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  1. http://www.buy2letmortgages.co.uk/ Plenty of choice for well under 7%
  2. Nonsense figures, ignoring the far too low earnings for the size of mortgage, an interest only mortgage is nowhere near £820pm.
  3. Say that only about 65% of the 265k properties are actually available to purchase when you strip out rentals and solds, this leaves about 175k as a round figure. Looking at that 175k in conjunction with the Land Registry ~300k sales for Oct - Dec 2006 it could be argued there is a shortage. ~1.1m properties are sold out of 22m residential households anually, looks like your magic website is going to need a lot more listings, the anagram of your user name just about sums you up, Alert Rabies!
  4. Almost as remarkable as the various % rates of return on your diverse investment portfolio you are quoting this week, started at 15, then jumped to 22 and the last one on offer today was 24%.
  5. Yep, not many left now of the 23.2million domestic properties registered in the UK to hit the market. Truly astonishing listing rate of 1 property per agent per week, quite incredible how they cope with such a flood.
  6. Blimey 1 in 5 agents have one more property available than yesterday, whatever next!
  7. To put it into perspective, the population of Yorkshire & Humberside is estimated to be about 5 million (1 million++ households??) http://www.globalguide.org/index.html?id=44443
  8. You quote some interesting figures with regards to mortgage defaults which appear to somewhat wide of the mark:- CML Repossession Risk Review Executive Summary Mortgage arrears of over three months were unchanged in the first half of 2006 compared with the second half of 2005, at 111,900, equivalent to 0.96% of all mortgages. But they were over 25% higher than the cyclical low point of 88,180, 0.76% of mortgages, in the first half of 2004. The rise in arrears reflects the rise in mortgage service burdens between the middle of 2003 and middle of 2005. This resulted from the increase i
  9. What line of work are you in which allows you to spend so much time during the working day and evening/weekends looking up internet news articles, posting them and replying? Even if you are the boss or are self-employed it all seems a bit much to me.
  10. It is an Overage Clause, not Overange With a property like that which has potential to be converted into flats and additional units built in the garden it would be sound legal advice to insert a clause which makes it less attractive to pursue planning permission or at least benefit from the much enhanced value. Contracts are littered with clauses and covenants to stop things happening and this is nothing new, agents put it clearly on the details so what is the problem?
  11. There is a difference between checking what is on your file vs a credit check as these are flagged differently, the former shows a footprint which only you can see, cc companies etc don't see this info as it is treated as an unrecorded enquiry. Requesting quotes for insurance can result in a search of your file but does not affect your credit score. Searched on: 03/08/2005 Searched by: ROYAL & SUN ALLIANCE INSURANCE PLC Application type: Unrecorded Enquiry Searched on: 02/03/2006 Searched by: CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY LTD Application type: Unrecorded Enquiry
  12. In case you missed it:- Google Trends aims to provide insights into broad search patterns. As a Google Labs product, it is still in the early stages of development. Also, it is based upon just a portion of our searches, and several approximations are used when computing your results. Please keep this in mind when using it. Interesting tool but nothing more than that.
  13. Highly unlikely to be very accurate as it relies on looking up the geographic location of your ip address and these are often routed through proxy servers or use transparent cache technology which makes it look as if everyone is coming from one location. But this is HPC so your theory will no doubt be taken as correct especially as it shows a graph as well.
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