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  1. Quite unexpectedly Poland raise IRs more than expected... https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/ap-online/2021/11/03/polish-central-bank-raises-interest-rate-as-prices-surge "Polish central bank raises interest rate as prices surge WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's central bank on Wednesday made its second interest rate hike in as many months as consumer prices surge. The National Bank of Poland raised the rate to 1.25%, indicating that it intends to move more forcefully against rising prices after facing criticism for not acting soon enough." I for one will be buying some foreign currency in the coming weeks. If the BoE dont act the UK is ****ed. If they do act some of the UK is ****ed. Meanwhile, people who dont know what a rate rise are sit on 10x wages mortgages. Welcome to bankruptcy either way.
  2. Really ? You must be looking a different cross section of property than me and property lion with 250,000 listings. There are no end of properties coming back on the market There are loads of places now stuck on the market There are plenty price drops. UKPropertyLion index will be released tomorrow. Stay tuned from an unbiased/un-adjusted set of numbers.
  3. Have you seen the whinging from the telegraph and guardian ? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/homes-repossessions-hit-highest-level-seven-years/ the prospect of a 0.4 % rate rises has them panicking !!!
  4. The problem with QE has always been...it's not QE unless you QT, it's MONEY PRINTING THEFT The unregulated bankers have done nations/people up like a kipper again The last time they were allowed to do this we had WW2. Expect a western country to have a revolution and possibly WW3.
  5. Australian CB speaks out... Lagarde speaks out....Italy bond yield falls Guess what's coming from the BoE tomorrow....MORE F****** LIES. They've playing everyone for fools. They wont raise because they can't Get your ducks in a row, get a house bought on a large morgage if these evil ****s do nothing before Christmas. They have deliberately back the country/world into a corner and it's a coerner when they get to rule the world from. Non-compliance will not be an issue.
  6. And GS and Lloyds and John Lewis...
  7. Zillow reportedly needs to sell 7,000 houses after it bought too many https://www.theverge.com/2021/11/1/22758176/zillow-offers-ibuyer-housing-market-inventory-investors-real-estate
  8. If they are trapped then they've trapped themselves. The central bankers will do what's best for the bankers. Look at Sunak's rhetoric about this new "green" "carbon neutral" economy/banking...it's all about robbing us all. It seems Carney has £130Trillion say waiting to invest ( read as, but up everything and force people into servitude ). This sh** is getting real and serious now.
  9. The higher it goes the more unstable it becomes. Well done to the NW though for pushing house prices about £250K while offering savers 0.1% on their earned taxed savings.
  10. You seem misinformed. Joined a week ago seems to think I've been predicting a crash for some time You can't even troll very well.
  11. At least your honest, but look at those charts I;ve posted. Unless you expect massive wage inflation then you'd be a mug to buy now. I'm not saying it's not going to happen but the globalist economy has suppressed wages for years. If I were you I'd wait till Jan to see if there is a better indication of what is coming and let the fall out from CV19 to start to be seen more. There are already more repos coming on the market and property lion is showing me a lot of "recently added" houses that are clearly failed sales. The every optimistic agents keep putting the prices up when the sales fail I suspect it'll be more lies/forward guidance from the lying bankers but things feel a bit different this time.
  12. Give how extreme prices are, I think we could see the mother of all crashes, best case for many is that they collapse and wage inflation meets in the middle, so 30% nominal falls, 30% real falls. As you can see from that wage growth chart, even in the 1970s the wage growth did not go exponential. If Hyper inflation collapses house prices in real terms then the UK is f**ked. If this happens I hope ever last banker/politician/landed gentry sponger is taken to task by the british people.
  13. Id just like to say, I have unmoderated and 20 something on my blocked list, having read their posts I can see why
  14. You can handle a 50% IR rise on a £100 debt? But you think a 1% IR rise of a £500,000 wont cause people problems ? There you are saying "small" rises, when people might be seeing their payments double in less than 2 years from now and taxes and inflation destroy their finances and wages lag.
  15. Didn't know fat boris has said that. Happy to Stoke 15% house price inflation with term funding but says inflation worries unfounded. What a ####. The bit the politicians might not get is, the banker front me can raise interest rates and hand their own industry billions
  16. Renting is dead money, we all know that. Ok, if you bought a flat with cladding you cant sell then maybe not, or if you have moved to Lands end and now have to commute to work, maybe that would have been silly, but apart from that, what have the romans ever done for us ?
  18. I dont think it's even that, I just think they are a bunch of corrupt fraudsters robbing millions of people for their own personal gain. The pretense of running a stable economy, or doing what's right for the country has, for me, gone several years ago, mayve in 2008 or post EU ref where their immediate response was the pinch another £50Bn, lower rates and make sure house prices don't fall. These people aren't running an economy and targeting inflation/stability, they're robbing a nation and they simply do not give a ****.
  19. I'm really past caring about house prices falling, the whole thing is the biggest scam in history, I think it is important to realize that and realize you need to beat them at their own game. All I am worried about now is positioning myself not to be destroyed if the monetary collapse finally comes. It's a sure bet the UK will see massive inflation at some point and I dont need 5-10%. That not even the starter. The UK is heading for outright economic disaster and while some people might have their house it wont be much use to them if they've no job, no pension, not able to afford fuel or cover their mortgage. If people are waiting for the house price collapse then you need to get your head round the fact that we are most likely heading out the bottom of the cycle, at least the bankers/investors will see this, see the graph below. I do think we should see a pull back of prices in the next few months, mainly because of the massive hole left from the governments shenanigans from 2021, but unless IRs hit 1% by March then it's game over, go buy a house would be my advice, take on as much debt as you think prudent is my view. Well done to everyone who invested properly since 2008 ( if you beat the red line you are doing well ) and are now in a position to take advantage of the next real term increase that they bankers have surely have planned. the value of the £ as of today are going to be worthless when they are finished. We could be looking at average house prices of £500K when the next collapse comes, we'll all be truly rich..... I could be wrong of course, but as the trolls keep telling me, I'm never right
  20. -ve rates it is then No idea why after 13 years of the bankers scam people think they will suddenly do the right thing. They will only act when the are forced to. How the force comes about is anyone's guess.
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