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  1. The house prices are crashing dont you know
  2. Eamon Holmes now on Sky news: "Biggest drop since 1992" - "Scary or a correction ?" - "Experts expected 0.4%, but 6 times that amount!!!" - "What we want is a correction" !!!! Tune in now....
  3. I'm sitting watching the sky news ticker going round and round...Breaking news....guess what
  4. "There were house price falls in six regions with the biggest falls in West Midlands (-5.0%) and Wales (-4.7%)" Was that -5% and -4.7% in month one ? Fook....now that's a crash!!!
  5. For what it's worth... That last thing I read about the spring bounce says May is traditionally the best time for sales. Maybe you should target re-launching your marketing effort for the start of may, i.e. new/multi agent/price drop. I have been looking about for a new house up until last week but the press have become so bearish it's even put a HPC faithful like myself off looking !!! I always thought prices would drop, maybe up to 20% with inflation but the way the pictures are being painted at the moment I'd be worried if I committed to any house.
  6. Congrtulations PabloPatito I'd worry less about house prices and more abotu getting a decent mights sleep now.
  7. Ahhhhh, the original post was ages ago....well, good luck to you, you probably wont loose out so badly.
  8. **BUMP** The BTL'rs have started dumping their ( or more accurately, the banks) properties !!!!! I just did the search again a moment ago on right move, NN1 + 5 miles priced below 160K added in the last 24 hours, and it now comes up with 41 places now. I can believe it, most of them are "No upper chain" and/or look like BTLs. Try it, it will warm the cockles of your HPC heart. Is anyone else seeing this in any other areas ? Why have they waiting till the 5th to sell them when the 18% capital gains tax would have applied if the had put it on the market in Jan and sold after the 5th. Are they extra thick !!!!! This really is a significant day in the HPC if other areas are following suit.
  9. I did a rightmove search on Northampton (NN1) + 5 miles, prices under 160K. Out of 20 properties, 14 were selling with no upper chain, 2 looked others like they were ex-rentals. That's 80% of propertys new to the market in that price range are either BTLs or repos!!!!
  10. Where are all the bald estate agents ? Have they gone to the same place as bald football players and white dog turds ? Maybe they've all moved to the town of Jeopardy, I here there are plenty of estate agent jobs there!!! Note: I am reliably informed they still have white dog turbs in Liverpool, can anyone confirm ? Do they have bald estate agents in Liverpool too ?
  11. Everytime I look at propertysnake, I see some places marching forward to a full 365 days on the market and still prices only dropped a little: http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/locati.../1/days_on_desc I'm confident they will plummet soon tho.
  12. If we did want to become estate agents, how would we go about getting a job ? What sort of qualifications do we need ? What sort of work experience would come in useful ? Where do you buy those cheap suits from ?
  13. Yeah, read that as: "Just realised how much i'm about to loose big time if I dont bail out of the BTL market now. If I can get out I will have loads of cash but i'm crapping myself that i've left it too late. I dont want to loose it all so im selling. I can only sell 57 of my places as the rest are already in negative equity. I might flea the country with the cash from the sales in a black plastic bag and disappear to Brazil.". Good luck to him, he might have left it too late.
  14. Well, i'm not really, but this is my post number 666 so I thought i'd post a truely evil comment Sorry, it's friday. Its been another long hard week of HPC news, it's tiring just keeping up with all the bearish good news
  15. Thats a really sh*t area !!!! I hate to think what it looks like. 5% cash back incentive too. Sounds like he is desperate to off load!!!! That's made my dad. muuwwwwhhhhhaaaahhhhaahhhhaaa!!!
  16. You could hang on and pay 8% with no cashback next month
  17. I finished Uni in 1992 and didnt have any concerns about houses and their prices. Lived in shared houses and enjoyed my life. I was aware of a couple of people in their early thirtys that got stung by houses and ended up in Negative equity, but never really thought much about it. My girlfriend's, at the time, family house was valued at the peak about £400-£500K ( top end country place), it sold in 1997 for...wait for it....£250K... By the time I bought into the housing market in 1996 I was aware houses could go down as well as up and was always very nervous about it. I could not get a mortgage till I had three years worth of accounts, no lender would touch me, and I was bricking it when I borrowed 100K in case house prices dropped suddenly. The moral of the story...only a fool would think housing is a 1 way bet !!!!
  18. This is significant: http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/Hou...7555.jp#2675594 "Houses up for sale to get pupils near school View GalleryAnxioud parents will hear in the next 24 hours where their children will go to primary school in Northamptonshire, after places are sent out by post today. Some mothers in Grange Park, on the outskirts of Northampton, where Woodland View Primary School is heavily oversubscribed, have already taken the step of putting their houses on the market to move wherever their children are placed." Ohhh, that'll put some downward pressure on the over-priced crap hole that is grange park, some thing will happen in Wootton when they build to the east of there towards Hackleton. EDIT: Regarding that other story above about mortgages. I wonder how long it will be before those numpty estate agents that attacked the sensilbe folk the last time pipe up
  19. If you're on holiday it's never too early Have a good break HouseDog. Also, I've noticed a weird thing today, the Upton sales people have Up'd their prices £5K !!! Anyone from Northampton reading this should note 2 things: 1) Dont buy a new build 2) Dont buy a new build in Upton, but if you do, offer 10K less than the 20% you were already taking off now that they've added £5K on their prices.
  20. That's well over-priced, you can buy a garage in Bath, in a decent location, for £8K !!! Tho that would be for a terraced garage, this one looks like a semi.
  21. I think the reason property bee came about ( correct me if im wrong) is that property snake was threatened over copyright by the housing search engines it was sucking information out of. I think you might have the same issue if you attempt a central database, which property snake effectively was. We should lobby for Rightmove to assist its customers by prinint historical iformation on it's website. If it's there to help users buy houses then they cant have any objection to that suggestion....or are they merely a cynical marketing tool for estate agents.
  22. From the other side of the fence: First you're not sure Then you're sure Then you try and warn Then you get fed up with people laughing at you Then you laugh Then you cry Then you buy :-)
  23. I think they are a week behind the main media, I doubt the sheeple have been able to miss all the other press/Tv reports lately. It's a good opportunity to make a few relevant points. I'[ve had a dig at the estate agents who 3/4 monmths ago were encouraging people to get on the housing ladder. They knew better than anyone the state of the market and should be taken to task for their irresponsible behavoir. It's all gone a bit quiet on the Northampton thread lately, is everyone on holiday ? From my viewpoint I have been seeing LOTS of reductions, some hefty ones too 50K on a 300K house, and a steady trickle of houses changing from sold STC to Avialable again, maybe 2 a day. If you think all the agents sell 20 places of a week ( guesstimate), they are losing 10 of them a week. Touch times for them. Also, i've 100% stopped house hunting. There is no doubt in my mind buying would be a foolish thing to do right now, regardless of any discount I could negotiate, roll on 2010.
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