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  1. jeeze what a fascist!. from link: "Pick 'em up, fingerprint 'em electronically, bus 'em to the border. Make clear that if they get caught again in the United States they'll do five years at hard labor, no possibility of early release, before being deported again. Third time, 10 years. And so on."
  2. given that FDR devalued the dollar by ~40% against gold, I would not say that 1930s USA had a 'deflationary monetary policy' given that FDR made it illegal for US citizens to own gold, I would not say that the USA was on a gold standard after EO6102 and as for things that made the depression particularly bad, I would put at the top of my list FDR paying farmers to plough their crops under as millions of americans went hungry.
  3. yeah they leave that to the treasury they buy all sorts of trash. they even paid 100 cents on the dollar to bail out AIG's counterparties: http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/insurance/2010-01-27-aig-probe_N.htm yeah, a guarantee from the treasury that they'd print more money to paper over the losses on that crap. er, it's been good to own gold for about the last 10 years. yes, the USD was bailed out by $1.4 trillion in currency swaps from other central banks.
  4. you're smoking opium for a living if you think the trillions of dollars/euros/pounds/whatever of notional bank credit can be replaced with money and that the resultant knee deep pile of £20 notes in every high street in the country will not render the currency utterly worthless.
  5. you said that deflation cannot be beaten. Ken is merely pointing out that it obviously can be.
  7. and what if this politician then broke the promises on his election ticket? how would this politician's salary be funded?
  8. the problem with fiat is that it imposed on a population by using threats of violence.
  9. complete nonsense. if people suddenly discovery there is a significantly less gold than they thought there was, the price of gold will rise suddenly and significantly.
  10. so you still can't name a single example then! it would be quicker for you to just admit it, rather than posting the above couple of paragraphs of guff!
  11. great, but Greece can't print it's debt away, so is not what I asked for in my question (above). so you can't name an example then?
  12. when in Russia? I'm trying to look it up, but there have been so many currency crises in Russia that I'm not sure which one you guys are talking about!
  13. can you name an example of a time when a country has defaulted on sovereign debt denominated in its own paper currency (rather than just printing it)?
  14. how the f*** can you take a profit? it's higher now than when you opened your short position:
  15. is that even possible? you've been saying it will go to $300 for about 2 years now!!!
  16. that'll be why gold closed at another record high on Friday then. sovereign bond rates are only falling because governments are printing money to buy their own bonds. you already know this, RB, so quit playing silly buggers. there is no deflation and there won't be any.
  17. DOW priced in oz of gold: I expect it to hit 1 (down from a high of 42).
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