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  1. This has truely shocked me. http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/197000-pay-is-fair-says.5970118.jp "£197,000 pay is fair says council boss Katherine KerswellPremium Article !Your account has been frozen. For your available options The chief executive of Northamptonshire County Council has defended her £197,000 wage, claiming residents who criticise her pay do not realise how big her job is." 197K for a council job. This is obscene in my opinion. What does everyone else think ?
  2. Being an MP is a vocation not a carear path, i.e. they want to do it, so why should they get rewarded for it. They should get paid minumum wage, no expenses, but get a free office, a bed in London and free meals in the staff canteen. Job done. Why am I not in charge ?
  3. We all know it's bad. They should have started spending cuts 12 months ago. They have made it worse. Fair play to him for coming out and saying it. One poiint is, if he's saying it on the run up to an election image how bad it will be once someone gets in and has to tell us...them...the truth !!!!
  4. Wouldnt it just be easier to say they are both money grabbing talentless c****s ?
  5. It's all starting to reek of government propoganda. Who in their right mind are buying houses right now. WHomever it is, they are going to loose a lot og money.
  6. Thanks for that Comment posted. I think the NH estate agents really must be struggling. Good luck to them...they will need it.
  7. When properties were selling at 2007 prices the world economy collapsed. People buying houses at 2007 prices will cause themselves to collapse. People really do believe house prices will just keep going up forever. I suggest, and I dunno how many people on here will agree with me , they will go down down down. There are some stupid people out there. Does mean you have to join in.
  8. Have you see this sh*t: http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/Housing-market-39slow-but-steady39.5950002.jp HOUSE prices in Northamptonshire rose in the past year but at only half the rate of the national average, according to new figures. According to the last available land registry figures they are still down 5% YOY. Ive written to the editor and the press complaints commision: TO: [email protected]; [email protected] " Hello. I've just read this article: http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/Housing-market-39slow-but-steady39.5950002.jp It makes the outrageous claim that "HOUSE prices in Northamptonshire rose in the past year but at only half the rate of the national average, according to new figures." According to the land registry: http://www1.landregistry.gov.uk/houseprices/housepriceindex/report/default.asp?step=4&locationType=0&area=Northamptonshire&reporttype=1&datetype=1&from1=01%2F2007&from2=11%2F2009&image2.x=8&image2.y=1 The average actual sale price for a house in Northamptonshire for the last available data in November was: November 2009 238.9 133,989 The previous year this was November 2008 251.1 140,827 Quite clearly prices in Northampton are down around 5% on the year. This is irresponsible reporting and factually incorrect. This sort of stupid irresponsible reporting is trying to keep afloat an over-inflated housing market which has in fact collapse if you look at the sales volumes on the land registry. It is tantemount to talking the market up for financial gain and may be responsible for talking first time buyers into paying ridiculous prices for a place to live. It should be made illegal for this type of reporting on the housing market, as per the stock market. I suggest your remove this article as soon as possible. I have CC'd this email to the press complaints commision. If this article is not removed I wish to make a formal complaint against your paper regarding this article and would like a full apology repoerted with the facts pointed out that House prices have in fact dropped and are likely to continue to do so. Thanks." Absolutely disgraceful. According to Richard Greener: "Estate agent Richard Greener added: "The new figures are exactly in line with ours which were about five per cent up. "We noticed a significant improvement in the housing market in January and February, culminating in a very, very busy December." According to the land registry: Year Month Sales Volume: 2008 Jan 819 2008 Feb 946 2008 Dec 616 2009 Jan 426 2009 Feb 349 So, the low point for sale volumes ever was Jan/Feb 2009, http://www1.landregistry.gov.uk/houseprices/housepriceindex/report/default.asp?step=4&locationType=0&area=Northamptonshire&reporttype=1&datetype=1&from1=01%2F1995&from2=11%2F2009&image2.x=24&image2.y=16 but somehow this was seen as "a significant improvement in the housing market ". They must have got everyone elses business then.
  9. Not much in it, but by both measures 205K is insane.
  10. Lets have a look at the land registry for that area: http://www1.landregistry.gov.uk/houseprices/housepriceindex/report/default.asp?step=4&locationType=0&area=Northumberland&reporttype=1&datetype=1&from1=01%2F2007&from2=11%2F2009&image2.x=21&image2.y=21 Peak Price: February 2008 281.2 156,703 Lowest price ( so far ) June 2009 234 130,441 Down 17% Current: November 2009 240.6 134,113 - Down 14% I suspect you are talking ********. Are you an E.A. ? They tend to talk ******** too ! Look at the facts not the stats. P.S. peak sales volumes June 2007 - 748. Last sales volume 229. Lowest sales volume 143...thats a drop of 81% peak to trough...now that's total collapse. The only people able to buy houses now are the people with money/deposits and they are skewing the figures. The house makret has collapsed. Accept that fact, save a large deposit and make very low offers when buying. Otherwise you are being conned. Welcome to the real recovery. Also, look at the sales volumes for 2008, which was a bad year. 2009 is worse. Even with the recovery !!!! Only July 2009 is (slightly) higher than July 2008, the other sales figures are down for each month!!! You cant base house prices indexes on A ) only selling 10 houses and B ) No FTBs.
