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  1. I monitor NN1 ( Northampton ) + 5 miles on mostly a daily basis. Today is quite significant. I've never seen so many falls in one day !!!!! The sub 250K market has gone mad today, prices tumbling, large drops too £10-£30k !!!! I think people have realised they need to get out now !!! I'm hard to impress but Property Bee is fabulous, worth every penny I paid for it
  2. A little birdy tells me the Oriordan bond branch on limehurst road in Duston has closed. Anyone able to confirm that or anyone spotted any others ? And, im seeing lots of price drops today with property bee !!!!
  3. I wandered lonley as a cloud o'er hills o golden daffodils...cause i coulnt afford a f**kin house....
  4. i've started to glean information off the trolls, e.g., where/when/how old/pubs visited/wifies breast size etc, as soon as i find out where they live i'm going round with a baseball bat and .....knocking some sense into then pity the crazy fools
  5. The CoN poetry/property genius. It's f**king high...i do not lie...it's gonna hit the sky... HPC deflation ya greedy twot
  6. You can take our credit cards but you'll never take our....sh*t...we've nothin left to take !!!!!
  7. No Analysis needed. Ask them 3 questions: 1) when was the last run on a uk bank before NR ? 2) why did the run on the NR happen ? 3) Are they f**king stupid ? I'd be interested to hear answers to questions 2 and 3, i know then answer to 1)....2 i can guesss qand 3...well i think we all know the answer to than one , tell them to look investment bubbles, while they are at it, look up the Japan housing bubble and the dutch tuplip bubble, when they declare you a genius tell then to f**k off, you're not a genius, they're just stupid
  8. All I have to say about whatashisname, is, who is he ? I dont care enough to have an opinion on him. Ouch, thats gonna hurt a celebs ego
  9. I feel sorry for anyone thats 39 for a different reason, when you hit 40 bits start dropping off !!!! Mortgages are the least of your worry
  10. No, just me You dont make sense you judgemental fool. Please refrain from replying to any my posts in the future, I only want to talk to people with a brain. You must be my mad brother then. How are you Mark ? Still locked up in the mental home ? I thought they had taken your internet access away !!! Geee, thanks. No idea what you want to warn me about. I dont particularly care to be honest. I'm happy with my decision and looks like i've lucked into a good hand, a full house , which I fully intend to play. No, really. Cool. Good for you. Uh-hu. Yes. True. You're great. Lovely too. I wish I were you. And, In response to a normal post: Very good point. Its impossible to put an actual figure on gains/losses, my original post was all to do with average possible numbers. However, If I were to buy today, would I be better off. Yes, most definitely. The market has been dropping round here for months now. I can see a couple of bargains now that you could easily pick up for 2004 prices. So, by that measure I'd say I have been very lucky. Now Im in this position I'll wait to see what happens now. If prices went up, my money in the bank is going up anyway so I cant loose out to any great degree.
  11. Good luck, it will hopefully all work out for the best in the end :-) Any doubt that you've done the right thing Selling To Rent ?
  12. Ahh, you're making assumptions again that everyone leads the same middle class, house, 2 kids, 2 cars on the driveway, wife spending all you money, try to impress the neighbours, enjoy paying tax for the good of society, love the queen and the establishment lifestyle. I never claimed to be truely wealthy, just have enough to live a nice life. Some people already have broad horizons and live their life accordingly. The only thing I would thank you for is to remind me how narrow minded some people really are. Of course I have somwhere to live. I'm staying with a friend ( you probably dont know what that is) till I finish up some work in the next month or two then go away for a while to enjoy my easy money Now, downtraded, are you just drunk or do you have mental health issues ?
  13. I feel sorry for people like you. Get therapy. And for your information i have no intention of P*ssing it up the wall. It's all going into tax free savings/investments/bonds/high interest savings/low risk investments and a nice house when the market bottoms in 3 years time, when im hopefully effectively £150k to the good. In the meantime I'll enjoy my happy life. I hope you enjoy yours.
  14. Sounds bitter to me. I've earned most of my money through hard work. Get over yourself. Downtraded, maybe I am being unfair, please enlighten us as to your housing situation/grand plan ?
