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  1. Good Point, my poll is more...do you think it's started and there is an unstoppable momentum now driving the HPC forward/down. We are a loooong way from the bottom, thats for sure, but i'm certain it's started and i'm enjoying watching each and every HPI coffin nail being hammered in. So, dont vote on "have we crashed" but "are you sure the HPC has started"....
  2. Shirt.House.Life.Arms.Legs.Car.Dog.Wifie.Wifi.Sky.Sky+.Sky HD. Ponzi's taking it all.
  3. I am 100% convinced we are in the biggest HPC the world has ever know. Edit: Has the HPC started yes/no I say: YES !!!
  4. Been keeping an eye on this place: http://www.lifestyle-homes-investments.com...hp?refno=329257 It just dropped from 65K euro to 60K euro, 2 bed apartment. Not at all expensive really. I spoke to agent, said, would 40K be too little, I asked, no she said, give it a couple of months and you might find several available for that !!!! Thats 30k for a place in the sun...and dropping....
  5. That's made me laugh. It seems estate agents are financial whizz kids now and know everything about economics. The one I spoke to yesterday didnt even know the halifax house price index had dropped or rates were on hold...sorry did I say rates were on hold, I meant put up by 0.3 % by the abbey.
  6. "worked for"...I think not. "if anyone has any tips"...yes, get a job and work for your money.
  7. Everyday I look at the C&E website there seems to be another house/flat fire in Northampton !!! Whats going on there ? http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/Ars...flat.3854795.jp And, more job losses: http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/sectionh...x?sectionid=317 And property snake shot up from 12 pages of reductions to 24, long way short of the 48 peak of February, I was expecting a jump at the start of the month, maybe mroe will turn up next week, if not, april could be a big month for drops.
  8. I think it's one that's on an estate thats been hit with some of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_bomb Though, it would appear to be a garage.
  9. Im with the OP, he obviously is worried about any comeback. i would be too. Personally, id wait 6 months, move and then land them in it. Then there'd be no comeback. What they are doing is illegal and the OP should never have agreed to it but that's life. Im surprised they think they can sell it at a profit when you had such a problem finding a buyer so im guessing it's dodgy somehow...and dodgy people dont like being f**ked over...keep your knee caps mate and shop them later in the day when they wont know who did it. But do us all a favour and DO shop them.
  10. I really shouldnt laugh at that, but I did. I am a bad person. He's done them a big favour though. This reminded me of my ex-girlfriend, was expecting to be made redundant and she said, I'm going to go and get a mortgage now because I wont get one when im officially made redundant...great logic....and she did it !!!! Luckily she was kept on, just as well with the 120% northern crock mortgage.
  11. I found out about the 10% affordable housing thing last year. I mentioned to a girl I knew that there seemed to be a lot of chavs on her nice wootton housing estate...she tells me that it turns out that all new large developments must have this 10% affordable housing, so they build crap houses next to 300K houses. I for one would only buy on an older chav free estate. Now, 250K for a 4 bed semi in duston do you say...well think again, try 250K for a four bed execuitive detatched with double garage: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-960...=1&tr_t=buy or http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-195...=1&tr_t=buy or http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-189...=1&tr_t=buy so why the f**k would you full whack for this 3 bed terrace: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-169...=1&tr_t=buy or a 4 bed terrace, with bedrooms in the roof: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-100...=1&tr_t=buy which is 2 miles away!!!! No one, is gonna buy there or Upton. It's laughable. Those houses in Duston are actually nice and in good chav free locations. Upton...going down.
  12. I saw that, there are a couple of much bigger propertys at the end of the road and lots of commercial places so it's either them or someone really did buy at the peak !!! The most a normal 3 bed terraces round there have gone for is around the £120K mark as far as I can tell. Rough area as you say and £140k is a lot of money to live on a main road. BTLs cant get much more than 600 pcm there either so the numebrs dont add up anymore. That otherone definitely looks like its been flipped too. £135k for that...no chance.
  13. Hey, dont blame the seller. The solicitor and the buyers are obviously up to no good. The sellers a bit silly to go along with it but i dont think they have any bad intentions, they just wanted to sell their house. I think the company buying and their solicitors should definitely be brought to task.
  14. This is quite blatantly fraud. Report them to the police and trading standards. They are trying to have the land registry figure at 240K so some poor sod pays fool price. If you dont want to report them then put the companies name on this website and someone will !!!!! This should be a main forum thread in my opinion. I will ask Mods to move it there.
  15. I consider this a red letter day for the Northampton HPC. Just spoke to a good friend of mine who is looking in Northampton, he had two EAs get in contact today. I wont name any names and im being a bit obscure to protect the guilty but: 1) Agent one: House in wootton, on at a price somewhere above £300K have said the sellers have personal issues, desperate to sell, will accept 10% less ( i.e. £30K+ reduction ) 2) He got a strange email from an agent today saying..."would you be interested in a real bargain"....i'll be asking him tonight what that is about. 3) Another 2 propertys according to property bee have changed from Sold STC to available. I think we really are witnessing a HPC realtime... EDIT: 4) Been keeping an eye on this place. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-195...=2&tr_t=buy St Leonards Road, Northampton £139,995 3 bedroom house I know for a fact someone has tried to flip this place, except that its been on the market for about 6 months now, maybe longer!!! Nothing sells for that price round that way. They bought it for around £122K ( top whack in my book), 4 weeks anda lick of paint later and it was back on for about £145K. They've managed to keep the price off the land registry list on rightmove somehow, which speaks volumes to me. Looks like they have gone multi agent, or changed agent, today, but what's made me chuckle is that the Harrison Murray sign looks prettys sorry for itself, in the Wialliam H Brown photo ( and the fact they cant sell the place ). This is a good example of people that must be struggling having been caught when the market turned. I hope they never sell it, greedy f**kers. The best bit is, it's on the northampton flood plane and was under 4 feet of water ten years ago, when it's value was approx £0.00
  16. Was the RICS guy appointed by the company buying by any chance ? You're solicitor is duty bound to report the selling price as £185K, if not, report them to the fraud office immediately.
  17. They needed near asking price so they could afford to move up the pyramid...they didint think to offer less. I almost wet myself when I read that bit
  18. Hey frankief, Ive always thought the north of england is so much more normal than the south. The weather is not so good tho :-( Glad to hear they're not as daft as the southerners. Btw...a BTL is a f**ked up sandwich.
  19. They'd had an offer so I wonder how they will feel in 12 weeks from now when the sale has fallen through !!! Im gonna keep an eye on that one.
  20. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showth...ight=valuations "The worst part is that we have only been on the market for 2 and a half weeks, and have had 12 viewings. Which imo, is pretty good going in this market. But I just want it over. The estate agent called this morning and for a split second I thought he was going to pass on an offer and this would all be over, but no, he was just making 2 more appointments. I hate selling." and "We are in the same position, been on the mare=ket since May last year, everyone loves our house but needs to sell theirs. " That'll be because the bottom of the housing market Pyramid is no longer being supported !!!
  21. Looks like we do upton a disfavour then it's outside the flood plane. Though there are flood defenses right below it. There's a huge area in the center which is "benefitting from flood defenses"....Buy a top floor flat !!!! Floodings not a funny thing to deal with, I have a friend who lost everything when the big flood hit 10 years ago.
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