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  1. Ilfracombe is in a beautiful location and was once a very up market Edwardian seaside destination. It still has the beautiful setting and the old houses. You will get more bang for your buck here than in almost anywhere in the south of England and Exmoor and the beaches are just down the road. Why is Ilfracombe so cheap? Because there is little employment and it seems that helf the town is scrounging from the government. The lack of 'education' in the wider sense means that the town has a feeling of poverty which is mostly rare in the south. Any kids who can escape do, the rest hang around getting stoned or racing around in tatty hatchbacks. Go through the high street at the wrong time and you may think that the people you see are all contestants for the Jerry Springer show. I wouldn't live there but if I had a windfall then I'd consider buying property there. Many big old hotels are empty and kids set them on fire. If you are thinking about moving here then bring you work with you. Even better, make this an employment base. Until a half decent employer comes along to form a basis for generation then Ilfracombe will remain off the map. It takes more than 4 hours to drive to London and at least 2 to drive to Bristol so is a little remote.
  2. Thanks for the info Julia. I've been watching the market for a long time and most of the info comes from the EAs who are sometimes quite dishonest and are always biased. The market is very weak and it's just too late to buy. The UK market is pulling it down and I think that dispite the gloss from the EAs we can expect to see the market soften further over then next year or two. It's a shame about these land grab laws that are causing so much misery in Spain although I don't think that it's so much of an issue in Tenerife. So I'll be waiting for the next property bubble madness to start which I think will be in quite a few years time from now.
  3. I've been thinking about buying in Tenerife to let to the holiday market. The idea is that I would also use the place when it's empty. Los Gigantes is an area that I like. I was wondering if there's anyone out there who has done this and also if they have found a local management agent with whom the experience has been good? Thanks in advance - Dave.
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