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  1. Sounds like he/she is going to become a freelance idiot !!! Plenty call for them in the BTL world.
  2. Have they exchanged/completed or just an offer ? I've seen several places in Northamptonshire having their SOLD STC signs put up then 3 months they still havent completed and/or come back onto the market. If a (sensible) buyer gets the feeling that prices are now dropping they migth pull the rug at any point.
  3. Was 18:15 a time or a date ? Looks like merrys has officially downsized now their website has 4 less offices listed. No mention on the website what is going on. I wonder if the C&E will pick up on this. Surely they have to say something!!!!
  4. I know a chap with several properties. He's been chirpy as hell when prices were going up. Now they are going down, thinks i'm obsessed and full of doom and gloom. He agrees they will drop, he thinks 10% then flatten out. I point out a house i bought fo 120K in 2000 should be worth ( at 6% increase per annum ) 190K, and I sold it 2 years ago for 250K and is now valued at 270K. So to get back to a normal value it will need to drop 80K, approx 30% and the pendulum effect means it will probably drop a more, 180K I think would be about it. He didnt like the sound of that and had no argument for it, just looked stressed. His eye-brow twitches when he talks to me now.
  5. Hey, like the abbreviation of my name, never thought of that. It's somehow appropriate tho :-) Ive heard about the crime thing round there too, much nicer parts of spain than this place. Forget these places then, or any urbanisation for that matter. You can rent one of these flats for £50 quid a week out of season and £150 high season !!! The interest on 40K per year would cover 2 weeks holiday there every year pretty much for ever. There are so many available they can hardly rent them out for free.
  6. Well, let us know what he has to say, should be very interesting. I've posted another new topic on some flats ive been watching in spain, they have reached a new low today.
  7. I went on holiday a few years ago to Torrieveja and stayed in the VillaMartin Urbanisation. This was maybe 10 years ago before the boom kicked off. At that time you could buy a nice 2 bed apartment there for £25K, like this one: http://www.lifestyle-homes-investments.com...hp?refno=329249 I've kicked myself several times for not buying one ( on my credit-card ). In theory, given an annual increase of 6% these places should now be worth about £45K ( approx 62K Euros ) Anyways, ive keeped an eye on these style of apartments off and on for years now ive seen a few that have been on the market for about a year, unsold, and they have started to drop in price recently. At one point these apartments were going for 140,000 Euros, approx £100K. They've now dropped a bit and the price has gradually crawled down slowly and as of last week the cheapest one available was around 88K Euros. As of today the bottom line has dropped to 78K Euros ( approx £55K ), see above link, and I guess they would be taking offers. An agent I spoke to there rekons they will be selling for sub £40K soon and there would be plenty of bargains !!!! This is by no means prime real estate but it shows what's happening in over-priced spanish urbanisations sold to british customers.
  8. Not sure if this has already been posted: http://www.rte.ie/business/2008/0117/spain.html "Half of Spain's estate agencies closed in 2007 Thursday, 17 January 2008 13:10 Half of Spain's estate agencies closed their doors last year amid a sharp downturn in the sector, according to figures from the nation's main estate agents' association API. Of the roughly 80,000 estate agencies that existed at the beginning of 2007, only 40,000 have survived the slump in sales, the figures show. "
  9. Can we go round and nail "We've sold f**k all this month" boards outside estate agencys ? Well, at least the ones that have closed down. :-)
  10. Good points: 1) I'll keep an eye out for that and if they do I'll use the last of my money to buy a large automatic gun and systematically go around killing all MPs till they catch me put me in prison for several years, full board (not so exotic) then free me as a visionary/leader of the revolution 2) Again, im keeping an eye on that and the money will be moved as and when necessary. I'd put it in gold now but it looks to be in a bubble all of its own. 3) If not, providing 1+2 dont get me I'll keep the money in the bank and live off the interest till the place stablises 4) See 3) 5) I can swim the channel and walk to Thailand from there 6) See 2) 7) There is no point 11 so I'll have to mark you down as a cynical alarmist nutter. Which is no bad thing :-) Apart from those poitns, does anyone see any flaws ?
  11. Be-jeasus, it really is a different world up north. I know people with watches that are more expensive than that !!!!
