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  1. Unfortunately wild fires are not so common here in sleepy Wiltshire!
  2. Well i was after an objective point of view! Are you suggesting an opinion on this forum is only going to come form one direction?!?
  3. Well lets run on the theory that the next 12 months does see a significant drop in prices. Surely rental prices are not effected much, are they? If not then i can afford to keep hold of the house and wait for the market to recover?!?
  4. Point taken! Although i can rent it for roughly the same as my mortgage repayments! With a very small amount left in my pocket.
  5. Thinking that may be my third option! Just got off the phone now with my agent and we may be in luck for another offer. A healthy 10% less than i had oped for though! Im no pro my friend just have found myself renovating houses in between contracts. thinking it might go on the back burner for a while if HPC predictions are anything to go by!
  6. Sorry forgot to mention that! Its a house i bought at auction approx 7 months ago. If my offer completed the return would have shown approx 35% I do not live there!
  7. Wow £1000+ Every six months! I thought my M3's latest service was expensive!
  8. I'm sure this is a popular question at the moment but I would really appreciate some well guided advice. Heres my scenario! I have recently finished refurbishing a 1920's 3 bed semi. I have been on the market now for approx 12 weeks and have had one offer which I was happy with. Only problem is the chain below was incomplete and they have now decided to withdraw altogether. I'm now in a predicament. Sales are slow in our area at the moment and all I hear from agents is that they simply have more on book than there is demand for. So do I remortgage, take my profit and put a tenant in the h
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