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  1. no need - they already keep food prices stupidly elevated using EU CAP... http://www.presseurop.eu/en/content/article/137561-great-european-sugar-swindle ...so we can pay for these jokers: http://www.caledonia.org.uk/land/gw_050401-07.htm .
  2. "The Chinese government has ordered its reserve managers to divest itself of riskier securities and hold only Treasuries and US agency debt with an implicit or explicit government guarantee." I thought the entire ponzi scheme had an implicit guarantee?
  3. simples. a handful of oligarchs buy up all the resources with freshly printed cash, leaving people like yourself watching helplessly from the sidelines. hey presto - inflationary depression.
  4. central banks aren't there to "help stimulate sustainable ...growth"; they exist to rob you blind.
  5. it probably is if you include the manufacturing of bullsh1t economic statistics.
  6. only in nominal terms. anyone who keeps their STR fund in GBP must be insane.
  7. the difference between hoarding and saving is that hoarding has negative connotations and so is a term typically used by state-interventionist-types who want to steal your savings. analogous to "black-market" & "free-market" etc
  8. the larger the sample size, the less chance that its mean will deviate a given amount from the mean of the entire population.
  9. of course not. the idea that money supply and interest-rates* should be set by a Soviet-style planning board is ridiculous.
  10. and others are free to walk along the top of the dyke so long as they don't damage it, right?
  11. what if someone builds a dyke and re-claims land from the sea?
  12. [face palm] corporations are fictitious entities whose legal personalities are enforced by the state.
  13. and what on Earth has this got to do with your assertion that capitalists leech off people? presumably the employees are free to leave . (PS. the state enforces 'legal framework')
  14. don't really see the point in fancy names for various re-brandings of statism. look at each transaction/trade individually. were both parties willing or was one coerced by the other?
  15. well the first two are clearly statism related. who prioritising share-holders above employees?
  16. "buy anything except gold" says money market rigger "and if want to buy platinum, don't bother with physical, you can trust our ETFs, honest!"
  17. people who freely choose to use banking services must value whatever service the bank is providing to them. nothing parasitic about that. value is subjective.
  18. if you're free to refuse any of the bankers' services then it's a free market in banking.
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