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  1. Why would you believe anything from that temple of usury?
  2. What was the value of gold during the great depression 'cos I heard a rumour that the average house in 1931 could be bought with just a few dozen ounces. I know the 'official' price at which it was confiscated but I would assume its real value was significantly higher. I'm not argueing that the FRN should be pegged by gold... I don't think there should be FRN or 'legal tender' in the first place (someone has already put a damn fine explanation for this in a previous post). Whether gold goes up or down in price I would expect it to increase in terms of what UK property it will buy you. Simply due to the stupid amount of debt kicking arouns the UK, I expect our economy to have a much more severe recession than most others - therefore it's good to hold onto an asset that can be traded internationally (eg gold) rather tham one that is stuck here (eg UK real estate). And as for food, you're quite right. Food is so cheap now you'd be mental NOT to load up with a few hundred quids worth.
  3. If you're expecting hyperinflation so bad that people have to queue for food, then given that gold hasn't even yet reached its 1980 peak, why do you say it's currently overpriced?
  4. If the letter is from "GMAC Commercial Finance" then GMAC is not the mortgage lender, but is merely chasing the debt on behalf of whoever lent the mortgage.
  5. I find the idea that the central banks have no plan quite ridiculous. They've probably been planning this for decades!
  6. 7.05%? I wouldn't bother. That's probably still negative in real terms - ie a 7.05% return is not going to compensate for the likely rise in cost of food, energy over the next year.
  7. Presumably when you buy your one month subscription, they'll issue you a paper receipt as proof of purchase. "I promise to f*ck the bearer on demand"
  8. Sh*t. I nearly took out a short position on financials this morning as well.
  9. A sov is 0.2354 of a troy ounce - so four of them does not quite equal a krug.
  10. maples are 99.99% krugs, eagles and sovs are 22c (ie 22/24)
  11. When it gets that bad, I'm afraid we may find that laws pertaining to gold will change somewhat! so basing your investment stratagies around todays laws could hit you with a nasty surprise.
  12. Ideally, you want to obtain the gold without the gov't knowing anyway. Point taken though.
  13. Doubt it. Britannias seem to go at quite a premium. It almost as if their value is made up of two components: 1) the gold content 2) the 'collectability' or whatever you want to call it. I can't see the 2nd component of their value holding up in a recession. I'm sticking with Maples.
  14. Why not? Jackson managed it. All it takes is a few good men - in the same way that it only takes a few baddens to ruin everything. Most of the time sh*t happens, but every once in a while someting good actually happens.
  15. What f*****g planet have you been living on? M4 growth has been around 12-13% for more than 5 years now. Sterling M4 has doubled in only 6 years and has tripled since NuLab came to power. I don't want to 'curtail central bank independence', I want to EXTERMINATE central banks. NOW! They're parasites and we don't need them
  16. I typed in Stocktrade on the FSA link that someone posted earlier amd it says that Stocktrade is "no longer authorised". That not good, right?
  17. Make a donation to the Labour Party. I've heard it can speed up planning applications
  18. No you're not talking crap, far from it. That's an interesting point which I hadn'y thought of before.
  19. 24 on Saturday! Graduated from UCL in Physics just over 2 years ago. Wanted to stay on at UCL and do a Phd, but the pay for doing a phd is is only £17k which I couldn't afford to live in London (especially since I buit up nearly £20k debt doing my first degree - my parents don't have any money so I had to take out the full student loan just to pay fees and rent). So I got a job with DB with a £38k starting salary but have recently lost my job . Moving to Ontario soon to work for Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. I inherited a Canadian citizenship from my Dad, and I have always said to myself that if things here got bad I would go there. So now I am.
  20. Well you said in yout previous post that you should take the most recent price as the base, which is exactly what I'm doing and exactly what you should be doing. Therfore: If something goes up in price by 662/3% then it must go down by 40% to return to original value. If something goes up in price by 40% then it must go down by 285/7% to return to original value. No, I'm not trying to wind you up - simply trying to make the point that someone ealier was trying to make that if something goes up by x%, then goes down by x%, what you are left with is less than what you started with. This is particulary important when trying to calculate one's profit, taking into account inflation. For instance, someone over on the never ending gold threaf (you know the one) said that they didn't care if Sterling fell by 20% (real terms) if gold went up by 30% because they'd still have made a 10% profit. In actual fact, the profit would only be 4%, so this guy's going aroung thinking he's made 2.5 times as much profit as he actually has.
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