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  1. SG, that's incredible !!!! If that's the same across the country then the market has collapsed either due to the extreme prices, CV19 or the stamp duty holiday ( or a combination of all three ). This is unprecedented.
  2. Blimey !!!! Thankfully it's just the Christmas lull...see my other thread
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/house-prices/house-prices-fall-ahead-christmas-lull/?utm_content=telegraph&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1636963794 "Drop in asking prices creating a 'window of opportunity' for buyers, estate agents say"
  4. Hard to saw because of CV19. That might be the driving factor. One thing for sure is the Tories, like labour, have no intention of stopping the immigration. They'll have their slaves from anywhere.
  5. Someone posted these charts elsewhere which shows the number of sales have collapsed... How are the stats for your own area ?
  6. Good stuff RR. One thing i noticed, even after the 30% drops they're all 50% too high This is one sick country
  7. Ive been saying for a while, Britain now has a US 2006 style sub-prime House price bubble. Dunno what will kick off the collapse in prices but collapse will come.
  8. I thought people would try and rise prices after the post CV19 economy started back up to try and claw back their losses. It can go one of two ways. A lot of greedy ****s going bankrupt or a huge inflationary spiral. Take your pick, I for one wont spent money with anyone who is profiteering, you can see it on ebay/amazon.
  9. I've never thought to look, but, yes, there was At least they got a proper crash in 2007 the property owning scumbags in charge of the UK threw everything at stopping the price of shelter from falling.
  10. We have a massive house price bubble with dozens MPs up to their necks in property trying to keep it going, with the support of property owning Bankers and the property owning London MSM. I fear they will throw everything at this now....then fail. Mania's never end well
  11. They're robbing people....now, ask yourself why ?
  12. Only until the hungry Americans with guns march on wall street
  13. This is getting interesting now. US Inflation has come in at 6.2% The US fed are going to have to act.
  14. This is not really true. Interest payments on government debt are at all time lows. They can afford massive increases in IRs. I have a chart somewhere showing this but I cant be a**d looking for it.
  15. This cannot be true, one cannot lose on pwopatee, it is not possible. So, the people who didnt pay £20,000 to 50,000 of their untaxed unearned property gains, who instead have downsized to a massively over priced flat with massive service charges have been fleeced to ? What a time to be alive.
  16. I've noticed no end of retirement flats being reduced in price, people are dying to sell them.
  17. Yeah, I watched it to, it was uncanny the similarities to what is going on now. I sometimes thing I am losing the plot.
  18. There's no point arguing with them, they have been brainwashed
  19. They have an interests of members website but I doubt they up date it very often. I wonder if there is any rule that they only have to add stuff if they buy rather than sell.
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