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  1. All i remember telling them is the truth on house prices and their part in that
  2. Yeah, let's hope so. Lets see what the boe meeting brings but I fear their ability to look through inflation will continue. God this whole thing is rotten
  3. Uk house market is run on term funding, which suppressed mortgage rates. If they raise rates and keep thar going, no idea what will happen 1% interest rates is not going to stop 5% inflation now. If inflation shoots up to 10%, what then 5% rates? At some point an almighty collaoses of something is going to happen. The idiots on here have predicted this for many years. Can't say it gives any joy being right
  4. Uk rates need to go to 5% 6 months ago. If inflation does rip then the aggressive rises will destroy people. If they refuse to raise rates, then there will be a lot of very angry savers
  5. Uk houses sales have been Round 50% of 2007 leveled for years now. So you are spot on. The market has been dead for years, London bubble has driven the SE and the cv19 bubble but now listings have properly collapsed There is no housing market now
  6. Really, no sign? Found a house yesterday that was 20% below similar stuff from this year. Then property lion is seeing a stalled market. No signs is stretching it a bit
  7. I have a couple of ex-friends who are living off the rent from tenants only made feasible due to IO mortgages, this is truly astoundingly stupid because the mortgages will be called in, they will lose it all. They've had the chance to bail out from the 2007 collapse with a healthy profit, not a massive one you understand but a good profit considering they do **** all for the money and do you know why they've not sold ? The reason is, they are so far removed from the workforce now the only job they'd get is a sh**y menial one paying peanuts. They have dug themselves into a hole and they wont be getting out of it. If/when the market collapses, one way or the other, they will having nothing, the will have no future, no income, no job and no friends.
  8. Steady on, these are rich IO mortgage/property owners we are dealing with here, the savviest of the savvy.
  9. I'm not convinced you are someone else, I'm convinced your the same person who's been on here for years defending the indefensible, the commodification of shelter.
  10. Yes. Have done in the past. Had a divorced friend who needed wheels. Sold it for less than I could get in a trade in. Not everyone is a money grabbing self serving selfish puerile ****.
  11. House prices only go up Even when Krusty predicted falls in 2020 she got it wrong. They dont get what's going on and if they do, they hide it well.
  12. Games rigged. They know they sell them on the open market house prices collapse. The trouble is, not 2nd steppers, the next level up has to fall to become FTBer fodder :lol:
  13. Nice story pop321, thanks. Reminds me of an old family friend who was sold them their very nice house, because the old dear liked their family, wanted it to go to a nice family and didnt sell it for profit. Those days are gone, for now.
  14. the person who paid £2500 told me someone else paid £3K but that could have been to cover up their own stupidity.# Look, I got a bargain, my house dog only cost £2500 and not the crazy £3000 some mug paid. Slip of the fingers there 😉
  15. The big that really gets me is there are loads of people trying to sell their 2 year old dogs on that website now. Post Christmas this year I reckon < £500 is coming.
  16. Wouldnt put it past them I kid you not, I know someone who paid £2500 for one of these, what we used to call, mongerals: https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/3492105-f1b-cockapoo-ready-to-leave-now-sandy/ Now you can get them for £500. That's pretty stupid and predictable. They've not dipped under £500 yet and there are loads for sale mid £1500s now too, not sure who'd buy them. Buying stuff when supply is artificially restricted is a bad idea. Now, regarding houses....
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