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  1. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face! I love a bit of sarcasm
  2. Some of you may remember my post from last month when the seller decided to pull out on exchange day http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=121151 Well we found another older style place and agreed to buy it at asking price subject to the findings of a survey, it was 285k. The EA was happy with this and so was the seller. It had only been on the market for a short period of time. The surveyor came along and was very negative about a number of things most notably some movement in the rear extension, timber infestation, the main roof and the amount of basic renovation required a
  3. this was my game plan but mrs bearshaped won't let me
  4. I've gotten to know the agent pretty well during the last 8 weeks, he's a decent type of chap running a one man operation and we've had many conversations about the state of the market, he's fairly realistic. Although he's totally stunned by this. He suspects the seller has taken all the equity and spent it on renovation on this and other property and so it was the bank that pulled the plug on the sale at the level we'd agreed. The place was originally on for 295k and we agreed a sale at 250k. I know from the documentation she had regularly had it valued throughout the past 3-4 years, MEW MEW
  5. I was due to exchange contracts yesterday. I'm a cash buyer having STR'd in 2005. I chaps the 10% deposit across and took in the contracts to my solicitor only to get a call later in the day to say the seller had decided to pull out as they think the market is on the up and they are going to rent it out in the meantime. We agreed to pay 250k, it will probably rent for £700 a month. I am amazed, the price we agreed to pay was the surveyors valuation, it wasn't below the current perceived valuation. I'll get over it, I was just shocked someone would pull out at such a late stage. Interesting?
  6. Just an update on this- I've spoken to coininvestdirect several times and have now purchased the "additional" order. They basically stood their ground with persistant but polite emails. I'm not sure what the next stage would have been, I guess it depends on the size of the order as to whether they would pursue this type of scenario through legal action. I still think their ordering system is comical. Anybody with an internet connection and a webmail address could place a multitude of bogus orders if they wanted without any security or validation on their system. I didn't want to rock the bo
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I agree their service is great and I was well pleased with the coins but ultimately if their business model "earmarks" coins and bullion on the basis of someone creating a login, password and address without actually making payment, then they are opening themselves up for some serious abuse. Maybe I'll phone them tomorrow and try and come to some arrangement.
  8. Hi I placed an order for a small number of silver coins from these guys but wanted to change the quantity. Since there is no mechanism to do this I put through another order and sent them a mail asking them to cancel the original order. The coins arrived a few days later and everything was cool. I've received a call today from them asking for payment for the original order. I explained what had happened. To my surprise I was told I was still liable for the order and my account was now in arrears with a 5% fee until I paid for the coins. I started sprouting about Distance Selling Regulations
  9. my advice would be to diversify as much as possible but don't tie up capital for too long just in case you find a place you really want to buy. I STR'd in 2005 and have never really worried about inflation since I've steadily grown my house fund whilst ensuring I could still get reasonable access if needed. I've only sweated once and that was when I had £30k in a Fixed Bond with B&B and they went pop. House prices where I am are pretty much where they were in 2005/06. Here's where I've got my stash- - bullionvault - ns&i index linked certificates - a couple of decent fixed rate b
  10. they need to get some employees who are the right calibra.........................wee hee!
  11. I introduced several work colleagues to the valuations on zoopla and at first they were generally accepting of the valuations it was serving up, infact there was a frenzy of postcode searches to see what friends and families houses were now worth! However, the other day I overheard one of them say she had successfully "adjusted" the valuation of her own property by adding in bogus rooms and extensions - zoopla added another 40k to its current market value! WTF :angry:
  12. lol. maybe prices are holding up because there are simply too many people looking to buy in Cheltenham and EAs inventorys of decent property in decent areas is low. I've certainly found this to be the case.
  13. I would say there are parts of Cheltenham with a degree of immunity to price drops simply because of desirability, schools etc If you look at Gloucester, Evesham or Tewkesbury (10 miles away) price drops on propertybee are much more significant. I still think Cheltenham will get hit but it will take longer to filter through.
  14. definitely, most people just see a field of sh!te, which to be fair sometimes it is but if you get there at the right time you will usually find decent items.
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