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  1. Surely this is what USA fought for ,to enable a free expression of views and in the end a true democracy. This must be uppermost in Obamas mind as he withdraws US forces from Iraq to Kuwait and he will obviously rejoice !
  2. What a wonderful ruling from the judge !! I reckon that he had a copy of the council expenses over £500 next to him,supplied by Eric PICKLES . Now lets see if there s any other place that we can cut , surely not schools and old persons homes but how about downsizing the twinning budget and a few less trips to examine refuse collection in Las Vegas ! I am sure that Eric lit a slow burning fuse . Now that the council cannot slash the most headline grabbing thing and keep their own special expenses and projects secret we shall see what we shall see . I regard it as good news and certainly not anti democratic.
  3. There are rumours in the markets that Greece will default this weekend whilst the G7 meet anf that Stock markets will be closed for 7 days whilst things calm down. perhaps this cannot be stomached by STARK ?
  4. I have not seen any opiniom former point out the fact that the bailoouts now have to be authorised by a democratically elected body . Surely this meams that in the near future Angela MERKEL may well be able to gain approval with her shaky majority. However elections are near and Germany is incensed by all these bailouts . I think that the new Bundestag may well say "never again " and that is only months away. Not in time for this financial mess to be over. In short they have passed the parcel but in it is a time bomb.
  5. Went to see a house last month in Kent ,a large pond in the garden had been filled with bits of concrete , bits of the tiled floor in kitchen were missing and the ceiling in the bedroom had bits hanging down . "Yeah" said the owner " i know it needs doing but ,cos we are selling we thought , Why bovver " We also did not go for a second viewing nor did we make an insulting offer .
  6. Thanks interestrateripoff a new kind of post from you , should you not quote Zerohedge at some point , Have you ever considered an individual thought ? Just asking.
  7. Has anyone mentioned the 200 odd tons of gold held by the italians . If they were minded to sell this stockpile it may well be the answer to their problems . In fact I hear that they may have engaged a consultant from the Fife area of Scotland who knows how to do this sort of thing . Therefore they are on a winner.
  8. Not much was made of it in MSM UK last week but BOI felt the need to refinance through a US mogul who specialises in rescues of distressed companies and also RBS on our behalf for a billion or so more . I presume that we have lots of money at stake in RBS and so they were saving themselves really. ( or do I mean the UK taxpayer.)
  9. With so much stuff from Zero Hedge on here ,why not just read that and cut out the middleman ? Nobody has even mentioned that the Chinese are funding Greece even though it is there to be read on Zero Hedge.
  10. Communication from France's La Banque Postale to its clients, notifying that beginning August 1, 2011, the bank will lower the weekly ATM withdrawal limit by anywhere between 33% and 50%. In brief, according to the terms of the of the bank's statement, the top tier of credit card holders, the Visa Premier, will see their weekly withdrawal limit reduced from €3000 to €1,500, while the next two tiers, MasterCard and Bleue Visa, will see their weekly withdrawal allowance lowered from €1,500 to €1,000. Lastly, the lowest tier will see its cash withdrawal drop from €1,000 to €800. Naturally if confirmed, this would not be a good sign as pertains to the bank's current liquidity situation: traditionally cutting the withdrawal cap is an indication of a substantial cash on hand scarcity. So how vulnerable are European banks to what is happening in Greece . Perhaps they want to protect themselves as the good old CDS and Specialised financial instruments unwind.
  11. If you are married or have a trusted partner you can double the amount you can both hold by having certificates held "in trust " for eachother. You have to ask NS&I to send out seperate forms specifically for this purpose you cannot pick them up at a post office.
