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  1. I'll bow to your local knowledge, though I think wotton is fairing better than grange park, but I dont think they are selling as many as they did last year. I viewed a couple in wottton at the start of the year, one was originally on a 299, had dropped to 250 and I offered 200K on it, almost got it too but someone else put in a better offer. I viewed a BIG 4 bed detached with double garage was on at 350 originally and was down to 320K/330K, I think its gone STTC ( but not sold ) but the agents were ask me for weeks if I would be prepared to offer on it, at the begining they said the owners would accept 300K, but that dropped to 280k !!!! So I think actual selling prices are well done from the peak. it will be very interesting to see the land registry figures in a few months. Now with the stamp duty limit moved to 175K you might see a lot of downward pressure of houses around the 200K mark which will bring down the others between 200-250K, i.e. wootton and grange park.
  2. Going off at a tangent....I took all my money out of B&B 6 months ago, the cashier looked very disgruntles, when asked why I was closing my accounts I said "your bank looks very unstable and I fear it might collapse", he told me there was no chance of that and their lending policy was sensible. I should have left my money in then...but I didnt.
  3. I dont see them going for much below 250K in the end but you never know !!! Grange park and Wootton seem to be trying to stubbornly keep prices high but nothing looks to be selling. I dont think there's anything special about living on those estates and 350K-400K for the privellege to do so is a bit of a joke.
  4. Tried to email the PM today to tell him he'd just lost my vote and should let the housing mnarket correct itself and that he;s hear to run the country for his term ( well tony blairs ) for the bext of the country and not for his own re-election, so I followed the link for "e-mail the pm" to the No10 website: http://www.number10.gov.uk/output/page821.asp Doesnt work !!! Anyone have another contact email address/webpage ?
  5. Check this one out: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-191...25&tr_t=buy 5 Bed, grange park £350K, thats about 50K less than the other 5 bed's that have been up for sale there. Looks like tha bar is starting to be lowered now the clever people ( or less stupid would be better) are undercutting to get a quick sale. I think they will be waiting a while tho, even at 350K it's way over-priced. That;'s a bucket load of money to live of an estate, you can live in a nice village for that kind of wonga.
  6. Finally they are trying to do something about all the crappy cars being sold on the streets round Northampton. They really are an eyesore. http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/Pat...5433.jp#3172093 Somehow I managed to get a comment on the housing market falling in there
  7. What happens with the maintenance costs for places like this ? If 1 in 10 flats are occupied/sold then they cant be collecting enough money to maintain the place. Surely that's going to result in these places starting to look really tatty really soon.
  8. I think "on line people" sometimes forget that a lot of people dont use the netthat often. I'd imagine a lot of middle aged people like to see their houses in the local rag. Ive only ever heard people on other forums like MSE and british x pats complain about the agent not putting them in the window and/or the local paper. Cant recall a comment about not being on rightmove, thats not to say there isnt one. Me personally i'd prefer my place not to be on rightmove these days purely because of propertysnake !!!! I'd hate to think of people watching it plummet in price
  9. Hi Reaper. Been very busy lately so havent had so much tiime to post. Still keeping on eye on things though. What I have seen in Northants is: 1) The agents now openly admit the game is up and the ones I talk to tell me that offers of 90% being accepted is now the norm, with some people accepting 80% of the asking prices. 2) On rightmove, the very top end of the market's asking prices are pretty static 3) Last year at this time there were no 4 bed detached properties with double garages under 250K, now there is quite a selection 4) We have seen a 2 bed terrace in Abington, which has been untouchable, drop below the 100K msrk for th first time in several years !!! 5) Most weeks on property snake if you list all the changes that week you'll have a full 50 page compliment of price drops 6) The two or three people that I know in the housing game locally now believe the market is dropping, one of them who has a lot of mo0ney to loose if it keeps dropping rekons it'll pick up soon. He's not been able to refinance a re-develoopment project he's up to his neck in and i rekon its a matter of time till he's bankrupt. 7) At the lower end of the market, it looks like people are now trying to chase the market down and ias everyone realises what happening they are all leap frogging each other. The rest will have to follow. 8) The local paper "the chronicle and echo" no longer publish estate agents tripe saying that everything is good and its a great time to buy. The did start last week saying what a great time it was to let tho, that made me laugh. 9) I've STR one year ago, I rekon my house would be lucky to get 85% of what I got, which makes me feel much better. I also have to say that after 10 years of home ownership renting is so much more less hassle. You have none of the worries and lots of flexibility. 10) One word f warning for anyone that sold and is putting their stuff into storage, I put my stuff in Storage for 12 months, finally took it out a week or so ago and it was daylight robbery, my stuff was being held toransome. The cost of getting it out of storage was 2.5 times more than they quoted !!! 11) About a month ago there were some healthy price drops around the 250K masrk, maybe the stamp duty rumours at work but it's gone a bit quiet since then. I doubt anything will seel this year now., 12) I think there are less properties on the market now, if search from 220k_ within 5 miles of NN1 and there used to be 100 pages, now there is <90. That could be agents not advertising on rightmove. 13) One girl I know worked for Rightmove in MK,.,one week she wqas telling me how great it was there and how they didnt think the market dropping would affect them and she was buying lots of share options,...the followin g week her department was shut down and they all lost there jobs. She tells me they are laying lots of people off, but you never hear about it in the news. 14) havent heard much about anmy agents shutting but its a matter of time til;l some more go bust. 15) More and more empty shops fronts in Northants too. That's about it, everyone knows there house is not worth as much as they thought it might be. No one really seems happy about it, even when its just paper money.
