your hopes for a mighty crash are doomed lets be fair guys, even a static house price index is no good for you and your master plans...youre all banking on big big big falls ( you need around 15% to compensate for expenses and compensation for your misery in your mission etc.esp thos
  17. Face reality guys! Whilst you lot keep moaning and wishing your little lives away for some fairy tale to happen..........entrpreneurs with the balls to handle and manage risk have made big money in property - and protected their positions..but you probably wouldnt understand unconventional strategy! This kind of jealousy is quite common in human beings when facing defeat Youve missed the boat, or worse still, been on the boat and got off it..............and you therefore have to join together on here.....as a lot of weak components sticking together can actually appear to be strong (until t
  18. so funny watching you guys whinge on here that show realy pissed on your chips and probably screwed up your hopes for 05 The reality is that rates are coming down before they go up , and anyone hoping for massive falls in prices is gonna look pretty dumb youve been rabbitting on here for over 12 months now.and what has happened? you are just screwing your insular minds up, whilst the property market has risen around 15-20% there is much less of a bear feel on here now.it seems to be that deep down manyof you guys are secretly resigned to the fact that massive drops (even 10%) drops arent
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