  12. Interestingly I heard an SNP spokesman ( yes it was a man ) saying that "of course for economy we will always have joint services within UK " does this mean that we have our HMRC offices in Motherwell etc ? plus all the other government offices now located via the Nu labour effect in Scotland . Thus we provide employment to thousands in Scotland and this is all outside the BARNETT formula ( but let us not trouble that nice Mr Salmond with all that, let us agree to independence and withdraw all UK government admin and services and let them replace it with there own admin and services ( probably employing the same people but NOT at our expense . Please god let it happen
  13. History is repeating itself , I am so old that can remember the pay negotiations between the United Auto workers and General Motors in USA. Apparently General Motors refused to give a pay rise that year saying that the money saved would be spent on automating plants and subsequently laying off unrequired workers. The union negotiator won the day by pointing out to General \motors that the logical end to their actions would be that there would be nobody earning a wage to buy their cars. In a slightly different context does any of this sound familiar
  14. We have livedin our caravan for 2 summers ,nothing like England in the summer. We have a "Home " site near to our accomodation address for all the corres etc . In the winter we put the van into store and drive to Southern Spain where for about 10 pounds a night we rent a luxury flat with all facilities . Why bother taking a caravan spouth when there are millions of empty flats just waiting to be rented in Spain
  15. Do you think that our Chinese friends have just put the US Dollars they have in a vault in order to bting them out when required ? No,they have been buying the world with Trillions of US dollars. They now own Africa and lots of Oz . They have been very wise in their dealings with US and even if there is a dollar devaluation the chinese have converted their dollars into industries and properties worldwide . If the Renmimbi is revalued it will make their purchase of the entire world that little bit cheaper . Unless of course China just co;;apses in on itself as it has gone too far too fast .
  16. We're FTBs and our chain has just collapsed ...our fault. We've just forked out a grand so far and found out that the property we were planning to buy is full of asbestos! So we'll have to wait to raise that £1000 again before looking for another property. The whole buying/selling system is so dated, doesn't make it easy. We are old fogey boomer cash buyers and we were out today looking in Kent where an overfriendly wide boy estate agent told us that 30% of chains arecollapsing lately. I took that to be an underestimate. By the way there is an awful lot of rubbish coming on to the market even for the dreaded 250000 Max buyer like us . We have even seen one or two that have upped their price. Oh well another day tomorrow . Does anyone know the advantage of being a cash buyer? I cant see one and have been looking for yonks.
  17. Did I just hear that the Sayonara bank is to say goodbye? (Sorry)
  18. I am pleased to report that because of the actions of that small town there has been an immediate effect throughout Spain . So much so that in the center of our local town in Southern Spain a plot has been cleared and a brand new notice put up to tell us that we can have an apartment with a garage for 100,000 Euros at 5% interest rates and payable over 40 years . So its all over ,back to normal ,mind you we came close to disaster didn't we.Phew !
  19. Just to reaffirm that things are not as easy in Europe, in Spain you have to work before you get any benefits and then for a total of 6 months the government have just started to make ex gratia payments to the unemployed who have run out of benefit. This is not a permanent payment and no other benefits are given. Wake up England !!!]
  20. let us not forget that Australia is bringing in its own Internet shield - To protect children from paedophiles !!!! I wonder if they have anything else in mind ?
  21. You must be living in a dream world , here I am in Southern Spain surrounded by Disabled , unemployed ex pats ,They have mysterious 2/3 day trips back to UK on Ryanair/Easyjet for what reason I dont know , surely not to go to DSS interviews and lie that they are permanently living with family /friends at a UK address ? Nobody registers on the "padron " for fear of loss of UK benefits . It is rife and I say that we must be the richest country in the world to pay for it all. Wake up HMRC / DSS . Funnily enough the german tax office opened a local office here about 2 years ago . Now it is rare to see a long term German resident.
  22. Having read the outrage about all this may I suggest a simple practical solution to this problem . A short 2 line bill to be voted through parliament stating - No publicly funded employee or contractor can earn more than the prime minister of UK in any one year -. Somebody tell me how this is not a practical solution ?
  23. There are no interesting international law issues about offshore boundaries in the north sea that was settled many years ago . It is true to say that most fields belong to Scotland and Norway but as that oul is sold abroad and not used by us they could have whats left and we would remain in much the same situation as we are now in that we import our oil. I would like to point out that the Barnett formula by which England funds the Scottish state ( the only arrangement of its type in the world ) does not include such things as a contribution by Scotland to the proposed TGV line to Scotland , of which they are the main beneficiaries ,HMRC offices ( we pay for the upkeep and staff whilst there are lots located in Scotland . Any national government dept located in scotland is not paid for in any way by the scots . This is inequtable and must stop.
  24. Has anyone done the figures as to the cost of this place shutting down including the loss of taxes and NI plus the benefitsto be handed out . I suspect that the difference is not that great and at least the staff would be in employment and you never know if they cut costs they could start to compete again. However I do not want a return to major subsidies but perhaps a trial period when the shareholders and owners take no profit but an attempt is made to sort the company out , bit like chapter 11 bankruptcy in US
  25. The blog - GolemX1V goes into great detail about all this . Written by David MALONE
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