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  1. no, we shouldn't have a violent monopoly of state employed thugs, nor an injustice system. the purpose of gov't is for those in gov't to plunder those who are not. used to? people still get murdered in the streets etc - sometimes by 'law enforcement' (along the lines of Ian Tomlinson)
  2. the gov't shouldn't be spending people's money on anything - because the gov't shouldn't be stealing people's money in the first place.
  3. no. if the government couldn't find anyone to buy their bonds then they'd just get the BoE to buy them. oh wait - they already are!
  4. Zimbabwe had hyper-inflation AND 80% unemployment SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  5. 1) they don't need bailing out. let them fail. 2) Bernanke can't print silver.
  6. meanwhile, Bernanke announces $600,000 billion QE without asking Congress.
  7. you can't seriously believe that stealing $600 billion by seigniorage is in any way helpful to the US economy.
  8. costs of production in the West will remain high so long as producers in the West have to bear the cost of Bernanke and his financial oligarchy. Bernanke just added $600 bn to the cost of doing business in Amerika.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_rotation_system
  10. oh, I wouldn't worry about a repeat of the early '80s. the US can't even afford to pay 1%, so you're not about to see rates raise to 18%.
  11. if you'd put your STR fund in gold when you started posting on this site you could have bought a nice house with it by now!
  12. not while the state still has in place a multitude of forced restrictions in every market.
  13. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2006/jun/29/transportintheuk.travelnews
  14. central planning doesn't work, comrade ringledman. trouble is, all central planners think it could work if only they were in charge and allocating the resources. i.e., you think that central planning of education would work if only you were in charge of allocating uni courses.
  15. er, how are market forces supposed to return if we're still having interest rates imposed on us by a soviet style planning board in Threadneedle St?
  16. that the government is having difficulty extorting money out of some people is a good thing.
  17. +500,000 if efficiency is useful output divided by input...and people aren't even willing to pay for the output...but have to be forced to pay for it through the tax system...
  18. oh f*ck off. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Droughts_and_famines_in_Russia_and_the_Soviet_Union
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