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  1. Well since 1996 I've moved 3 times and have just sold my third house recently. Each house I bought needed renovation, which I did whilst I was working full time. Let me tell you that, its not funny having to plaster yet another wall after spending 8 hours in work!. Hard work, yes. But now I'm completely debt free and renting. I've also got a decent sum of money in the bank to build upon when the cycle restarts and property is 3-4 times wages again, ie sensible. I'm convinced there will be a return to the norm, but as noted, it will be because of a variety of factors, not just IR. I may well
  2. Excellent article. I'm saving a copy of this for future reference. Well done.
  3. Traditionally, landlords used to be a breed apart, but everyone and their dog is in property investment nowerdays. The media's got a lot to do with this. Maybe because of the dot-coms crashing so people shifted to property investment instead. I am just about to exchange on a property I've been renovating for the last 10 months. I like to think I'm not one of the ones pushing up property prices, but who knows. (Bought a wreck, gutted it, spend £12k on reno, all work done myself, now selling for double purchase cost.) I think its the economy and the way peoples brains work (bull/bear market thi
  4. IMO, a 60% drop isnt going to happen, but I have been wondering when the 'crash' will come. According to history, whenever house prices have bubbled, they have ALWAYS popped some time afterwards. The bulls will say 'it wont happen this time', and the bears will say 'just wait for history to repeat itself, again!'. From what I've read in books like 'The grip of death' and seen in documentries like 'The money masters', its the banks that create these crashes, whenever they feel the need to. For example, the banks actually created the depression in america in the thirties by contracting the mone
  5. LOL. Thats the best advice I've ever heard! Awesome!
  6. Yeah I watched that too. I've seen the polystyrene system before. Did he say something about it being 2.5x stronger and 1.5x more insulating than a equivalent block wall. I think its a great invention, as I've just finished a 'monster' build of an extension myself. Blocking is a whole world of pissyness, and to think, using the poly system I could have built the structure up in a day, and filled it the next. Bit dodgy of him to fill it in one go though. Thats a hell of a lot of weight in concrete, I thought it would never take it, and it did blow in one place. I remember when I made some chan
  7. Voted 5-10 years, if i was just spending my savings. Wow thats a temping thought! I'd could spend all day playing my guitar, smoking, eatin frozen kebabs and pizza and drinking cans of guinness, I'd be well happy! Prob wouldn't live very long though. Or, become a Bhuddist and spend even less cash, whilst contemplating the mysteries of your inner self and attaining enlightenment... rice anyone?
  8. You dont have to inform the building inspector or get a Part-P certified electrician in to inspect and test if; You are are not doing works in a kitchen, bathroom or other desgnaited area You are only changing socket outlets, light fittings/switches. For a fuller explanation go here IEE Part-P link Its a total con! I have 20 years of electronics/electrics experience, have rewired plenty of houses but I cannot even add a new circuit or do any electrical work without some 'competent person' checking it after me!!! I would'nt mind spending the £1000 it costs to get Part-P certified or the £
  9. Havent watched property Ladder in a while but I am amazed at the same mistakes being made over again. 1. Developers getting emotionally attched to the project; For instance, the wife/girlfriend (the couple) thought that by using her 'design' skills she could make the property worth more (maybe) and 'put her stamp' on the house. WTF are they thinking? Does she believe she is she some kind of uber architect/designer or what? Its just a pile of bricks and timber. All you need to do, is a simple renovation, with a quality finish. 2. Developers cutting corners to save money thinking that bad fi
  10. Absolutely right! People who can't handle money and spend it on crap wouldn't be better off after winning a million because it would fritter away slowly on 'essential purchases'. I did play the scratchcards for a time once, always made back what I had spent on them, then one day I won £20 so I stopped playing it and kept my winnings. IMHO you've got to use your head and work to get rich. Winning it, stealing it, or inheriting it just aint gonna happen. I know someones gonna win it, but at a 14 million to 1 chance, it sure as hell aint gonna be you. (Excuse the bad grammer... like!)
  11. Fair point but he said that he went to uni because of pressure from parents (to succeed etc) and wanting to experience the student life. When my mate told me how much he could earn as a doctor of chemistry I couldn't believe it! All that money and studying for £16K. Crap!
  12. A 27 yr old friend of mine who is now a doctor of chemistry has realised how he has been conned, and summed it up beautifully... "After all these years of studying, and all the time and expense in getting my Phd, I am just a more expensive and more skilled gear in the same economic machine." Says it all really.
  13. I agree, the general public who, bless em, are as mad as a bus, helped increase prices by panicing and buying property before 'its too late and we'll never be able to afford one'. Result, high demand, higher prices, which is exactly as it should be in a free market. In my humble opinion of course...
  14. Well I don't know about house boats but I have seriously considered buying a piece of land and sticking a caravan on it to live in. Two problems I can forsee: 1. The price of land is also high so I would be buying overpriced land. 2. The welsh valleys are quite hilly, its hard to find a piece of level land around these parts.
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