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  1. I've been monitoring small 2 and 3 bed cottages/houses in the Moleseys, and a bit disappointed that E Molesey prices for the nicer Victorian cottages are staying very steady around the £300k mark, though I know some have had to be let when they haven't sold. Is this just the cutesy E Molesey effect or do people think there will always be buyers for these, with the real falls in the area for the flats and newer places? Even the huge city uuanker houses haven't fallen that much, as far as I've seen. Also does anyone know what the big Victorian 5 bed house in Vine Rd went for? They did one of these open houses (never went, out of my league completely) and now it's been sold. Think they were young 'developers' and a small part of me wanted them to lose their shirts....
  2. Well, whatever arguments people have on here, the Tories will be the next lot in, so here's hoping they drag us out of this mess as they did in the 80s. I'll be surprised if Crash Gordon doesn't announce an election asap - gets it out of the way, and if he waits another 18 months this country will be in the sh1t so deep the Labour party could be eliminated for 90 years, as per the Liberals after WW1. He could, conceivably, win today, but in a year or so, with tens of thousands of unemployed people losing their homes, soaring crime, Russia and China doing as they please internationally while the US lick their wounds and retreat from the world stage etc., what will his place in history be?
  3. And being Icelandic they don't even have the EU to help them out. So if there is a run and bail outs for their other banks, that's it pretty much for the Icelandic economy for a generation or two I guess.
  4. It was cynical for Labour to put a rentamob in the audience. Have they no self-respect. They were applauding everything Blears said FFS! Yet when the camera turned the entire visible audience was looking on stony faced, arms folded.... But also pretty poor that the Beeb didn't draw attention to it. Labour's argument seems to be that as they and Crash Gordon got the country into this mess, they're the best team to get us out. Huh? On the BBC 24 follow up programme there was even discussion that the current mess was the fault of the last Tory administration for de-regulating the City!? So, er, what has Gordon been doing for over ten years then?
  5. Andrew Marr is Crash Gordon's toady, and this is an awful puff piece from his wife. Marr's 'interview' with him at the weekend was unreal, like Pravda interviewing Stalin - where were the serious questions? Even Robert Peston and Nick Robinson had to take it apart over the last couple of days, and they're on Marr's team. Crash refuses to be interviewed by serious interrogators, and you hardly ever now see a proper Cabinet minister live on Newsnight or the C4 news. Last I recall was Caroline Flint being cornered and flipping out at Kirsty Wark...
  6. That was the gist of the discussion, fair enough, and your main point is right, we probably would sh1t a collective national brick if the Chinese and Indians went bankrupt as the west has just done. Of course it more or less did happen in the 80s in Japan and S America, and all our banks lost their shirts then too and had to make us pay more for borrowing and less on savings for years as a result. But old-school banking wasn't so brill either - interview with a stuffed shirt, little Hitler bank manager who thinks he knows best and can relish his little moment of power, just to get a f*cking cheque book or car loan.
  7. Bit harsh! Stelzer was given about 10 seconds! I thought Paxo called Naomi Klein's bluff big time when he put on the Voice and said something like, 'Well if you think the current form of Capitalism has failed what would you put in its place?' and she just went Errrr, looked like a startled bunny, and mumbled something about socialism and fairness for everyone. Hasn't Labour just tried that?
  8. Err think you've misunderstood what Irwin Stelzer was saying. He was using a business expression, 'to put your own skin in the game' which is when high ups in a company invest their own money in the business. Now that western govts have put their skins in the game, they're going to have to regulate more and more effectively - in his (reluctant) view a good thing.
  9. People will only sell anything below the value they think it's worth when they have to. Big falls will come either with B2L properties that can't be let, so after a few months of haemhorraging cash the owner takes a price, or with large scale unemployment where people cannot keep paying their mortgage. For decent 3/4/5 bedroom houses generally owner occupied by middle class types, that's going to take a while as they're generally less likely to get the boot and have more capacity to give up car(s), hols, Waitrose, nose jobs for their plug ugly offspring etc.
  10. ISA investments are in funds holding shares from hundreds of companies. Fidelity just provide an admin wrapper really for investment funds, and some of their own funds. They don't lend any money or provide banking services on any scale that I'm aware of. So no, no risk other than the general one that the whole system collapses round their ears and those of their investors. http://www.fidelity.co.uk/pdfs/principles.pdf
  11. I've been cold-called by these people eight or ten times over a couple of years, trying to get me to come into an office in Clerkenwell to discuss mortgages and property investment. All quiet for a while then the other day was called AGAIN, had an argument when the clown on the phone was trying to tell me they have access to unique property opportunities.... which turned out to be in Cyprus, E Europe etc. Where did they get my number and their bloody nerve from? They're claiming to be IFAs, but can that be true if they're cold calling to push off plan property?
  12. Weird that the price is falling away again... if Lloyds take over, even with Crash Gordon's say so they need to buy 51% of the stock right? Unless there were loads of smart ar5es stuck with short positions they had to get rid of...
  13. How incompetent can the regulators be? If this HBOS price fall really is the result of dodgy market manipulators, that's against the law and should be rooted out - they can do this by following the paper trail if they want. Alternatively if the market has genuinely called this correctly and there is a huge black hole in HBOS's finances (which the FSA should know if they had been even half on the job) then how the f*** dare they force a Lloyds takeover here. It's either a market more corrupt and unregulated than greyhound racing, or the end of moral hazard for the banks, and either way the taxpayers and poor sods trying to pay a mortgage pick up the bill...
  14. Worst case scenario - they need their money back and sell property from under you. Likely scenario - follows the Northern Rock scenario, gets nationalised and then to get rid of their mortgage book when the borrowers' fixed term ends they make the borrowing hideously expensive so you have to re-finance elsewhere, pay the inflated rate or see house sold from under you. Damn Gordon Brown and the regulators who couldn't or wouldn't do anything about the looming crisis, and damn the boards of these banks.
  15. FTSE under 5000! All I can say is damn Gordon Brown, the regulators and the boards of the banks, who allowed this carnage to happen. 'There will be no more boom and bust'. Tell that to all the non-public sector pension holders who will now be hugely worse off in retirement, or have to work for years longer. On HBOS, think they'll be OK given the funds they're sitting on and the recent rights issue, just speculators trying it on as they did a few months ago. It's the small businesses, students, self-employed people, fixed income pensioners etc who will be utterly shafted in the weeks and months to come, as overdrafts, equity-release and other borrowing become yesterday's news. The fat cat directors of these financial firms must be laughing. If there is any justice Labour will become the 3rd party in parliament at the next election, never to return.
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