  10. Has anyone noticed they are missing some BIG price drops because some agents have stopped advertising on rightmove ? I've come across a couple of noticable drops browsing local agents websites, the propertys in questions arent on rightmove !!! Can property bee track info from local EA sites or import information from property bee?
  11. That artical annoyed me. Now house prices are dropping they are encouraging people not to sell and rent instead, just to save their own necks. They shouldnt be allowed to do this. The C&E should be ashamed for publish this kind of article. They need a weekly column by someone on the other side of the fence. P.S. It all reeks of desperatoin to me
  12. Check this out: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-198...=5&tr_t=buy A sub 90K terrace in the abington area. Granted its not the nicest end of abington but sets quite a precedence. I can see these going for 60-70K a year which would be about right !!!! This one place makes the other places in abington at 130K unsellable !!!
  13. The spring bounce has come and gone, did it help stop the crash looking so bad ? The best selling months are pretty much over so will we see HUGE dropps 2.5+ per month over the winter months ? It could get bad, I mean....good
  14. Looks okay. Tint tho: Bedroom 1: Bedroom 2: Reception 1: Kitchen: 14'0 x 10'8 10'6 x 9'1 10'5 x 10'5 19'0 x 10'5 I'd not want to pay 130K for it, 60K starter home perhaps.
  15. Cant seem to see that on right move, but if the other properties on at £130K are anything to go buy it's a ridiculous amount of money to stay in a sh*t area. I read through the thread, hardly a mention of houses being over-valued. If you stand back and look at what 130K buys you it's ridiculous. Have we/they all been brainwashed ?
  16. Make you wonder why they opened the branches in the first place. I'd say no one walks into an estate agent office to buy a house because the houses are too bloody expensive !!!
  18. Two good articles today HD. Ive added some comments to them as the article about house prices rising 25% in the next couple of years annoyed me. The way things are at the moment it's not possible and reaks of VI to try and trick people into buying again at the top of the market. The far cotton thing amused me a friend of mine sold a house down that way 18 months ago and the buyers messed him about no end. They finally completed after months of messing him about then flipped it in 4 weeks, putting 20K on the price from 4 weeks earlier. Needless to say it's sat on the market ever since and its not sold, they will loose plenty on it now and it serves them right. If it floods in far cotton it will be unsellable and worthless. Gotta laugh, serves the greedy ****s right. The reason my friend sold was he got caught in the flood 10 years ago and wanted out before it happened again
  19. Well, thats about 1 sale per office !!!! In a week !!!! He should be made differentiate between Agreed sales and completed sales, that's probably nearer 1.
  20. Well, he did say prices wouldnt fall this year and he did say there would be no (more) job losses at OB so he must know what he's talking about..oh hang on, I thought you said he had said that houses would be dropping link a stone and perhaps might recover in 10 years time....
  21. If they dont like it they can get a bloody job !!!! My dad was saying this 30 years ago, the people in government must be thick if they didnt see how obvious this is. We should be paying for anyone to sit on their backsides all day, they want money for free, let 'em earn it.
  22. I wonder how many agents have read this thread. Not many I wouldnt think or they'd all have looked for new jobs months ago. A couple of people got a bit abusive on the C&E website at one point but they're probably wishing they'd not made such purile stupid un-informed comments and are now keeping their heads down. Anyone with half a brain could see it coming after the Northern Rock went, it's not something that happens everyday in the UK. I just wish we'd never been aloowed to get into this situation as it looks to be having dire consequences all round. I'm still looking at the price of some houses and shaking my head, £400K for a shoe box in Grange Park with a tiny garden, they must be mad to think its worth that. The next 6 months will be interesting, i think its all about to get a lot worse....
  23. Hey, i just read the first post of this thread, basically a link to this article: http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/Hou...tate.3546956.jp "According to Mr Bond, the slow down in house price growth does not herald a crash but much-needed stability. He said: "In real terms over the course of a year it's not about house prices going down, butthe rate of increases slowing down a bit." Mr Bond added: "Over the next six to 12 months house price growth will slow down to about inflation, which I think is going to be good in the long term. "In the last few years house prices have just gone up and up and as a result fewer people have been able to get on the housing ladder. If house price growth slows down the market will be far more sustainable."" Maybe the C&E should stop publish comments from Mr Bond, as he clearly doesnt have any idea what the housing market is doing and was possible trying to ramp prices at the buyers expense. It worth re-reading just for comic value.
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