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  1. Associated Headlines: House prices go down faster than Ronaldo on a Brazillan transexual. And It took Man City a year to go down but the house prices only took 6 months.
  2. The graph also shows an 12% to 13% crash from the peak in July/August....yes, I think "crash" is the right word.
  3. When it goes down to £300K go and put in a 250K offer, it's only worth what someone will pay for it It can/will happen
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7374730.stm A picture's worth a 1000 words, or perhaps £45 quid a day
  5. I wonder how many people actually read the C&E website ? You can bet they wont be buying a house anytime soon
  6. These people probably havent read the papers recently: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-209...=1&tr_t=buy 29th Apr 2008 * Price changed: from 'Guide Price £1,500,000' to 'Guide Price £1,800,000'
  7. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-208...14&tr_t=buy Cheddington Close, Barton Seagrave, Northants £0 4 bedroom detached
  8. Can you imagine how bad the one person that was talked into buying the first apartment feels !!! Poor sod.
  9. I did...I flipped it ( over) and put it in the CD player, didnt work
  10. It's going to be a good one.... -2.1% A happy day as YoY goes -ve......
  11. I've phoned the bank of england...they asked me if I was taking the "George Michael"
  12. That's exactly how I got the 20 quid to loan him in the first place, well, that and pinching out the CountessOfNowhere's purse. I'm not sure I need to work hard to get my money back, the BoE will surely bail me out ? If I dont get that 20quid of them soon i'll have to get a job.
  13. Well, I can sell it at that as soon as the BoE give me my money back.
  14. My mate TheCountOfxxxxx (changed to protect the guilty) owes me 30 quid....i dont think ive got a hope in hell of getting the money off him. I lent him 20 and he said he'd give me 30 back and i've got an old CD ( Best of Wham ) of his as collateral but I dont think it's worth anything like 20 quid. He told me it was worth 25 quid but I think he lied, they're now going at half that price at an online auction website. He filled in a form telling me how much he earned but I think he lied on that too. Worse than that, my other mate TheCountOfYYYY loaned him money too but sold me the debt saying the CountOfxxxx was good for it and i'd make a packet out of it. Was I too trusting or just down rigth greedy ? Does anyone know who I contact at the Bank of England to get my money back ? Maybe I should give the CountOfxxxxx more money just to make his life easier and a pat on the back for borrowing money he could afford to pay back.
  15. I think the internet will have a big effect. I would probably have already bought a place after selling mine if it wasnt for the readily availale information/options on the net.
  16. Yeah, it thought it wasnt the most sensible purchase at the time. Its a long old flight over there too and you can only stay in it 3 months out of a calendar year if you dont have residency !!!
  17. Spoke to a mate of mine today, he bought a holiday home in Florida ( should be florida, dunno why I put hawaii in the title) just over a year ago. It cost him about £500,000, about $800,000 dollars at the time. Great investment he thought. Today, the property has been valued at, $600,000. That's about £300,000 at the current exchange rate. He's lost £200,000 in one year !!! He has a few quid but he is devestated at the loss. Maybe it'll recover long term or the dollar will recover.
  18. Does anyone notice a theme with the deluded council people in charge of Northampton !!!
  19. Here's a good one: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-208...15&tr_t=buy 24th Apr 2008 * Price changed: from '£595,000' to '£499,995' 22nd Apr 2008 * Initial entry found. Down £95K today !!! Thats aboput 16%. !!! Crunch !!!
  20. The person I know in Daventry tells me another agent closed down last week...anyone know who it was ? My friend is going to ask about to see what they were called. 2 in one week in a small place like daventry is quite significant. My friend there says nothing is selling in Daventry and all the people they know that are trying to sell have been on the market for months with very little interest.
  21. Dunno about their other branches, anyone else seen any northamtonshire EA closures recently ? Looks like they are starting to downsize. 91 sales per week x 6 weeks to complete, so out of 600 houses on their website they should have had a lot more than 13 listed as SSTC I would think. the C&E shouldnt be printing it if its not true !!!
  22. I'm just watching a recording of the program from last night. It's class. If this series doesnt single handely stop part time/idiot/wifie developers in their trackets then I'm the CountofOverthere
  23. I've written to my MP today about the petrol and food prices...something has to be donw about it !!!! Ive had enough of this country today.
  24. Not sure yet but since i'm the Count of Nowhere I think I'll become the Count Of Somewhere-else very soon.
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