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  1. NSA is flat if anyone is interested

    Was just going to post this. From the nationwide figures we know that they applied 0.8% of seasonal adjustment so all this months rise is probably down to the adjustment. The seasonal adjustments turn negative soon and if NSA prices are flat or showing a fall then the adjusted prices should start to show big falls.

  2. A few thoughts:

    Anyone know if these are seasoned up?

    "The end of a stamp duty holiday on property sales and snowy weather were cited as possible factors behind the price decline." - Straws, clutch.....

    "A pause in the upward trend will also be a relief to potential first-time buyers....". But surely the recent rise was a pause in the downward trend which has now continued on its way?

  3. Well I've been looking for a place in hertford for a while. There's a new park development that was started a couple of years ago and 3 bed terraced were originally priced at £575k then reduced to £475k (via £525k) and eventually sold. Next phase was released a couple of months ago, slightly better location, same size houses, priced at £585k-£595k!! None sold yet. Seems crazy to me (even the £475k seemed crazy to me though)

  4. The barnet one next to sainsbury

    I live in barnet and couldn't believe how anyone would buy a flat there let alone pay £300k for one (and I think the penthouse went for around £600k). When they were building it the ramp down to the car park looked far too steep to get a car down and I notice the underground car park is now chained up and there is a bollard on the access. Reallly is a terrible block in a terrible location.

    Speaking of comer homes and barnet what about the glass and steel monstrosity on station road......

  5. All depends on what numbers you look at. Taken on a month by month basis inflation is clearly on the up.

    June CPI index 111.0

    up 0.3 on May

    up 2.3 since Jan

    average monthly increase since Jan 0.3%

    June RPIX index 212.6

    up 0.6 on May

    up 5.1 since Jan

    average monthly increase since Jan 0.5%

    June RPI index 213.4

    up 0.6 on May

    up 3.3 since Jan

    average monthly increase since Jan 0.3%

    And looking at the RPI figures in more detail:

    2008 May 215.1

    2008 Jun 216.8

    2008 Jul 216.5

    2008 Aug 217.2

    2008 Sep 218.4

    2008 Oct 217.7

    2008 Nov 216.0

    2008 Dec 212.9

    2009 Jan 210.1

    2009 Feb 211.4

    2009 Mar 211.3

    2009 Apr 211.5

    2009 May 212.8

    2009 Jun 213.4

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