  15. I bought 12 years ago, so was lucky to get on the housing market at the right time, moved a couple of times and traded up. The last house was tough to sell, on market for 12 months, dropped price 3 times and took a 5% offer. I lost sleep over that, but was the right thing to do in the end it turns out. Fair point. Thats why i've said i'm not gloating. We're all in a bit of a pickle with the banks/economy etc. Not much to be proud of there. I am trying to show you can turn it into a positive. If they are thinking of selling to rent you really can make a big difference to your finances. It's not for everyone but its working for me. Not sure what you're talking about there, are you !!!! Oh my,you should never make assumptions about people and their situations, that will only make you look like the fool you are. I've worked hard and I'm very careful with my finances. Im 38 and now in a position where I can retire on about £30K index linked, if I so choose. I am currently considering leaving this country, and oiks like you, behind and enjoying the next 30 years of my life somewhere nice, picking up bits of work as and when it comes along. Now im gloating just to p**s you off Now you just sound bitter. I dont deserve anything any more than anyone else, and as i pointed out i've been lucky. Homesless implies no money or options, I can buy/rent/live in a hotel/live with family/live with friends/live in a cardboard box. Sorry, but to me, you just sound like a bitter, presumptious, ill-informed idiot. If it makes you feel better to judge people then on you go. I'll judge the 50k profit in my pocket at the end of the year Yeah, i realise that, will loose a couple of grand I guess. If someone was staying put though they'd be paying 6%+ in interest so it depends how you look at it.
  16. Its working again!!! I use property-bee a lot now but still find property snake a useful barometer to whats happening on a weekly basis.
  17. Hey, thanks for all the positive postings glad to see everyone can see the good side of my original posting. I have the HPC'ers to thank for my good fortune I feel. I like the extrapolation above and the size of the income need to keep pace with it. Its quite shocking when you work it out.
  18. Great point. The funny thing is, im not joking and I dont think im paranoid !!! The banking system as far as I can tell is in turmoil. I dont think the government will allow the banking system to collapse, they realise the consequences of that, so im not so worried, but would prefer to avoid the hassle of having to try and get my 35K back. They will however sacrifice the housing market to save the banks at the cost of the little sheeple. So in answer to your questions: would you have ever said the above was a concern through the whole of your previous uk existence, even a passing thought ? No -would you ever have been worried about keeping cash in a uk high street bank ? No, thought it was as safe as houses who would have believed that 12 months ago ? No, still find it hard to believe !!! Sign of the times, and people should realise these are extra-ordinary times. Runs on banks and bank share prices plummeting just dont happen !!!
  19. Cheers. I dont think I can gloat about this though as times are hard for lots of people now and I just got lucky. I'm just hoping it shows to some forum viewers that right now home ownership is not a good financial investment. I must say, I do miss having a "home", so for anyone that wants to be happy and live their life in a house they like then that's the right thing to do regardless of the housing market.
  20. Is there a problem with property snake today ? Northamptonshire is showing: You searched for listings within Northamptonshire. There are currently 0 price drops in this location. Recently updated listings are highlighted in pink. Click here to sort by last updated date. other areas are the same.
  21. No smug-ness intended. Just a joyful tale of happiness for my fellow HPC'ers just to show how right we are :-) Ohhh, that sounds smug too Definitely a stroke of luck rather than assute financial planning on my part so i'm taking no credit for my windfall.
  22. Either/Or, amounts to the same thing. You're either paying the interest or saving the interest. My cost of renting, or rather lodging, is now less than the cost of council tax/bills/up keep. No exaggeration there. P.S. I worked out that im £180 quid a day better off !!!!
  23. I sold my house 6/7 months ago for £350K. I sold it because I hated living there, not because I thought I could cash in on the housing market. I thought I'd rent for a while then find somewhere I really liked. Then, the NR went belly up and I came across this website. It made me stop and think.... (thank you fellow HPC'ers) So I decided to wait a few months and see what happened. What happened is the HPC snowball started to accellerate... So, I ask myself today, "Was I right to STR 6 months ago?"...the answer...well, have a look at the figures: Interest on £350k at 6% for 6 months = £10500 Drop in house prices over last 7/8 months from the peak is about 4% and 4% of 350K is £14000 So, I'm now (in theory) about £24K better off. Not a bad return for not owning a house :-) Note: Rent/Bills etc is now nominal compared to what I used to pay just on bills and council tax and they pretty much cancel each other out !!! So anyone thinking of STRing....DO IT NOW!!! ( if you can ). On the downside...i have to daily monitor the news feeds to see which bank to move all my money out of before a run starts :-)
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