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  1. Interesting how a pile of bricks and mortar can be the reason for a man and woman being togther; the house becomes the raison d'etre for the relationship. Not love, not companionship, not sex, not children ... but the house!!!!
  2. The back garden seems rather neglected. I guess they've been too busy decorating inside the house.
  3. There was a good programme on Al-Jazeerah recently called 'Meltdown': http://aljazeera.com/programmes/meltdown/2011/09/2011917141938887360.html Quite a good analysts of aspects of the corrupt financial system.
  4. What's that? a nominal fall of 31%? What's s special about Moston because I don't see similar fall in other parts of Manchester.
  5. What's that?? Grimmer than Grimsby?
  6. if the grad can not get work here what is the point of them staying they might as well emigrate and leave the debts and not pay them. Sub prime toxic student debt another Nu Liebour legacy. You assume other countries will open their arms to immigrants from the UK with degrees in Media Studies?
  7. The politicians were left shocked and speechless because James told it how it really is: like the little kid who had the honesty to shout out that the emperor had no clothes on. James is right of course: Human happiness is about much more than economic growth and rampant consumerism. He also demanded that we get the money back off the bankers and spend it on those who need it: a simple moral act that everybody knows is right.
  8. In Manchester rents are increasing Well, that's according to the agents: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finance...rice-crash.html
  9. "Due to massive oversupply in new-build apartments, especially in cities like Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, rental incomes have dropped way below what Robert and Maria were told they could command." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7729216.stm What advice would you give these people?
  10. Here's question I'd like to ask some of the macro-economists out there: Supose GB goes ahead with the 'fiscal stimulus' by borrowing to cut taxes for the lower paid. What's to stop those receiving the tax cuts i) blowing it on imported tat and foreign holidays, ii) paying off their debts or iii) (possibly) saving it? In other words, how many of you are confident that this plan is going to stimulate the British economy? Also, what will be the likely impact of the fiscal stimulus on the housing market?
  11. What did she say she paid for that trendy box in New Hall? Four forty!!!!!!!
  12. Two apartments in Swansea (which haven't been built yet ) A bungalow in Swansea ('this hasn't done so well and we're in the process of selling' ) Swansea is in 'meltdown' at the moment. 'a place in an up and coming ski resort in Bulgaria' .... and so are the snows in that Bulgarian resort
  13. The market has 'never been so tough'. The residential property is market is claiming a growing number of estate agency businesses. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/new...property_crisis
  14. Did I miss something or was this the 10 o'clock news' top story? 2 million households in negative equity by 2010
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