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  1. The guy Knows what he's talking about. $1 trillion (660m)???????
  2. I can feel it getting closer by the day. Rerun of 2008, but worse.
  3. Jesus checkout IG FTSE down 247.3, its late for maths but I make that about 5% fall from close.
  4. Please cite the legislation that you refer to. Edit to add. My link
  5. Does happen over here. Chap squatted in a house, and after x years claimed possession.
  6. My Mrs and I were discussing the business model for "We Buy Any Car". We wondered how money could be made buying large quantities of cars. Why do you think they are going to Europe?
  7. This has gone far beyond spain. There seems to be some ideas along the Icelandic line. Basicly the people don't want to be saddled with a debt they didn't have any say in. link
  8. Glad that your bus thread poped up. I always wondered where you registered the bus and drivers licence etc. Do you just have an accomodation address?
  9. I can't be bothered to reply! Oh well! When are they going to understand that there are 2,500,000 + unemployed, its musical chairs. One man one job, you can't get twenty men in to one job, it doesn't work. All that happens is hundreds apply for each job.
  10. If you didn't pay the credit cards off, the money is still out there. Where's Injin?
  11. Credit Card debts are seldom written off. Banks sell them at a fraction of balance to Debt Collection Agencies, who then try to recover the full amount. If a person clears a debt, then the loan is retired and that money goes out of circulation, until another loan is advanced. Defaulted loans remain in circulation, good for the economy!
  12. My link February 25, 2011 Analysts say the wave of large-scale withdrawals from savings banks has subsided, but the suspensions of eight savings banks will leave the industry conspicuously altered.
  13. High achievers from comprehensive schools know that they have to work very hard to achieve good results from university. The students from private schools tend to take the view that it is all "laid on", and they don't need to work so hard. A generalisation I know, but that has been my observation.
  14. Why don't you go and find a jobless person, and offer to share your job? Edit: You would pay less tax as well.
  15. Unemployment is a global problem. Sweat Shops in the Far East are only able to operate because there is a ready supply of unemployed people. Isn't that where we are heading?
  16. Do you really think that all the unemployed in the world are workshy scroungers? Some are, no doubt, but the reality is that automation / new technology has superseded human effort.
  17. first right of appropriation Linky Problem is the banks don't tell you they are going to do it.
  18. £2000 to £3000. I got a new boiler for £380, had it fitted by a Corgi (gas safe) engineer for £60.
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