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  1. Well done to you guys. I'm just looking to sell my flat in north london and then probably looking to rent. Seems to be some madness in the market at the moment with people paying way over the odds for places. Suckers rally?
  2. Why on earth would you do this if you've got a swedish girlfriend?!
  3. I notice that they haven't reduced the sale price by a similar percentage though. Deluded...
  4. LOL, Classic. To infinity...and beyond....
  5. Perhaps Chris Martin od Coldplay lived there.........it was all.......
  6. A lot of the companies on the FTSE have their earnings overseas. Falling pound means increased earnings. The markets are also forward looking and we will have growth of 3.5% in 2 years!
  7. I think it's the same as at the moment - You can have up to £5100 in cash or stick it all into stocks. This is the one thing in the budget I like!
  8. If people really subscribe to this point of view then god help us all as you've totally not understood what labour has done to this country over the last 10 years.
  9. Only the interest can be set against income for tax purposes. In Irelands recent budget they reduced the previous 100% relief to 75%.
  10. Surprised no one has picked up on this. http://www.budget.gov.ie/2009SupApril09/Su...icyChanges.html Hopefully our gov will do similar on April 22nd.
  11. Why would someone rent out a house "worth" £760,000 for £1850 a month? That's a return of less than 3% and implies that the actual worth is nearer £500k.
  12. Not the only way, you can drawdown on the lump sum instead.
  13. To clarify, my personal position is this: I have a final salary pension and the SIPP is for AVCs. I paid into this for the initial tax benefit but have now stopped paying and am looking at capital growth. The capital growth is tax free. I have seperate share and ISA accounts and I adopt different views for each type of investment: Ordinary share account - Risky investments, ISA - Low risk, SIPP - a combination of low risk, and high risk/high growth stocks. I also have a similar amount held in cash and property (my home) I think it's all about spreading risk.
  14. I have a SIPP with Hargreaves Lansdown who I find easier to trade with than Barclays, who I also have a share dealing account with (not SIPP). I transferred my AVC fund last year. I much prefer making the investment decisions myself rather than paying some clueless city type to do it for me. You can invest in funds as well if you like which should be lower risk but also lower returns. As a higher rate tax payer looking largely for capital gain in the value of shares I would be crazy not to have a SIPP. (Also have fully invested ISA)
  15. Here's one in Hertford to give you a good laugh: Brought in Sept 07 for £620,000. Been extended, slapped some render on the front and now despite price falls is miraculously "worth"..........£799,950 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...32%26index%3D30 LOL.
  16. What a total idiot. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  17. Such a sad story. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...... Ha, Ha, Ha
  18. Looks cheap on the surface until you see the arrangement fee.......which is the same as the interest! so the total cost is 7% and not the 3.49% headline. How are these people still allowed to get away with this. I guess there'll always be enough fools falling for this and adding the fee on the mortgage which I guess is what they want you to do.......
  19. From the link to the chap moaning about his bryant home, this is in the opening text: LOL. Karma.
  20. Still talk of "pent up demand" leading to a quick recovery in prices!!
  21. Not true. Most US houses are timber frame crap and most UK houses are solid bricks and mortar. (US has lots of timber we have lots of clay). I would never buy a timber frame house as I would be concerned about robustness, noise, temperature control (no thermal mass) and how long it would last. As for cost, housing in the UK is probably somewhere from £50 sqft upwards. I'm a structural Engineer by the way.
  22. rettah


    This must be a Zavvi specific issue as I was in HMV Brent Cross yesterday and the queue for the checkout was the length of the shop and more with 6 tills working at full pace. The car parks weren't full but there was a constant stream of people coming in at 1:00. Lots of the stores semed to be very busy.
  23. So it's now valued at £250,000 i.e. it's not a £300,000 house. So her mortgage (death grip, LOL!!) must be approx £200,000. What does a check out assistant earn? I'm thinking LIAR LOAN
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