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  1. no, even more extortion will only make things worse. the best way to make property affordable to to repeal all planning laws.
  2. so let me get this straight: you've selected just one 30 year period from all of time and used that as the basis that 'gold is the worst long term investment of all time'. what about all the rest of time?
  3. that's because central banksters stole all the fruit of people's productivity gains. notice in her presentation how the costs that have risen most since the 70s are those where state intervention has increased the most, e.g. health insurance. Elizabeth Warren herself does not make the connection, but it is obvious.
  4. no they are not. they are funded by the evil acts in my sig - you'd have to be some kind of sick weirdo to consider such acts 'appropriate'.
  5. WTF are you on about? the majority of high earners in this country are on the state payroll, on way or another.
  6. (video at bottom of post) http://www.prisonplanet.com/ron-paul-inside-sources-told-me-fed-is-panicking-at-mass-awakening.html Watch the full interview with Ron Paul below.
  7. not if the bubble that's bursting is the national currency and sovereign debt.
  8. how the hell have you concluded that inflation must be followed by deflation? Weimar had 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation, then another 1000% inflation.. ...then currency repudiation.
  9. but the money supply isn't contracting; it's expanding at unprecedented pace, and Mr Pres wants a new stimulus package as well! M3 is not the money supply. it is a measure of how much money banks (and a few other financial institutions) have promised to supply. well if printed money is 'no good' (as you seem to imply), then why would they be printing at all?
  10. trouble with those are that they already have legendary status, so it's priced in. ideally you want to buy a model before people realise it's jam hot - like if you'd bought an sg3000 about five or ten yrs ago.
  11. that's just one MASSIVE ad hom directed at anyone who questions man made climate change. they even mention holocaust denial in the same paragraph as climate scepticism!: "Denial is today most often associated with climate science, but it is also encountered elsewhere. For example, there are those who do not believe that HIV causes AIDS. Others say that the Holocaust did not happen, or reject the overwhelming evidence for evolution. All merit the moniker "denier", because no matter how much evidence is laid out before them they continue to deny the claim."
  12. this one's so much better: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8345690.stm
  13. actually, if you look a 1a and 1b from the 1946 act... http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/about/legislation/1946act.pdf you'll see that the gov't bought the 'bank stock' off the stock holders and in return the gov't gave the stockholders 'government stock' bearing the same interest as the bank stock would have. so it looks like a paper shuffling exercise rather than a change of ownership i.e. the 1946 stock holders and their descendents still own the bank. anyway, you could try a Freedom of Information Request asking who the private stock holders were in 1946, but you'd probably just get fobbed off and stuck on black list
  14. there was plenty of austerity in Weimar also, and it had nothing to do with deflation. a handful of oligarchs buy up all the assets with freshly printed cash while joe sixpack looks on helplessly from the sidelines unable to outbid the oligarchs. x 100 low bond yields are a sign that the gov't is printing money to buy their own debt. they have admitted they are doing this so stop playing silly buggers and pretending otherwise.
  15. doubt it. your gold price predictions have become a running forum joke. you couldn't have got it more wrong. and there won't be deflation either. it should be fairly obvious now that the printing presses are going to be left running until joe 6 pack refuses to work for tenners.
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