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  1. I have to agree with what you say. The east midland figures bear out what people have been sayign locally for a while that selling prices are about 10% down. I fear in London that ti will be a case of the higherthey go the greater the fall will be.
  2. Just watching the Simpsons on channel 4 and Bart just started a run on a bank but making inappropriate comments!!!! A subliminal broadcast from channel 4 perhaps.
  3. The smell of fear comes form the loss of their bonuses, which will mean they cant pay their mortgage, which will mean they will loose their house, which means....well the house prices will crash...who'd have thought it.
  4. No, it was a coffee, with hot milk, they called it a latte ( grand - the size not the price ) I was a too scared of the costs involved to go for the frapa-latte-mocha-choca-half cafe-java-rava-slam-bang-billi-bong-ding-dong-sing-a-long-nut free-capa--napa-cafe-coffee. I think I'll stick to beer, it's easier to order when you've had 10.
  5. If you search on house prices ( as opposed to house price ) it's at 6th instead of 3rd. I'd have expected more people to seach on the former.
  6. Thats the point, they're not "high brow", its a cafe where you sit and have a hot drink. How did they manage to talk people into paying 3 quid ( and upwards ) for a hot drink and a seat out the cold. They even make them look like your living room, so you can sit and chat to your friends in comfort....why dont people just use their living rooms ? Tax the fools I say
  7. That should have been "When Will They Start Taxing Coffee" The coffee must be affecting my spelling, can I sue ? Why...meeting a woman of course, why else would anyone go. Women seem to like a bloke to pay 5 times more than necessary for any item. Can we start taxing women as a unnecessary luxury item as well ?
  8. Just been to Starbucks, £3.00 for a f**king coffee, someones gotta be taking the p**s. I had a thought, it's £3.00 for a pint of beer and about 50% of that is Tax. How long before we see the government slap a tax on coffee ? On the up side, it may have the desirable effect of ridding us of these god awful, fowl tasting, american style coffee chains. I can drink from the bowl of a public lav for free and I dare say it would taste better.
  9. Sanity will have returned to the British Isles ( and we'll no longer be the 53rd state of america ) when starbucks start closing and greasy cafes are re-instated at the social hub of british society. 3 quid for a f**king coffee, it's cheeper to buy beer and half the cost of that is Tax.
  10. I just noticed: 632 User(s) are browsing this forum (443 Guests and 3 Anonymous Users) Ive never seen it that high !!!! Is that a sign of the times. What's the record ?
  11. I spoke to an agent today after a viewing on Saturday I did with her and she said they are very busy !!! I told her Im not going to buy at the moment as the rightmove house price index showed a 6.1% drop in the east midlands. She was totally oblivious to this and she was happy prices werent dropping. The house I viewed had been on the market for 6 months and was under a microwave transmitter pylon, asking priced 250K. You'd have to have paid me to live there !!!
  12. Latest rightmove figures show East Midlands dropped 6.1% last month. I've heard of estate agents are brign laid off, whole chains going into receivership, branches closing, desperate agents....I'd say the crash IS a done deal....it's already here.
  13. I'm a potential; UK Buyer and the current price falls is the main thing thats stopping my interest in buying. I'd be worried that I'm buying at the wrong time and will end up thousands out of pocket. 3 years of flat house prices after a 30% crash and 3 years of capital gains of my cash in the bank will revive my interest.
  14. I really hope they dont cut IRS, not for the sake of the house prices or the economy but to wipe the smirk off peoples faces that I see when they say "yeah but interest rates are gonna drop right down this year....so that'll keep house prices going up".
  15. Has anyone noticed any branches of Merrys closing ?
  16. My solicitor has a mate who's a builder who knows a bloke at the council thats written its okay for me to build a house on a nice bit of green belt down surrey way. It all looks to be official so ive paid the build 350K to build it and I move in on tuesday. Only problem is that ive had a letter saying the it was built illegally so they are gonna knock it down... If someone told you that in this country you'd never believe them. You'd know, because you are british that they cant build on a bit of land that is obviously off limits but people go abroad and loose their heads. Its arrogance and greed. You make your own decisions in life and you have to live by them, good or bad, its called being an adult. If you f**k up and are conned then you have to accept the consequences. The UK government would act exactly the same way as the Spanish government on finding an illegally built dwelling, they'd knock it down. We have to hope the UK just wouldnt allow it to happen in the first place. The spanish government should be chasing the criminals that have conned these poor sods and trying to get their money back.
