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  1. Am I the only person that see a problem with...."The Post office are doing 5 year fixes..." they are a f**king post office for christ sake. Deliver your f**King letters and leave lending to the Building societies. They dont evden deliver letters well, so their mortagges must be s**T. Whatever happened to the 2nd post ? Is it any wonder our country is in a mess. With regard to the rest of the post...to be honest...sounds like troll estate agent b*ll sh*t. The Surveyors I work with me tell me the same story....deluded sellers, repo's, desperate people, desperate agents, up to 70% under valuations, lots of tears, threats of violence, panic starting, job losses everywhere... if it's not troll EA bull then you're a lucky man....sell now and be done....dont you read the between the lines in the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. looking forward to next weeks headline...."swedish banks collapse...everyone took their money own rather than help line the pockets of the thieving b**t**ds"
  3. Time to start repossessing like billy-o and pay off those debts !!! How else will they fund it.
  4. Yeah right...this is an estate agents standard negotiating tactic. First reply to this should have been. "Well, submit my offer in writing please and send me back their written response. If you are unwilling to do this I will a) Approach the vendors directly and offer as you are in breach of contract and I will report you to trading standards". Offering more money at the start of a negotiation is the silliest thing anyone could do. Offer what the market rate is, not what the vendor wants. If they dont want to sell, f**k 'em there are millions of houses in this small country !!!! People are just stupid. Tell 'em to retract their offer immediately and tell them they have found somewhere else at a reasonable price and wish the vendor every luck selling at ridiculous price.. Thats how you negotiate !!!
  5. In my opinion....it's time to whack up interest rates to 10% to sort out this mess This low interest rate and printing money shenanigans is doing more harm than good. Bend out Britain and take your medicine. P.S. Ill send you all a postcard a from far off distant land...thankfully I ST-FOSE...That's "Sold To F**k Off Somewhere Else"
  6. Auction Guide price 70k !!! They were selling for 65 K 2 years ago at the peak....take 20% off 65K and you get £52K, guide price should be 10 % less than that, so lets say 45K to be certain. "Situated in Northampton House in the heart of Northampton Town Centre is this stylish two bedroom third floor apartment offered for sale with no upward chain"...Image what the non stylish ones are going for
  7. I eat Crustys hat. This is all wrong somehow !!! I wouldnt buy a house in the UK now if you held a gun to my head even though i'm a cash buyer.
  8. Ive been keeping an eye on Northampton for 2 years now....still the agents market houses at 2007 prices. They defo had a spring bounce this year, god knows what % of asking price they were getting. The agents I spoke too were becomong bullish and wouldnt accept that facts written down in black and white were a good enough reason to offer 25% under an asking prices. Now there's f**K all decent up for sale and some places I watch have been up for sale for 2 years. Ive given up on the place and have decided to move to MK.
  9. Well, ive just spent £15K out of my savings form the nationwide, a 12 month 6.5% bond just matured so.....I bought a real luxury....3 year index linked savings certificate from NS&I. The government are a bunch of thieving c**nts but It's nice to put your money somewhere they wont tax it. The BS and Banks can FO till they start offering decent savings rates compared to their lending rates and compared to real inflation and stop paying out bonuses from tax payers money.
  10. Has anyone mentioned China yet ? I know 3 people who moved there, 2 to Shanghai and 1 to Schenzen ( across the border from Hong Kong ). All 3 of them love it. Great standard of living, friendly people ( tho the locals do seem to find you as a bit of a curiosity ) and about the only economy that might survive this mess perhaps. 2 of the 3 are teachers and got great postings, lovely apartments, they all have "staff" looking after them. 1 is in I.T. and seems to be going from strength to strength.
  11. This doesn't surprise me, I know two single mums ( divorced ) on Tax credits of 600+ quid per month....thats on top of the CSA money they get and money from working...one of them is on the equivalent salary of 50K per year...somehow I dont think this is right !!!! This has got to change.
  12. What a shame The spring bounce in reality has caused drops to lessen to 0.2 %...bigger drops from here on in hopefully.
  13. Well.....I was filling out a form when I was in and the lady said in passing when I mentioned I want sure where to put my cash ISA this year, "oh, we are safe as houses....at which I laughed and said I didn't think so....she said, "oh why do you say that"....I said "well, no one is safe and your society has had its credit rating dropped (I asked why...no sesnible answer) and people are pulling their money out due to the low interest rates they offer, so I didnt think they were safe at all"....well, she looked like I'd stuck my finger up my a**e then stuck it in her tea. Shocked, in other words....the people behind me started to take a bit of interest in what I was saying and she then said she'd fill my form in for me and I didnt have to wait around....great service.
  14. Looks like the two links about are for the same place !!!! O'bond have relisted it, after it being up for sale for best part of 2 years!!! They must be trying to get rid of the property bee history. But, we are watching The fools selling it would do better to drop the price rather than relisting it. Dont they know prices have dropped
  15. Ive happened into Halifax branches a couple of times recently....empty, no queues. Went to Nationwide too...packed full of grannies !!!!
  16. "No one really anticipated how big a downturn we would actually get over the last two years" He obviously never read our comments on the C&E website. What a w**ker. He shouldnty be allowed to print his rubbish, they should listen to people who have no vested interest and who will give an honest opinion.
  17. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...EGION%255E11149 and http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...EGION%255E11149 This might be interesting/ The second property has been up for sale for alomst 2 years and hardly dropped the price !!! Maybe the new seller will help the deluded seller drop the price. Those plac3es should be selling for 250K....they aint in a great part of town, which smells badly from the sewerage works if the wind is in the wrong direction.
  18. I saw that too this weekend. Made me chuckle. I remember it opening 2 years ago, right at the height of the boom. A little local computer shop was there before, they actually had a product to sell and couldnt make ends meet, so im glad to see the agents go, there are too many EA shops anyway. I think they had an office on the welly road, but I wouldnt swear to that.
  19. Dont they mean "F**king hell, interest rates at 0% and still 65000 people are being repo'd" Image what it would have been if interest rates were at 10 % and the banks werent robbing us blind !!!
  20. Ive been amazed at how reliant they have been but it looks to me like they are in their death throws, which is nice to see. As you point out above many will have been landed with long leases and a forlone hope that things will get better, I mean, why wouldnt they, house prices only ever go up
  21. I stopped shopping in Northampton about 2 years ago. No free parking. Poor selection of shops. Town center packed full of dodgy looking eastern europeans hanging about out side the bookies. I'd rather spend the petrol money and drive to MK, which is a sad thing to say, but im sure a lot of Northamptonians do just that.
  22. Had a busy weekend, driving round various places, noticed 3 estate agents that had closed. One particular one in Northampton must have been open less than 18 months. What happened to the spring bounce ? The other thing I noticed, petrol, up to £1.05 again...if I was being cynical I'd say, gordo somehow managed to get the petrol price down, whacked on 2 p tax when people minded less, now petrol prices are being allowed to shoot up....but hey, there's no way they'd do that to us poor drivers is there. And...Milton Keynes shopping center....which I must admit I thought would be quiet immune to the down turn...must have had at least 6 empty units, which I have never seen before. They board them up and they dont look so empty, but they are there. Green shoots....Brown sh*ts more like.
  23. Funny. You should have been less polite and told him not to be so f**king stupid. That's the market value for that type of price, if the seller wants to sell then the precedence has been set. This'll be why people are holding off now till the real collpase comes along.
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