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  1. Im past caring I think. This country is f**ked on so many levels now. Britishness doesn't exist, democracy has been shown to be a sham, the government corrupt, the people lazy, greedy and easily controlled. I'm done, I will enact my plan in the new year and give up working. Why should anyone participate in a country that is openly oppressing them. HPC has been right all along but who know how extreme the psychos at the top were willing to go to try and keep it all going, some trolls did used to say that and have been proven right.
  2. Depends how much you expect the £ to collapse and how insane you expect the bankers to get. Given US inflation is 6.2%, IRs 0%, UK inflaiton is 4.2%, IRs 0.1%, I'd say these people are willing to go to any length to stop their corrupt "industry" from collapsing.
  3. https://twitter.com/BuiltPlace/status/1470299004323958784/photo/1
  4. Prices if stuff people really need, isn't that great news? Thing of all tge VAT eyc the government spongers get so they can borrow more
  5. The boe and government are nothing less than an organised crime syndicate, they have no intention of raising rates until they've stolen everything from people, when people are sat in their £ 10miliion ex council flat with a loaf of bread coming in at £50,000 they might realise something is wrong
  6. They come on here to paint people as idiot losers so that anyone who stumbles on this sites message doesn't start telling people about the massive bubble and what is really going on. They should be believed because the positively re-enforce the msm message that you can't lose on pwopatee Shameless spiv ####s who'd have nothing were it not for this criminal ponzi scam
  7. Surprised the vigilant BoE didn't notice this Thank for @Roman Roady he's forever posting houses that you can pick up for 2001-ish nominal prices and you could put most of them on a couple of interest free credit cards.
  8. Thankfully the U.S. is eating itself and they FED are now in a corner, see the latest inflation data. This has great depression level collapse written all over it.
  9. That's great news, for the property bubble blowing establishment, -ve rates anyone ?
  10. Just get the bloke on the bottom floor to check their fridge.
  11. 800K off a high rise flat. Cassia House, Goodman's Fields, Aldgate E1 See map £2,100,000 Price Change History 09/12/2021 Price changed from £2,300,000 to £2,100,000 06/10/2021 Price changed from £2,500,000 to £2,300,000 26/09/2021 Price changed from £2,700,000 to £2,500,000 02/08/2021 Price changed from £2,900,000 to £2,700,000 01/03/2021 Initial entry found: £2,900,000 https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/103474517#/?channel=RES_BUY TOTAL REDUCTION: 27.59%
  12. What's going on here, cant see shared ownership being mentioned TOTAL REDUCTION: 61.54% https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/89091545#/?channel=RES_BUY Clyde Road, Brighton BN1 4NP See map £250,000 Price Change History 07/12/2021 Price changed from £650,000 to £250,000 04/02/2020 Initial entry found: £650,000
  13. This is all about the bankers and making sure they, the rich, the landed gentry and the politicians investments dont lose out. it's what I'd call common theft, or maybe worse, slavery. They've tried to get back to "normal" and it's all collapsed in front of them, the CV19 appeared ( conveniently ) not they seem to have an excuse to do whatever it takes....meanwhile they profit. It's the end of the road for my and my family, we'll buy a house in the new year, take out some debug tokens, invest money elsewhere and wait for the collapse to come.
  14. And that's why the BoE will not raise IRs I fully expect -ve IRs next, paid to borrow mortgages. This only ends one way now, collapse of the currency and/or violence
  15. Which the young people will effectively be paying from borrowed money. !!! WTF !!!
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