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  1. The comments are brilliant. People are getting it now. When people lose all confidence in the central banks and currency all hell can break loose. Its like the bbc House price articles now, when the allow comments, everyone is slating the rises.
  2. End of 2019 the FED had to start shovelling vast sums of money into the "repo". 2 weeks later the CV19 stuff started. Im not one for conspiracy theories but that is some lucky coincidence. Roll on 18 months, the rich are trillions better off, the markets at new highs and house prices at insane levels around the world. This is "very unusual". Now they wheel out this new green economy. I am starting to think this new green economy is being invested so the parasitic banking class have something to lend on because the housing market is well and truly dead.
  3. Warlord, I came to the conclusion some time ago...they simply do not give a f**k and will happily collapse the £. The real people in charge own land/houses/business no matter what, they keep their wealth. See post above. The only thing that will stop them now is civil unrest but the British people are so compliant and/or up to their necks in the ponzi scam there is no appetite to do this, no understanding that is going on, so collapse, IMHO, is nailed on.
  4. Nothing to see here, move along They're literally running a ponzi scam, it's f****** insane.
  5. BOE confrims it "won't ever have to act" to curb inflation That's the reality. They British establishment are the biggest #### in history, they've seen millions die in wars, famines, invasions, just to line their pockets and/or maintain their position. They can convince adults to go out and die to maintain their position. Robbing 30,000,000 'British' people of a % of their earnings/savings or selling them a massively overpriced slave box which they'll need to spent 40 years working for, paying them 50% of their earnings in tax as they go, is not something I expect these evil ####s would think twice about.
  6. The people pulling the strings must be the old financiers and the landed gentry, there is no one else Some democracy we have
  7. Since 2000, there's not really been a good time to buy. Gold/bitcoin/shares were where the sensible money went, while property festered with below inflation returns. Cant tell a troll that tho.
  8. I'm quite touched by the support, so thanks SG. I think you've summed it up well there. Overpriced sh*te I call it.
  9. Cheers Tep1, I'll keep PL index running now until RM goes under
  10. Thanks Pmax, I just wish I could bring people better news but at least it looks like the market has turned in some areas, if volume surges with no buyers it could see some substantial falls, fingers crossed. Alas, it's too late for me, I have too much to lose if the £ collapses so I'm going with Plan A in the new year and buying something. I cant believe where we are it.
  11. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. I've said the main thing I am taking from this is that fact the housing market is on it's knees. At some point they'll need prices to correct ( nominally or in real terms, I have no idea which ) to get it moving again. Purpble Bricks share price collapse today says to me I am right, I've been thinking about shorting rightmove for a while based on UKPL findings and I am going to do that tomorrow once my trading account allows me to.
  12. My landlord is fine, 5 years now with no rent rises. My investments pay my rent, so it doesn;t cost me a penny for housing in reality. Not sure why after all these years the trolls didnt get that this was the way to go. Free housing with some moron taking all the risk. You can buy a house which will cost about 3x per month more than my rent round here now. That's pretty ****ing insane when you think about it. Housing market is the biggest con in history, todays BoE actions should show everyone this. They have tghe country by the balls and there is nothing anyone can do about these cats. They have their man in No11 too and he'll be in No 10 soon enough. This s*8t is getting serious, it's way past any house price gains/losses. that troll, whomever he is, needs to grow the hell up and realise it's not him versus us, it's them versus us and they have all the money/power/guns.
  13. No they wont, even if they did, 0.15%? with inflation expectations of 5%, they are f**king lying like they did in: 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 If they have lied for that long, changes are they'll keep lying. The way I now look at is is, the collapsed banking system from 2007 has now collapsed further and it is going to take the currency down. If you see any other plausible explanation then I'd like to hear it. If there is none, then you'd be made to not try and protect yourself.
  14. You're not making sense. We've got all time low listings, nothing is going to happen between now and Christmas in 6/7 weeks, so the earliest a surge can happen would be the new year. I dont believe anything other than the facts I am being presented with.
  15. From July 2017 couldn't make that up Anyway, while the BoE fiddle, Purple Bricks burns.... Apparently the housing market isnt as bouyant as the MSM are saying... https://www.ft.com/content/85131b5c-bdbb-47fd-9baa-81f88523527f "Purplebricks issues profit warning as homes for sale run low" How come with supposedly record sales this year and a booming market their profits are down ? Could the people connected with the property industry being lying ?
  16. It's game over folks. These people are evil, they are taking it all. Do yourselves a favour, go and buy a house.
  17. That's how you get an early peerage I reckon...time will tell.
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