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  1. They're much worse than Brown IMHO. Broon was at the start of the scam, these people know full well what is happening.
  2. Who needs to save when your house goes up 4x the average wage in a year
  3. People took the tories at face value when they said they'd sort out Labour mess. To be fair they had no reason to doubt them given they generally have been sensible governments in the past. Can account for corrupt banker loons tho.
  4. That's proper insane. They're pulling risky loans while encouraging anyone with equity to borrow more. It's f**king EVIL.
  5. Is that what it was really about then Uk seems to be corrupt as fec. Or maybe I'm just paranoid 🤣
  6. What's logging on to a house price crash website 4 times a year to tell everyone how great your btl ownership is?
  7. I'm pretty sure you are here every day under many guises. You're persistent I'll give you that. I suppose many people faced with the possibility of losing it all would hit out at people speaking out against their cash cow
  8. Wont take much to wipe out that profit. Io btl parasites are the worse kind
  9. Or... Sterling.... See the graph on the front page Then their was the 50% nominal fall in northern ireland and 50% real term falls over most of the country All ignored by interest only btl debt owners, they are renters, sub letting to the poor, when the mortgage is called in they'd better hope they have some equity left in it or that 10k a year will be taken back sharpish
  10. Why would some d head btl debt parasite come on a website concerned with the crazy House price bubble and tell everyone how great their investment strategy is. You sound like a ####. One day, we'll all own houses but you'll always be a ####
  11. Who will they sell to at those absurb, it's my pension I'm not giving it away, prices. I sit watching the housing bubble every day at the moment and I just wonder how and when it's all going to end.
  12. How about this one 45% off....anyone please explain the thinking behind the EAs comments please....
  13. The headline is No more cheap debt for landlords as buy-to-let rates rise
  14. I did a mid month Property Lion Index check and most regions have fallen slightly in 2 weeks. Listing volumes down around 1%, not a big drop off given the time of year. Seeing plenty stuff "added today" having gone SSTC 6 months ago, each time they put the price up
  15. Only if they have wage inflation. If you have price inflation and your working form home job is outsourced to India, what then ?
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