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  1. I didn't realise that the council had created the space-time in which people leave their unused cars? do you have any evidence that councils have indeed made the universe bigger?
  2. to effectively target inflation you'd need to target central banks, gov't treasury depts and fiat i.e. get rid of them. actually, it's been a resounding success: those that pedal and impose this ******** monetary system on us are making off with trillions.
  3. a bunch of oligarchs using a printing press to steal wealth from the productive does not help export industries.
  4. no, I'm saying that leaving the oil in the ground would be worth more than financial assets for which it has been exchanged. e.g. google Norway Central Bank Sues Citigroup. and would have billions more if they'd just left the oil in the ground!
  5. but they do deny the populous access to natural resources using threats of violence.
  6. it's full of toxic crap, and is worth billions less than if they'd just left the oil in the ground!
  7. well of course. the gov't is an elite minority who fund their operations by threatening the rest of us with incarceration. see later part of sig.
  8. repudiate the debt and have a free market in money. I don't really care whether the gov't p1sses away my money paying interest or p1sses it away on something else instead, I just wish they didn't steal my money in the first place!
  9. ah, now this is the one I was trying to find: http://www.fgmr.com/serious-problems-ahead-for-the-british-pound.html
  10. from July 2009: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/liamhalligan/5906778/Huge-gilts-row-barely-registers-as-the-UK-sleepwalks-into-stagnation.html
  11. from may 2009: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13673
  12. so what? Obama received the Nobel Peace Price in the same week that he increased the number of troops in Afghanistan! given that the UK gov't would rather impoverish its subjects than see banksters' bonuses go unpaid, inflation is a certainty and is happening now. and what 'tough line' are you on about anyway? tax receipts were only covering 55% of UK gov't expenditure, last time I heard, with the rest being printed.
  13. FDR was just as close to the banksters as Wilson was. In fact, FDR's uncle Frederic A. Delano even sat as a governor on the original Federal Reserve Board in 1914.
  14. the treasury bond 'market' ( ) collapsed ages ago, which is why Bernanke stepped in with his printing press.
  15. if you think that ANY politician gives a shit about you (be they 'american', 'european' or 'british') then you are deluded.
  16. maybe because RPI is just a number that a government statistician pulls out their ****?
  17. nope. corporatism and socialism are both statist ideologies. capitalism is a methodology.
  18. that's only true if you think the only purpose of life is work! if productivity increases 5 fold then we can all work 1 day a week instead of 5 days a week and still afford to purchase the same stuff.
  19. exactly. a hand full of oligarchs buy up all the resources using freshly printed cash, while joe 6 pack watches helplessly from the sidelines. they managed to price most people out of houses for the last 10 years. now they'll do the same for loaves of bread.
  20. that's completely inaccurate. a parasite needs a host; a host doesn't need, or even want, a parasite.
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