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  1. You could say that Australia is 'facing its demons' ?
  2. I worked for years at a UK site... proper engineering, making actual good high tech stuff. Site leaders would come and go, parachuted in from the US, they'd make a big song and dance about their health and safety drive and whatever BS corporate values initiative was in at that time, then leave under a cloud a couple of years later to be replaced with a clone.
  3. Hang on, I'm confused. He's been telling us for the last six months that if we voted for Brexit the economy would collapse and all the bankers would leave. If I didn't know better I would think he just talks nothing but sh1t.
  4. Couldn't help a chuckle at the comment from 'Jonathan Ponathan' who I assume has no vested interest.
  5. Setting aside the wonderful show of delusion from Imran, here's a prime example from the 'Axe The Tenant Tax' facebook page of the denial that it has been suggested a large number of LLs will undergo until reality intrudes sometime between now and 2020. Brings to mind this: Max = George Osborne Punk = BTLer Car = portfolio Petrol = debt Lighter = S24 Hacksaw = Sell Now Sell Everything
  6. Yes you're missing that for a huge number of landlords, even a single month void represents a significant cashflow headache, they aren't going to be leaving flats/houses empty for any protracted length of time. Just not going to happen.
  7. Though incredibly tiny and only barely visible to the naked eye, there will be so many violins playing on HPC that you'll be able to hear then from Maidstone to Ashford...
  8. Caught most of this in the car earlier. First of a 4 part series apparently. Couldn't see a thread on it already or any discussion elsewhere. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04c9gsg
  9. Welcome to City 17... Our benefactors welcome you.
  10. Pfft, Scrooge McDuck... Look, he's got some wads of fiat in his vault there, call himself a goldbug?!
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