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  1. It's the lack of threads like this and the crap new site format (now thankfully fixed) that have put me off coming here for ages. Glad I checked in as this one is very interesting. Thanks FT.
  2. Maybe there should be a 'scotland sucks, no england sucks' mega thread and the mods can just merge all the crap into that.
  3. Me too. Not that I posted that much, but I find myself lurking less than I did.
  4. What's wrong with cash? Acceptable in many more places.
  5. You really are as mad as a barrel full of monkeys aren't you?
  6. You got me there That's a matter of opinion - coercion isn't necessarily bad (though mostly it is I would agree). But, yes to be accurate I should have added 'relatively' to the sentence;)
  7. It doesn't matter whether or not you see government as good or bad. Government is simply inevitable and the best you can hope for is that it is benign.
  8. I see this is still going on. I said this before on this thread a million posts ago:- What we have now is a very stable system which has been around for many 1000's of years. Here it is: Societies form Powers form in those societies which become governments Governments overstretch themselves and collapse for various reasons. New powers form, forming new governments eventually. etc etc etc This is what we have and it just is not going to change.
  9. And on that note - I am going home to think about what an ant's nest would say to me if it could speak.
  10. It's nearly 10 past five. The point I am making (and I am bored of it now) is that if you are going to retrospectively change the meaning of what you wrote at least try and get it to make sense with the conversation you were having at the time. I know this won't happen tho - it's not your way to write what you mean clearly and logically so that misinterpretation is impossible as you always like a get out clause.
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