  12. 1) STR August last year, lhad no mortgage so lots of equity. 2) Fully intended buying again. 3) This website has gradually changed my view of home ownership and the great british way of life. 4) Hatched new plan 5) Banked equity from house, will leave banked for 2 years 6) Hopefully work through the next 2 years and increase cash savings and investments. 7) Take equity + interest in 2 years time and buy one ore more rentable propertys at rock bottom price 8) Rent out aforementioned purchase(s), hopefully returning 1.5K to 2K per month 9) Buy plane ticket 10) Leave this hell hole and live somewhere exotic on proceeds of 7+8. Anyone see any flaw in my plan ?
  13. This time people might be cutting back on high priced items such as bread, milk, gas, electricity, petrol. Bread too expensive, "let them eat cake"....have we been here before !!!
  14. Excellent news, I'll be able to find a tradesman now without the "we're too busy, do it yourself attitude"....now it will be "Yes, sitr, certainly sir, do you want me to bend over sir".
  15. Good point, but it did take you 6 months to find such a person? They must be rarer than rocking horse shit at the mo. I've not read the complete thread but I think you did mention dropping the price at one point. Was the final advertised asking priced the same as the original ?
  16. Out of interest , what sort of % offer did you accept with respect to original asking price and the last advertised asking price ? Hope you gota good deal :-) I managed to STR last august and I have been happy ever since :-) Goodluck.
  17. Cool, I missed that. Maybe people will start to listen :-)
  18. Exactly what I am seeing too. Ive noticed lots of places coming on lately, the market could be saturated by summer. Still waiting for that killer article on house prices and estate agent closures from the Chronicle and Echo... I think i've decided to move on from Northampton to pastures new later in the year though, but we'll see, maybe the free flat with every semi-detached house purchase made will make it worth me staying :-)
  19. Thanks HouseDog, looks like my friend is speaking the truth!!! I wonder whats going on there then !!!! I noticed lots of reductions on houses this week, especially the ones that have been on a while. Looks like perhaps the agents have got the message and they are being pro-active in order to save their skins. Except for this one...I went to view this place last weekend: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-160...=1&tr_t=buy It was on at "offers over 250" last week. I told the agent no point in me viewing as I would only offer at best 10% below asking, more likely 20%. They said I should still view and they would be having words with the vendors. I went along to view and the house had a mast with microwave dishes a bit behind it. When I arrived to view, the mast put me right off. I told the agent I wasnt going to view because of it as it was a waste of my time with the microwave dishes/mast as I'd no way buy at any price. The agent tried ot fob me off with "It's the police mast"...like that makes it okay. I drove off, and he went up to tell the vendors. On Monday I thought the price had gone up to £270K. And today, it's up to £275K!!!! They must have a lot of interest, or prices are shooting up in Northampton !!!! It's was on with two other agents, now only one: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-174...=2&tr_t=buy That one is still offers in excess of £250K I think this will be worth £180K in 2 years time. And, I think it's been on the market several months. The micro-wave dishes would make anyone thinkg twice about buying it. Good luck to them.
  20. It might just be a game to try and get the price up. Stick to your guns and if she changes her mind then say the market has dropped more and offer 230K....she wont pull out again :-)
  21. My mate has spotted 3 so far, I think 2 of them were St. James, Parklands, cant remember the third. If anyone can verify that it might show we dont make this all up :-) Looks like Northampton is walking away from the shoe industry.
  22. In scotland they are called "canny investors" because they cannae keep up with the repayments
  23. Documentary evidence please ? If you can predate this post: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...=rightmove+mile Then you can have the credit. Regarding the other points raise: 1) I dont keep up to date with rent values so I have no idea if rents are dropping 2) I'm as much on the side lines as I can possibly be. A downturn will affect everyone but i've STR. I've No ties and I will happily leave this country and work abroad if I have to. The view from the sidelines is entertaining I cant tell you.
  24. Do you know what RealistBear, I think you could be right. I've not been 100% convinced that it really was going to be carnage but I dont see it being anything other than exactly that now. Sight tight, it's going to be compulsive viewing for the people on the sidelines.
  25. Wait till the recession hits and all 50,000 polish immigrants in Northampton go home leaving another 1000 places vacant ( yes, I know that implies 50 polish imigrants per house, it was a joke. As is the eastern european economic invasion of our country for that matter ).
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