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  1. Why Not? What's so Special about it?
  2. What Landlords & VI's want isn't really an issue! Employment laws are slowly having to be integrated into British Life along with other laws! I think too many people on this forum overstate the "Power" of Landlords! In the greater scheme of things "All European" they really arn't that important.
  3. Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you!
  4. Somthing has always puzzled me? In France & Germany there are laws regarding renting property. Does anybody think that since renting is a "Social" problem, European Renting laws may be intergrated here...given enough Time?
  5. I am sorry...but is there a link somewhere to say that they will or may drop to 97-08 levels or is this just a suggestion?
  6. +2 Me Too.... I used to buy The Times..But his columns used to wind me up! I can't understand why the editor hasn't sacked him.....Unless the editor doesn;t have a clue either.
  7. This seems to tell the real story http://mrmortgage.ml-implode.com/
  8. I used to buy "The Times" every day ... but he used to wind me up with his " The totally open market is perfect and nothing can go wrong" attitude, I stopped buying the paper! I can,t understand why the editor hasn,t sacked him....Charlie Wilson would have!
  9. Channel 4 8:00 pm Monday 27th October 2008
  10. Don't Bank On The Bailout ......Broadcast: Monday 27 October 2008 08:00 PM Has the multi-billion-pound bank bailout saved our economy? City speculator Hugh Hendry doesn't think so. His billion-dollar hedge fund operates in the eye of the financial storm, engaging in the short-selling that's been condemned for causing so much of the recent chaos. But Hugh robustly defends his trade, saying he is "in pursuit of the truth", and lays the blame squarely at the door of the financial elites: the banks, pensions funds, regulators and governments who were all asleep at the wheel. This film follows Hugh as he travels from the Square Mile in London to Wall Street in America, talking to some of the world's leading economists and investors along the way. Hugh thinks the rescue of the banks could doom us all. "We'll have to ratchet up our level of national debt to make this country feel as if it's fighting another world war", says Hugh. And our financial system may recover, but will the wider economy? Are we now simply heading for a recession, or a full-blown depression on the scale of the 1930s? Goodbye boom, hello bust?
  11. This appeared in the times http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life...icle5002718.ece
  12. This appeared in the times http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life...icle5002718.ece
  13. This appeared in the times http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life...icle5002718.ece
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