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  1. Last week it was "we're talking ourselves into a crash"....now it ""talking ourselves into a bigger crash than necessary". So they're basically admitting a crash is going to happen only we might make it worse...a crash is a crash in my book, regardless of how big it is !!!! So lets just talk about crashes, then it will be okay.
  2. C - Cant R - Raise A - Anymore S - Sub-pime H - High Interest Loans.
  3. Sorry to hear that but it's not really sold till the moneys in the bank. This could be a long saga :-)
  4. It is a matter of time till we see the sister headline: "Overseas investment apartments are to be avoided and are unsellable."
  5. Watch out with this one, much like buying any property based investment, you'll definitely end up screwed.
  6. Didnt you mean "didn't they used to sell house in Salford for 3 for 10k at gun point"
  7. I thought it was: (Cost of keeping wife + dealing with nagging) < (Cost of divorcing wife + lost nookie)
  8. Drive faster!!!!! It sounds like you are holding up poor estate agents from getting to viewings !!!
  9. Sorry for the double post, more Northants news though. Looks like more doom and gloom in Northants: http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/90-...ning.3718946.jp "90 jobs lost as award-winning firm closed." Someones left a post pointing out that merrys may have shut 4 branches and the Land registry report shows a drop of 3.3 % in house prices in the east midlands...."glood and doom"....shame about the spelling !!! :-)
  10. What is a "A significant minority of people"...is that a majority ?
  11. The BBC have reported on it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7214777.stm Makes bearish reading :-)
  12. Two things 1) You should have pointed out that interest rates have been slashed in the states and house prices are still plummeting. 2) This is an anecdotal thread post if I every seen one !!!!
  13. I'm not a marketing expert but personally i would not advertise with a company with such an advert. It looks like a car ad from the local paper.
  14. I was thinking about viewing a house advertised by: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/action/ShowBranch?ag_u=15697 till I saw the photo of the porsche sat there. And, from the ad, I'm guessing: "We maintain a single point of contact from the first valuation through to the completion of your home, so you always know who you are dealing with. " possibly means there's only one of them? And "We view our customers as people, " If the vendor is the customer, I wonder what they view the buyers as, sheep ? "We aim to be the best. We deliver our promises and we WILL change the way you view estate agents" Well, they have certainly done that, the photo of the porsche changed my view from w**kers to to**ers. Lastly: "Cotters - Sell your home a different way!" Should this read "Cotters - Help me pay for my expenive car" ?
  15. If he was a decent person he'd keep his finances and prosperity to himself. Just be glad you're not him.
  16. I achieved 95% of my asking price last august, after dropping my asking price a couple of times, and I had to think long and hard about accepting the offer. Now 6 months further on, I'm thinking I was lucky to get that and it was the best decision of my life. 90% of the asking price doesnt seem great but when you eventually accept 100% of an asking price thats dropped 30% then you will be wishing you sold. It's a hold your nerve game at the moment. If you think prices will go up then stick. If not, sell, sell, sell !!!!
  17. Well, keep us posted and good luck to them. Even in a falling market its nice to see people doing well. It took me 12 months to sell my place so I know what it's like sitting on a pile of bricks.
  18. It would have been a much better ( ironic ) story if he'd been spanish.
  19. Sounds like he/she is going to become a freelance idiot !!! Plenty call for them in the BTL world.
  20. Have they exchanged/completed or just an offer ? I've seen several places in Northamptonshire having their SOLD STC signs put up then 3 months they still havent completed and/or come back onto the market. If a (sensible) buyer gets the feeling that prices are now dropping they migth pull the rug at any point.
  21. Was 18:15 a time or a date ? Looks like merrys has officially downsized now their website has 4 less offices listed. No mention on the website what is going on. I wonder if the C&E will pick up on this. Surely they have to say something!!!!
  22. I know a chap with several properties. He's been chirpy as hell when prices were going up. Now they are going down, thinks i'm obsessed and full of doom and gloom. He agrees they will drop, he thinks 10% then flatten out. I point out a house i bought fo 120K in 2000 should be worth ( at 6% increase per annum ) 190K, and I sold it 2 years ago for 250K and is now valued at 270K. So to get back to a normal value it will need to drop 80K, approx 30% and the pendulum effect means it will probably drop a more, 180K I think would be about it. He didnt like the sound of that and had no argument for it, just looked stressed. His eye-brow twitches when he talks to me now.
  23. Hey, like the abbreviation of my name, never thought of that. It's somehow appropriate tho :-) Ive heard about the crime thing round there too, much nicer parts of spain than this place. Forget these places then, or any urbanisation for that matter. You can rent one of these flats for £50 quid a week out of season and £150 high season !!! The interest on 40K per year would cover 2 weeks holiday there every year pretty much for ever. There are so many available they can hardly rent them out for free.
  24. Well, let us know what he has to say, should be very interesting. I've posted another new topic on some flats ive been watching in spain, they have reached a new low today.
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