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  1. it's non-voluntary trade that causes gross inequality; not the other way round as you suggest. edit: it should be fairly evident just by looking at the world around you that the bulk of the theft is committed by the very rich, not the poor.
  2. voluntary trade. not hard really. I'm guessing when you go to the supermarket that you pay for your food, rather than threatening the staff with a baseball bat?
  3. the fiat monetary system is collapsing all around you and your sig says gold is gonna crash. you've been saying that for how many years now?
  4. I pinched it off 24knews. I don't post there but their youtube thread is certainly worth lurking on .
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dkdur94d5Z8&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uplMh9CrRII
  6. they probably wouldn't be working there if it weren't for forced control of their location of residence*, forced restrictions of access to resources* and forced restrictions on trade. these gov't impositions would need to be removed for them to be free. *"land ownership" to use the nice sounding politically correct term
  7. but, but, the gov't said my NVQ is worth 7 A-Levels...
  8. is it though? the federal gov't is paying for ten of millions of people's mortgages, there are 39 million american on food stamps, they've just 'socialised' healthcare...
  9. when the bankers and politicos have finished taking what they want.
  10. evidently that is not true. 4 employees who drain on the treasury obviously do not enable the treasury to afford a fifth employee.
  11. whoever made that graph obviously forgot to include the bankster bailouts
  12. the state doesn't protect me; it robs me blind. that's why they've banned handguns. robbers prefer their victims to be defenceless.
  13. you say that me owning a gun is no good because other people would have guns. not being a sociopathic kleptocrat, I have no desire to set up a state, thanks. I can and do earn a living without stealing.
  14. "we"? someone else chose it and forced it onto me. circular argument.
  15. three points: you are confusing coercian and obediance you can be incarcerated for acts other that non-payment of tax (I would guess the vast majority in US jails are not there for tax evasion) you can't measure the total oppression of the state by tax rates alone. there are regualtions, planning restrictions, etc.
  16. and what on Earth has the current socialist set-up of the US economy got to do with the Austrian School?
  17. what the fokk are you on about. I haven't chosen any of this cr4p. I can protect myself thanks. oh wait, the statist have banned me from owning a hand gun and soon I won't even be able to own a guard dog if they get their way.
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