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  1. whatever. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financetopics/recession/6924122/Housing-benefit-bill-rises-to-nearly-20-billion.html
  2. I clearly wrote Heinz beans, not food in general. learn to read. so what. given that the gov't gives the beeb hundreds of millions of pounds a year of tax-payers' money, you'd still be paying for it. anyway, I should be able to choose to have a TV and simultaneously choose not to pay for a TV license. nobody forces you to buy food, but you are forced to pay for the government grants towards the BBC. force is the difference. force is always evil; advertising isn't.
  3. I'd prefer legal tender laws to be revoked and for the BoE to lose its charter.
  4. if an old lady swaps her money for a tin of Heinz beans, then the money now belongs to Heinz and they can spend it on advertising or whatever else they want. the old lady chose to buy the beans. she did not choose to have the money forcibly taken from her that went towards the ~£300 in BBC government grants.
  5. nonsense. according to the BBC's 2008–2009 Annual Report, the BBC received £294.6 million from government grants. that's money taken from me by force. just so long as I'm not forced to pay for someone else's lunch.
  6. yes, they're better because they don't try to obtain my name and address when I purchase a TV so they can just me for stuff I don't even want!
  7. given that we're forced to pay for it, I'd say it's actually massively over-funded.
  8. simple question: how do you know people value something if they are unable to refuse it?
  9. given the amount of state intervention (i.e. monetization) in the sovereign debt markets, I don't thinks it's a brilliant idea to treat these yields as id they are coherent market price signals.
  10. seems like pure spin to me. the idea that the Fed can reap interest payments from an utterly bankrupt financial system is laughable.
  11. does the Discount Rate actually have any significance these days, given the collosal and continuous state bailouts of banks? surely any interest (i.e. 0.75%) payments the bank holding companies make to the Fed is just paid out of gov't bailout money anyway?
  12. I very much doubt that. the central banks and their franchises alone probably pay more 7+ figure bonuses that all of the private sector combined.
  13. http://www.businessinsider.com/breaking-bomb-explodes-at-jp-morgan-branch-in-athens-greece-2010-2?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+clusterstock+(ClusterStock)
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