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  1. Thats Fair ware and Tear, he cant charge you for and secondly if thats what he is proposing you want full VAT receipts to say thats what he has done, but it sounds to me like he is trying it on!
  2. Thank you so much for your advice my partner and I have decided to go ahead and take make a claim on line, we were also worrying because we go away for a few weeks next weekend, but as you have said above you left it 18 months!
  3. They didnt renew the lease the entire time we were in there, initially it was for 6 months, and then even though we asked for a new contract, they just said that the old one didnt need re-newing and they were managing it themselves. Do you think that even though this was a private let, that they still need to do this with our deposit?
  4. I think that was only introduced this year, as we started renting the property over 2 1/2 years ago I not sure if it applied to us?
  5. I have contacted a solicitor and they have quoted £75 initially, and then there will be about £50 if I do the online small claim court, my partner is debating if it is worth it but personally I feel I cant let him get away with that as he has provided receipts and as anyone can see from the photos the place was immaculate! The decking on the back we added as we lived there for over 2 1/2 years, before it was just a broken up patio slabs. Its very upsetting, but thanks for your advice
  6. Im after advice, My partner an I recently moved house and our old landlord is refusing to return our deposit, stating that he needs a new cooker as it was scratched and new flooring because it had chips in it and the place was filthy etc. However before we left the property, I took photos with that days paper in each shot which I have attached, as he had refused to come and do a final inspection with us. The deposit was £625, I have asked for receipts for the work he has claimed to have done and the cooker he has claimed to have replaced however he has only provided me with receipts totalling £125 which to be honest I can cope with loosing that to be fair but, if anyone can see the photos I have attached, the cooker is not damaged and neither is the floor - could this not be classed as fair ware and tear? Do I have a case to take him to small claims court? If I take him to court would I be able to claim back from him the money it cost me to take him to court? Can someone help?
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