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  1. Good point why is he blaming her, and also why did his wife lose the door key and also the spare key.
  2. 5 years time you will be one of the "CHAVS" that you despise.
  3. You joined on 9-February 06 it is now 22-sept 2009 your not very good at Maths are you.
  4. Smiffy you are the most unluck person in the world, sorry i mean the universe. Your stories about leaving the country, your handicapped chav children, are just not beleivable.
  5. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=125882 This is on the off-topic forum
  6. The strange thing is that i am in my mid fourties and i have been travelling to at least 20 countries over the years and have met large amounts of people in this country and abroad, and have never come across such "evil people" as you meet on internet forums, i really think a number of internet posters are run by the secret services of countries, pushing the agenda of hatred against who is the enemy of the moment.
  7. You just have to accept it, Gordon may have stopped the HPC by printing lots of money, maybe he is not as stupid as some people on this forum think. I have to say he seems a better man than Blair or Cameron.
  8. Its human nature when we cheat people it is just good business, when they cheat us they are evil foreigners. How the domestic chinese population react will be intresting, they could ignore it or go ballastic.
  9. A very valid point something most people forget, the chinese goverment must feel angry for being taken for a fool.
  10. I work with some polish guys and between them they have sent 3 vehicles back to poland, they like french and 4x4s vehicles. They say poles working on the continent getting paid in euros seem to buy quite a few of them. some must also be going to south asia and africa.
  11. This is what my view is of the Autobot.
  12. What a sad thought it would be better if he saw his life work NewsCorp in ruin.
  13. People like that Mr Hitler, responsible for the death of 60 Million human beings, and europe will never be the same again.
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