  17. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/taysid...ral/7196498.stm " Debt fears led man to kill wife Peter Raffan repeatedly stabbed his wife Agnes A man has admitted killing his wife because he feared their home in Angus was going to be repossessed. Peter Raffan, 49, stabbed Agnes Raffan, 58, several times at the house in Arbroath in September last year. " Crazy fool, his household income potential slashed at the drop of a knife !!!!
  18. Maybe they can re-mortgage or bang some debt on a BIG credit card like everyone else
  19. I'm first generation "fleeing this hell hole and living abroad in a better country".
  20. That appears to be a different one from the one ive heard about. So, by all accounts, the agents are finding it impossible at the minute, so why does it appear that the advertised asking prices dont appear to be dropping !!!! And why isnt the local media reporting any of this !!!! Vested Interests !!!!! Surely the agents must not start bringing the sellers back down to earth soon ?
  21. At the risk of sounding cynical and bitter, here's how it works.... Boy meets girl, girl has no financial hold over boy Girl uses sex to keep boy and oral sex to get boy to propose marriage Boy gets engaged to girl, girl still has no financial hold over boy Girl takes over boys life and before boy knows it boy is married, girl now has financial hold over boy up to 50% of everything he owns. Boy now has no choice but to do as girl says for fear of divorce and associated costs Boy no longer gets oral sex. Girl starts spending boys money. Woman ( as girl has now become since putting on several pounds and taking off makeup ) forces boy to have baby cause "thats what they got married for", right and thats the only way he now gets any sex. Woman now has total control over boys finances and boy will loose up to 100% of everything he owns if he doesnt do what she says. Woman tells boy they are moving toa bigger house with a garden and running up massive debts, boy has no choice but to agree. Women now has big house and is bored of boy so woman chucks boy out and lets him pay for her and baby ad infinitum. Boy is screwed and becomes an embittered HPC poster. Ahhh, marriage, a wonderful institution, if your a woman.
  22. On a totally unrelated subject. Have you seen these flats: http://www.dezrez.com/DRApp/Search.ASP?WCI...mp;WCE=00973314 "Enjoy the best of modern city living at The Overs. Great shopping, eating out, a water sports centre and lots of open space are all on your doorstep. With a choice of one and two bedroom spacious apartments this is the perfect place for couples and first time buyers. There are excellent road links too, with the M1 close by. Plot 11 is offered for sale with accommodation comprising two bedrooms, bathroom, allocated parking space, kitchen/family living room. From the Abington office turn into Stimpson Avenue and take the first right into Adnitt Road and the development can be found on your left hand side. Entrance Hall: Kitchen/Family Living Room: 15' 9" x 15' (4.80m x 4.57m) Bedroom One: 12' 9" x 8' 8" (3.89m x 2.64m) Bedroom Two: 13' 7" x 6' 8" (4.14m x 2.03m) Bathroom: " 1) Well, Northamptons not a city 2) No one in Northampton can afford 142K for a flat. 3) Great shopping and eating out...if you go to Milton Keynes 4) The "perfect place for couples and first time buyers"...if you dont mind spending you life in debt 5) The "perfect place for couples and first time buyers"...so why the "Family Living Room" 6) What the f**k is a "Family Living Room" anyway. 7) "There are excellent road links too", so you can drive to Milton Keynes for, see 3) 8) "spacious apartments", 400 Square feet is not spacious, 2000 square feet is spacious 9) The bathroom has no size, must be small. 10) £142,950, What a ridiculous price, you can get a nice terrace round there for about that still if you haggle. Ive said it before and ill say it again, has the world gone f**king mad !!!! 143K for a tiny flat. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. No offence taken, you had no way of knowing. Even if they were alive id not live with them !!! Good luck with the move to NZ. I was there on holiday last year and its a lovely place. Vastly oer inflated house prices there too and the interest rate was something like 8.5% !!! Word on the street was that the prices were starting to drop.
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