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  1. Within 3 miles 300K for this stunner http://www.globrix.com/property-details/29878452-norbreck_gardens-london-nw10-3_bed-semi_detached_house or within 1 mile 315K for this http://www.globrix.com/property-details/29556146-acton_lane-london-w3-3_bed-semi_detached_house total madness
  2. 3 weeks isn't reasonable, we recently had a problem with our fridge our landlord replaced it the same day he was notified, ok ours isn't integrated. Personally I think that he should either give a discount on the rent for those few weeks because of the inconvenience, or provide something temporary to tide you over. Whats a cheap secondhand fridge? £50 if that.
  3. Well at the beginning of this year my partner made some enquiries to find out what the housing benefit was for our particular area, his job is linked to housing. We rent privately and at the time our rent was £263pw its now risen to £280pw as our landlord has decorated recently, but we found out the council would have paid up to £320pw for a flat like ours (2 bed)I feel frustrated that we can't move to a better flat because someone claiming full HB has more bargaining power than we have. Although we both earn slightly above the average we have children and simply couldn't afford that much per week, I think it is interesting that at the moment a two double bedroom flat with garden in our area is around £320 upwards, to me this suggests a correlation.
  4. I had £50 in feb and £25 this month, we hold about 5K and I reckon in the last 3 years we've had probably £400 of wins. This isn't great but I'm getting a coupla pounds a month interest on my isa at the moment so actually I don't feel too glum about it.
  5. absolute rubbish, i have rented for 12 years and absolutely do not expect my rent to increase every year! In fact if my landlord tried to put my rent up at the moment I would be off like a shot and not because I am anywhere near the edge.
  6. yes me too! I have never had that before with Amazons free delivery option.
  7. 31, living with partner (41) and child. I'm a audio visual technician, partner works with the homeless. Never owned (still saving for a deposit) rent 2 bed flat in west london (1140pm). Nothing really against renting except that my 5 year old has had six homes so far because of landlords always selling up or getting repossessed, just want some stability for my family.
  8. my old rental flat 07/07 330K 09/08 260K
  9. I'm not familiar with the Aylesbury market particularly but my mother lives there, and is casually looking at 3 bed houses at the moment (HP19 area), against all my best advice. No matter what I say she thinks prices are not gonna fall more than 10K , does anybody out there have a truer picture. She isn't thankfully looking at new builds, but although they will probably be cash buyers she isn't interested in going to auction. Although if anyone has any idea of what semis/detached houses are going at auction round that way I would be interested cos I have been trying to convince her if she must buy now the auction house could be the best option for them. She has this thing about repossessed homes, benefiting from other peoples misery or some such rubbish!!!! Anyway any thoughts welcome, cheers.
  10. quick update on this for anyone thats interested, our old flat is now being advertised at 260K. this is a really significant fall for this particular street, other similar flats here are still being marketed at 320-330K mark when I was looking last week.
  11. We have lived in W3, about 10 mins walk north of stamford brook tube, for about 4 years. Its a nice area and good for transport and walking to hamm/chiswick/shepherds bush/acton. When we first moved down we got a 2 bed for just under £1000 a month we were recently forced to move again and now rent a similar property but with a garden for £1140 we haggled this down from £1300. There are a lot of aspirational rents around this area at the moment, I think if I was looking now I would still stick to my guns and haggle down to around the 260-280pw range. I noticed alot more cheaper rentals on prime location than rightmove also a lot of flats on for 350pw upwards seem to be hanging around for a long time. I think if you still have some time before you are desperate to move put in some cheeky offers, in the case of our property they rejected our offer so I walked away, 2 days later they called back with a change of heart. If a flat is empty and has been for 3 weeks or more my experience is they will except a fairly large discount. Depressingly though we might have a long wait for 2 beds to be under a 1000 a month again....or maybe not we have about 400 new build flats going up in the area at the mo this is gonna impact rents when they undoubtably hit the rental market!
  12. Thank you ever so much, I have learnt my first newbie lesson keep yourself as anonymous as possible. Cheers again T

  13. No, i don't know if you are in london, but these are the ridiculous amounts that 2 bed flats without gardens are going for on the edge of zone 2 in west london. These flats sold for less that 60K 10 years ago, its a nice area and i personally think things will go at least 50% down in the next two years. We are saving our pennies and then maybe when we can get something closer to 100K we will consider buying. You know I have a mate borrowed 20K from in laws and bought a flat (1 & 1/2 bed I/O mortage) in SW london for 320K just after the NR bombshell I thought they were mad. They couldn't even afford furniture! No bed, No sofa. They said its okay cause we are gonna sell up in two years and make a profit!!! Then she shocked me into stunned silence by saying "We've already redecorated so we've already made money on our investment". Sadly there are a lot of young people who have only known this debt-ridden lifestyle that is so rife in this country and so do not fear it or see the obvious cycle which eventually will come and bite you on the bum when you live way beyond your means. They thought we were crazy to say we were gonna wait it out...but hey maybe I was right after all!!
  14. Okay We were renting a 2 bed flat (victorian terrace) for about a year, we signed for another year and then 3 months later we recieved a letter saying that our landlord had gone in to liquidation and ***** had repossessed the flat. A company was appointed to oversee the sale and it went on to the market end of July 07 for 330K. Had about 8 or 9 viewings and we were told it was under offer, we moved out in Dec, the lady dealing with the sale said everything was moving very slowly. The flat below us had always been empty (gutted inside) since we had moved in it was for sale at first but was never sold and was taken off the market sometime in late 06. As far as we know the owner never even visited the place. Anyway she said her buyer was interested in the whole building so they were trying to do a deal (they are still marketing the whole house as well as just our flat). I know the gnd flr flat never had anything to do with ***** or our landlord. So just found out sale has fallen through and the flat has been reduced to 310K. A few things strike me as odd about this whole thing i) I know the flat was originally bought for 181K in Nov 04, so why have ***** kept it on the market so long at such a high price. Since we moved out its been empty so they have been losing the grand a month we were giving them. ii) Why have they not just sent it to auction! iii)Why are they complicating matters getting caught up with another property which also can't sell that they have no financial interest in. Looking at the documents we were given it is already more than a year since the repossession and ***** seem in no hurry to sell!
  15. Hi all Yes in my opinion rents are rising at a ridiculous rate. We are just about to move as our landlord went bust in the summer and the bank are trying to sell the property (been under offer for about 5 months!). When we first moved to our current area (acton/shepherds bush borders)in 2004 a 2 bed would cost you just over a £1000pm now in the exactly same area and for the same types of properties the rents are being advertised starting at £1300pm. We decided to try to get something in december as we thought we could get a deal, we were right. Our property was advertised for £1300 we had an offer accepted reluctantly for £1140 that is still more than £100 over what we are currently paying. These houses are not palaces, or designer homes just ordinary flats with 10 year old bathrooms and kitchens in it is ridiculous, and if I wanted to buy one of these in our street the asking prices start at £330,000. An amount my partner and I will never afford. Something needs to be done about rent in london for ordinary people who do work (don't qualify for benefit) who maybe don't have degrees (we do by the way)and so it it harder for them to earn £25K plus a year and are bringing up children - how do those types of people afford somewhere half decent to live. Sorry but I find it crazy...and yeah we have thought about moving further out of london but for any decrease in rent it is cancelled out by the increase in travel costs. Right I think I will climb down from my soapbox now!!!
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