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  1. 1 euro = 1 pound = 1 dollar = 1 yuan and a million of any of them to buy a packet of crisps.
  2. why pay the council £450k? you don't owe them anything. only way to make it fair is to get rid of it.
  3. Bond Vigilantes are powerless when the Fed is monetising whatever debt the vigilantes aren't buying. http://www.chrismartenson.com/blog/fed-buys-last-weeks-treasury-auction/23880
  4. nope, it recognises that the gov't can't fund itself by its usual extortion methods (tax etc). and the free market has not 'already monetised' the debt, otherwise bonds would be priced exactly as legal tender, which they are obviously not (they generally trade at a discount - and they'd have much more of a discount right now if it weren't for QE). besides, legal tender laws prohibit the actual process of monetisation from being performed by anyone except the seignior (the BoE in sterling's case). there is a point in QE - it allows the gov't to 'technically' pay its bills that it would otherwise have had to default on by now. and what are you saying will not cause hyperinflation? an ever increasing national debt that all ends up being monetised?
  5. I see your GBP predictions are every bit as shite as your gold predictions!
  6. [facepalm] if gov't bonds were really that much like base money, then there would be no point in the BoE creating hundreds of billions of pounds of base money (i.e. QE) to purchase gov't bonds!
  7. if you pause the video in your link at 31 seconds, you'll see the worst FIRE HYDRANT FAIL ever:
  8. gold pretty much always falls on options expiry days (like today). edit: it's tomorrow actually
  9. from now on I'm only putting 100% pure glucose syrup on my porridge.
  10. yes, the London Gold Pool. it played-out like this: http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_01/judge052101.html
  11. bring back the bicycle highways! http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2009/10/get-rid-of-cars-ride-a-bicycle.html
  12. which probably simply means that the central banks are using more of their freshly printed cash to buy sovereign debt than to buy equities.
  13. er, no thanx. taxation is extortion under threat of incarceration. the tax man will simply use his position to line his own pockets - same as in any other tax system.
  14. instead of blaming the thieving leaching c*nts that have made this country uncompetitive - you are blaming a group of private investors who are simply trying to avoid having their capital stolen.
  15. trouble is that it is not so easy to fire politicos, banksters and all the other state chartered cartels. their costs are a HUGE overhead on the expense of doing in business in the UK. frankly, it's no wonder companies are choosing to scale down their business activity in this country.
  16. the UK government does not issue any inflation linked bonds. they issue index linked bonds. index < inflation
  17. well the UK gov't is constantly partially defaulting on its debt by inflation what use is a pile of queen headed paper if it won't buy you anything?
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