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  1. Agreed House prices dropping by 40% is only going to be a wet dream for the majority of people on here. I just don't understand why people are so smug about it; they're predictions for the past God knows how long have been wrong. It's almost as if they'll wait 50 years for a crash, and then when it happens, they'll say, "we told you so" It reminds me of radical Christrians that believe Jesus will come down and save them. It's just real odd behaviour, almost psychotic. On that note...
  2. Yeah, that should make them change their mind. Do it!
  3. My boss is still on a 3.5% fixed rate from 2003; I think he still has a few years left on it. It's alright for some.
  4. Well, I think a lot of people aren't expecting the crash because they're basing it on factors that influenced the previous crash- low employment, high interest rates. I personally don't see interest rates rising again this year.
  5. Unemployment isn't THAT low and interest rates aren't THAT high...
  6. I had to evict a tenant of mine last month... Speaking of which, I hope she's rotting in hell right now
  7. I just read that. Tell them to keep walking. And if your OH is apart of, or in consensus with that kind of threat, tell her to walk as well...
  8. That was explained in the opening post. They want the money to appear in their bank balance to appear more financially stable than they actually are, in an attempt to fool the lender. They won’t actually use the money. However, I doubt the lender would be that stupid. I’m sure they’ll notice an irregular 5k deposit into their account. I was suspicious of that from the start, but was too lazy to raise the issue.
  9. Wow, I had never thought of that. So you basically purchase other products for people you know, and get their cold cash in return. That's not all so bad, because I've seen cards with a 9 month 0% "new purchase" policy with 12month 0% balance free. I mean, if you're struggling, and if using that method is interest free, why not...
  10. ******, you guys are ridiculous. All I’m suggesting is that in the given situation, you should lend your family the money. And for that, you guys get into a hissy-fit. Unbelievable. This whole thread is a joke, because as I said, you already made up your mind and just wanted a pat on the back for being so strong and supportive of the “property crash” crisis! My "bull" status is irrelevant to the situation.
  11. It depends on how you word it. They could just declare the money as a present. And then few months later, when returning the money, they could just say, "thanks for the present, now here's 5k as a present" That's not fraud. Regardless, I meant immoral in the, 'they're not using the money to buy drugs in bulk and sell onto kids" sense.
  12. Sorry, I have no idea what that means- "mortgage from current account" I'm not that knowledged when it comes to credit cards!
  13. How do you even pay a mortgage with a credit card? Do you have to get a cash-advance or a credit-cheque? The average APR is something stupid like 15%!
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