  11. Hey, just a thought....maybe they are asking too much money for them and should drop the price....just a thought :lol;
  12. Here is how I see 2010 going: Jan: People stop spending after Xmas binge. Lots of pain for retailers, lots of closures start, the jobless recovery gathers pace. Feb: Snap election called for March, before it really is too late. March: Hung parliament, liberals call the shots. Brown Out, emergency budget, big cuts, tax increases. April: An estate agent up north finally sells a house May: Annual Spring bounce doesnt happen due to new reality of tax and cuts Jun: The penny starts to drop...banks can now reposses and sell...the real recovery starts. Jul: Several estate agents close owing to not selling any houses. Aug: Foxtons call in the administrator Sep: Sibley turns bear Oct: Silbley turns suicidal Nov: Building societies sta\rt collapsing Dec: Time to buy a house, at last. Houses prices by Dec 2010 - Down. Stock Market by Dec 2010 - Down Confidence by Dec 2010 - Non existent. Happy days
  13. hmmmm..... governmental idiots print 200 billion quid...the stock market shoots up.... 0.5 interest rates...house price real recovery stalls.... i see a pattern here...i wonder what will happen next..... im glad i sold my stocks 2 months ago...i got "my" money back....thanks gordon...i still aint voting for you.
  14. Would these be the government owned and government funded banks ? Not long now till the non-government owned and funded building societies collapse.
  15. That'll be due to the ridiculous immigration policy the current idiots at the top have. A Policy that as far as I can see is aimed at keeping their pyramid selling scan going, Gypsies go home please, but pay off your debts first. Thanks.
  16. Just walked round Clapham in London, noticed 3 independent shops ( 1 general store, 1 hair dressers and 1 estate agent ) which were opened before Christmas now look vacated.
  17. if you look at the photos of some of the stuff added in the last week the photos look very summery!!!
  18. So, we have a massive housing bubble which cripples the banking industry, cripples the economy, leads to massive job losses and printing of money to try and stave off collapse/civil unrest. House prices starting to bubble again.... Are people really this stupid....dont answer that, I think I know the answer. Th property bulls can trumpet this all they like, this is a BAD thing.The sooner the real recovery restarts the better.
  19. Motivates sellers return: From property-snake: Lower Harding Street NN1 2JJ 1 bedroom £75,000 £52,950 DOWN 29% 37 days (nn1) http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/2388658?utm_source=ood&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=2388658&refer=ood2388658 From Zoopla: By order of the mortgagees in possession, we would advise that an offer has been made for the above property in the sum of �52, 950 Any person wishing to increase on this offer should notify the agents of their best offer prior to exchange of contracts. William H Brown, 9 Bridge St, Northampton, From Zoopla Sold prices, recent sales in that postcode: 29, St. Lukes House, Lower Harding Street, Northampton NN1 2JJ See all house prices in NN1 2JJ --, --, -- Beds, -- Baths, -- Receps - Edit £55,000 17th Aug 2007 27, St. Lukes House, Lower Harding Street, Northampton NN1 2JJ See all house prices in NN1 2JJ --, --, -- Beds, -- Baths, -- Receps - Edit £90,000 Looks like they have found their level.... We need more repos...
  20. None of them are going bankrupt....all of them are already bankrupt in one way or another. Inventing money and lennding it to people is not a sustainable, especially when everyone finds out what you're doing.
  21. Could it be that the people who didnt spend before xmas, cause they are skint are now out looking to buy the pressies they promised little johhny at half the price.
  22. Just did a rightmove search for NN1 + 15 miles added in the last 7 days. Lots of adverts with pictures of houses with Snow on them...that's probably not a great idea. Lots of adverts with pictures of houses with summery looking gardens too...how do the agents do that ?
  23. The people rushing in were obviosuly asian tourists/visitors. Nothing to do with British people back spending. They were telling us ( the british ) to spend because the economy is "tip toe-ing out of recession"...not many brits in the crowd though. That'll be why.
  24. I watched the BBC NEWS at 10 on Boxing day and it showed shoppers rushing into Selfridges (?) in london and the Patronising reporter was telling us shoppers were out in force spending as the economy tip-toe'd out of recession. Obscence reporting in my book. They were clearly trying to encourage people to go out and spend. These people should be lambasted for this. The BIG give away that they were talking s**t.......most of the crowd rushing in were Asian...not many anglo-saxon over-weight chav types rushing in there. Classic from the BBC. More in depth socially responsible reporting....
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