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  1. Surely if "5 million" new homes are to be built there will be far more supply than demand and prices will fall accordingly. The supply and demand rule will indeed solve the problem - of high prices.
  2. This seems to conveniently overlook online sales which increased hugely this year and I'm sure the two added together would have shown a large increase on last year. It's just trying to apply more pressure on the BoE to cut interest rates.
  3. "....sellers cut property values in a rush to sell before last week's Home Information Pack (HIP) deadline." "Its December index showed that average asking prices declined by £7,590 to £232,396." You can see why you'd knock £7,590 of the price of your house to avoid getting a HIP.............which costs £250. LOL!!!
  4. An absolute snip at that price. I recon with costs I could make a nice loss of around £10k a year on that! So based on a mortgage rate of around 7.5% this would have to half in value to reach a break even point.
  5. Don't forget that you need to look at the Overall Cost For Comparison (APR over life of the mortgage) column to make a proper comparison and they don't look quite so good when you do this - Mostly around 7%.
  6. I'm a structural Engineer and I have to say the temporary works left a lot to be desired! The final building, I would assume, has been designed by a suitably qualified Engineer and there should be no problems although there is always likely to be some further settlement over the first 18 months or so. I would be concerned with the integrity of the retaining wall as once leaks are present they are incredibly difficult to fix.
  7. Amazing. Valued at £825k, £900k and £1.1M so they put it on at £1.3M. One person who looked at it said they may offer £900k. Pure greed.
  8. Looking at nethousprices recent sales of the flats seem to be at £150,000. Doing a quick search rental income is somewhere from £650-£695 a month. Based on a 7% interest only mortgage monthly repayments would be £875 (Based on a £150,000 selling price). Bargain! LOL!!!!
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