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  1. The headline is No more cheap debt for landlords as buy-to-let rates rise
  2. I did a mid month Property Lion Index check and most regions have fallen slightly in 2 weeks. Listing volumes down around 1%, not a big drop off given the time of year. Seeing plenty stuff "added today" having gone SSTC 6 months ago, each time they put the price up
  3. Only if they have wage inflation. If you have price inflation and your working form home job is outsourced to India, what then ?
  4. This is pretty shocking when you see it and realise you've been done up like a kipper The bOE will not raise IRs to any extent, they will send them -ve to make sure they're investments dont fall, meanwhile, the rest of us will be f**ked.
  5. Take most graphs of shares....they were all steady pre 1998. When Blair handed power to the banks. They are fleecing people, deliberately I expect. e.g.
  6. That elephant is trampling over the poor and the blocks in the castle are watching from a safe distance. The BoE etc really dont give a ****, their agenda is different from all of ours. They are taking over the world, we're just trying to eat.
  7. a 0.15% rise will have no effect in inflation. if anything it might make people rush to buy shit before debt becomes more expensive.
  8. The time they did raised IRs ( and TCON was scoffed at for saying the FED would raise and then the BOE, almost down to the month) they were pretty much saying they wouldn't raise IRs couldn't make it up. Im 50/50 on it still. They might do a token rate rise but it'll only be to give them an excuse to send them -ve and make sure their criminal bubble doesn't collapse next year. They are being vigilant, they are keeping an eye on house prices to make sure THEY DONT STOP GOING UP.
  9. That's what makes me think they wont raise, but then their credibility is hanging by a thread.
  10. Here's the 10 year chart https://tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/government-bond-yield You can vary the duration, We're back at 2019 levels now ( house prices to follow if mortgage rates rise ) In 2007, the yield was 5x higher.
  11. Yield on a 10 year gilt bond. The traders are expecting a large jump in IRs. Maybe they've been conned....again.
  12. Depends who's funding the mortgages When the bankers say they are worried about inflation, what they mean is, they're worried about having to raise interest rates because of inflation They really are going to destroy 1000s of peoples, either their house prices of their wages/pensions/savings.
  13. There is no panic.... https://notayesmanseconomics.wordpress.com/2021/10/18/the-bank-of-england-plans-to-take-centre-stage/ " There is a theoretical underpinning to this and was highlighted late last week by new policymaker Catherine Mann. " Shameless f****** liars.
  14. One of the ebvil banksters said that just saying they'll raise IRs has had the desited effect with bonds prices going up etc. They're not going to raise and if they do it wont be above 0.25%-0.5%, they'd f**king liars, corrupt self serving criminals IMHO
  15. I did an interim property lion index over the weekend just to see what the movement is post stamp duty: East Mids: -0.3% East England: -0.13% London: +0% North East + 0.54% North West: -0.25% Scotland: -0.08% South East: -1% South West: 0% Wales : +0.28% West Mids: -0.3% Yorkshire: -0.35% Listing volumes down around -1% So most areas are seeing a fall thus far, over all down -0.14%
  16. I'll be surprised if we see 2% never mind 5. The only thing that will force their hand wrt to housing is if the sales of propertyes heads to zero, which is where we are currently headed. The banks will collapse if no one can buy.
  17. I was saying to Someone on Saturday that this is why the UK will collapse, these pensions are unfair and unpayable
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