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  1. I think that's probably more to the point. The bankers have seen a great opportunity here to control every penny in the system We should all push back
  2. The BOE are really on fire today ahead of them not raising IRs on Thursday, no end of distractions going on. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/bitcoin-slides-bank-of-england-warns-crypto-dangers-ethereum-solana-102730586.html Bitcoin slides as Bank of England warns on crypto dangers
  3. You'd never get a job in advertising Spyguy....I posted that in it's own thread.
  4. https://www.ft.com/content/ca15ce59-ca72-497c-bf7a-c1482d972f01 IMF tells the Bank of England not to delay raising interest rate
  5. Yes, they are the game, hate them. The game is clearly rigged. Play it as best you can and remember, everyone at the top is cheating.
  6. Just when you thought it could get any more desperate https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-10299287/Banks-plan-50-YEAR-home-loans.html Banks plan 50-YEAR home loans: Bank of England to relax mortgage rules to help first-time buyers in move that could send house prices soaring
  7. Until they get more stolen QE money ? This leveling up agenda is really leveling down, make everyone poor, total authoritarian state with a few bankers, the landed gentry and their MP puppets controlling everything. Maybe the are worried about what will happen when the Queen dies and big ears is put in charge (Charlie Sax-coburg, not Sunak ).
  8. 2019 house prices were about to go off a cliff...the CV19 somehow miraculously saved them, now the OmyGod variant is going to save them. WTF sort of a world are we living in !!!
  9. Im past caring I think. This country is f**ked on so many levels now. Britishness doesn't exist, democracy has been shown to be a sham, the government corrupt, the people lazy, greedy and easily controlled. I'm done, I will enact my plan in the new year and give up working. Why should anyone participate in a country that is openly oppressing them. HPC has been right all along but who know how extreme the psychos at the top were willing to go to try and keep it all going, some trolls did used to say that and have been proven right.
  10. Depends how much you expect the £ to collapse and how insane you expect the bankers to get. Given US inflation is 6.2%, IRs 0%, UK inflaiton is 4.2%, IRs 0.1%, I'd say these people are willing to go to any length to stop their corrupt "industry" from collapsing.
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